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How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You – All Aspects Included

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In this post, you're going to find out what are the most important things if you want to learn how to choose the right electric scooter for you.

I can see that you decided to ride an electric scooter and now you want to know which one has the highest top speed. And you want to go as fast as possible.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

Perhaps that was the case just with me. You probably want to learn to notice important things when it comes to choosing an electric scooter.


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Don’t worry; you will certainly be introduced to essential information.

Also, answers will help you to realize not just what to choose, but what not to choose too. 

That second one sometimes is the golden one.

Therefore, brace yourself and concentrate on this journey before your adventure on an electric scooter.

6 Aspects on How to choose the right electric scooter for you

Woman is sitting on grass and thinking about how to choose the right electric scooter


That way of thinking is vital, as you will see why that is the case until the end of this post.

Either way, just for you to know we aren’t starting with a high-speed section.

To get you to know the right way of evaluating important sections one after another this is the right order we will follow

1. Safety

2. Dimensions

3. Performance

4. Comfort

5. Cost

6. Riding Conditions

Every section has a major influence on you to make the right decision. Furthermore, when you go through these sections, you will exactly know WHAT KIND OF ELECTRIC SCOOTER IS FOR YOU.

Are you ready to learn how to choose the right electric scooter for you?

1. How to choose the right electric scooter - SAFETY

A man knows How to choose the right electric scooter


I don’t want to waste your time and my time writing about the fact that safety is the most important, although it is, I just want to make some statements.

In this section, we will show you why this part is so crucial and what include.

Focus on the first point on how to choose the right electric scooter - Safety!


  • Braking
  • Weight limit
  • Lights

Choose electric scooter Brakes

The reason why speed comes after this section is this -  brakes are the most important. When we are buying something that can catch up the speed quickly, we need to worry about stopping power as well.

A Great Example Of Brakes Importance

Koenigsegg agera parked on grass.


I know that nobody thought in that way, but when you heard that new Koenigsegg  Agera RS can develop 248 mph in just little over 26 seconds and after you put your drop jaws in a normal position, you can hear something even more extreme.

That speed is about 121 yards in a 1 second. That means in Koenigsegg at that speed you can cross 4 miles under 1 minute. But now it gets even crazier.

Stopping power. From 248 mph to full stop position it needs just 9.5 seconds. During that time braking distance is 528 yards.

The manufacturer gives the same attention to braking power as much as speed. A driver who buys this extraordinary machine wants to stop in the second from 100mph or so because all that power needs to be controlled as well.

Maybe I was slightly overreacting with this example. However, this is very important to understand. Braking power is crucial.

Now, get back to electric scooters and brakes.

We have:

  • Caliper brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Rear foot brake
  • V-brakes
  • Band brakes
  • Regenerative electric brakes

The best solution is to have hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanic disc brakes are second best. Drum, band, and V-brakes will also get the job done. However, I need to point out one essential point.

Buy any brake you want, and it will break just well. After a while, that will rapidly change in favor of hydraulic discs. If it is adequately maintained, they are the best.

Brakes also need maintenance

White xiaomi mijia m365 parked on the road


The golden rule is that you should regularly change brake shoes and pads if you want proper braking. After a while, use Allen wrench and adjust braking shoes if it is needed.

Braking shoe and rim have to be properly fit.

You can get some more information on maintenance if you check Electric scooter maintenance tips!

Some higher-quality electric scooters have a regenerative electronic brake. Those are great when you want to stop smoothly. Also, some energy which is normally unused is stored in batteries.

And rear foot brake is practical, and a great thing about it is the fact that that one never fails. It’s always there for you at your disposal. Just step on the rear fender, and you will stop.

Ask yourself

Am I an extreme rider? 

Do I live in the area that has a lot of hills? 

Am I a heavier rider?

If these answers are affirmative, discs and regenerative brakes are a good choice.

Weight Limit

Kids are riding electric scooter


You have to have the ability to evaluate what can go wrong and when. A GREAT EXAMPLE is on the way.

When the manufacturer notes that WEIGHT LIMIT IS 200 POUNDS, that means exactly that.

A 250 pounds person can stay on the deck and even give it a go. That doesn’t mean that if 250 pounds person stands on it will cause total destruction of an electric scooter at the moment and transform whole construction into ash.

No, it means that besides performance which is ruined, your braking system will be overburdened too.

You will want to stop at some moment, and if you catch some speed on the slope section, there would be a problem. Big problem.

Read what the manufacturer claims about weight limit and respect that.

It Is A Good Idea To Apply

The golden rule is (at least I do that): if you are 170 pounds, take one who has 220 limits or more. The battery will take longer, performances will be better, and riding feel is far better.

Choose electric scooter Lights

How to choose the right electric scooter lights


We want to be seen on the road, that’s ok. But what I should look for.

There are several solutions:

  • Headlight just above the front fender
  • Rear light integrated into the deck
  • Headlight integrated into vertical handlebar tube
  • Headlight integrated into the standing deck
  • Rear light on a rear fender
  • Headlight on a handlebar
  • Lights on the side
  • Nothing

The rear light is low, that is a fact, and there is nothing we can do unless put on a reflecting vest. It can be integrated into a standing deck and on a rear fender. In some case, it is connected to the braking system, and when you touch a break, it will emit stronger light.

Headlight you want to be in some higher position. When it is low, other participants of traffic won't catch sight of you as easy as when you have a headlight on a vertical tube or handlebar.

There are different solutions as you see and you can choose your preference.

The solution for “Nothing” scenario

In the worst case scenario, you don’t have any light at all. Then you buy some and attach it to a handlebar.

2. How to choose the right electric scooter - DIMENSIONS

How to choose the right electric scooter dimensions


If it has safe brakes for your weight and you have lights, hypothetical speaking, it would be smart to take the following steps.

If you're focused on how to choose the right electric scooter for you, you don't want to skip these steps:

STEP 1   Be aware of your height

STEP 2   Do I need a bigger standing deck? (Feet size)

STEP 3   Needs regarding portability.



  1. The handlebar height is PERFECT FOR YOU
  2. The handlebar is kind of TOO LOW/HIGH FOR YOU

In the first scenario that’s just great.

Buy that scooter right away, just kidding, be patient.

In the second case, you should see if that electric scooter has handlebars height adjustment. If it has - that is excellent.

You will adjust it how you want. And you can buy that s well.

The main thing is to avoid buying these with low height of handlebars which are also FIXED (when it comes to height adjustment).

Standing deck dimensions

We are all different. 

Maybe I have smaller feet, but I like the fact that I have more room on my deck to shift around and accommodate as I want in some off-road ride.

Maybe I have bigger feet, but I don’t care how much room I have as long as I have room for my feet. It’s your call.

Good to consider before buying

Look for slip prevent materials. Read through about materials before you buy.


A man is holding foldable electric scooter


This is something you know right now. Easy to answer, easy to decide.

Do you need an extra-fast folding system and extra-light electric scooter for your everyday commuting to work?

If the answer is “Hell yeah,” you shouldn’t think about off-road beasts with big tires and 2000 Watts.


More or less, every electric scooter can fold. The right question is how fast you can do it and what package size you get after folding.

If you want to fold your scooter superfast before you ENTER THE BUS, I bet you don’t want to entire bus wait for you to fold it…

You have the desk IN THE OFFICE; you know how many places you have in there…

Maybe you have A HATCHBACK CAR; you know how much room there is in the trunk…

Or you are AN OFF-ROAD ENTHUSIAST, and you don’t care how much time you need for fold-unfold operation. As long as you can get it out of your pickup truck and ride it through off-road courses which provide you satisfaction.

What can I say about portability? For some people, this is important, for some Nah...

3. How to choose the right electric scooter - PERFORMANCE

Off road electric scooter parked on dirt road.


Now, we are talking business. You have to find out how fast you can go.

Also, find out what is approximately range you can achieve with that kind of battery.


You need to know what kind of riding you will do.

Are you commuting through a crowded city to work? 

You don’t need too much power.

You wish you have agile and easily manageable electric scooter, right?

If that is a scenario, 500 Watts is case-closed. Of course, 250 Watts will get the job done too. I prefer more power, but 250 Watts for everyday commuting is doable, as long as your route is not too hilly.

For off-road fun, you will need 1000 Watts or so. On the market, there are machines with 5000 Watts motors, as you wish, the sky is the limit…

And yes, you will need a chain driver motor if you want higher torque.


​​​There are electric scooters that provide speeds from 8 mph to 50 mph.

The smart move is to make some selection right away:

  • For kids (beginners) 8 mph
  • For more experienced kids and teenagers 10-15 mph
  • For adults 15-20mph
  • For adults who want to travel greater distances 20-50 mph

For me, some optimum speed is between 15-20 mph. As long as we don’t want to travel longer distances or race with our friends off-road or on some trail.

After making a selection, you decide that you don’t need 50 mph monster and case is closed. You are one step closer to your choice, right? 

For those who are incurable from speed, The Fastest electric scooters is the place for them.


A off road escooter parked outside


Some manufacturers claim that their electric scooter can give you a ride for about 40/50 minutes, some claim that you can go 50 miles.

That is very disputable. I am not saying that those numbers are something you can bet on.

Either way, I am not saying that is a lie.

This is what I mean...


We have to take responsibilities for those numbers as well. My car spends 30 miles per gallon when my mom drives it.

On the other hand, when I am behind the wheel that number is 20 miles top. Same car, same fuel, next day…

Do you get the picture? Riding style is crucial.

What your clever move can be is to take scooter that is promising slightly higher range then you will be satisfied.

And if that happens, don’t forget that you can influence it. Be smarter, ride smoother, help your scooter on slopes, and carry out a greater range.


a man is walking with foldable escooter in hand.


Today you have Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. I like when things become simple sometimes. Just to rest a bit. And here we are, this doesn’t get more simple that is.

You have one step to take 

One of those two


Lead-Acid batteries you have to charge for very long time, and as a reward, you get a short range.


Lithium-Ion batteries you have to charge for significantly less time, and it will provide you greater range.

Now, you can wonder, why the hell people buy the first one.

Well, for the same reason I drive hot hatch and not Lambo. They cost more…

But, let’s be objective and don’t jump to the conclusion. You deserve to know the whole aspect of it, not just cost.

Ok, Lead-Acid batteries won that price race, but I want to show you other battlegrounds where lead-acid batteries are outclassed:

  • L-I batteries have 5 times more specific energy (Wh/kg)
  • L-I batteries have between 4-5 times more charging cycles
  • L-I batteries can resist even above 45C, L-A just above 25C
  • L-I has faster charging time (4X)
  • L-I are 3X lighter than L-A batteries, safer for the environment
  • L-I there is no maintenance, power is smoothly delivered

The choice is clear as day. If you want to use your electric scooter daily, you need a serious Lithium-Ion battery.

However, for kids and if you ride it once in a while, Lead-Acid batteries will do the job.

Important To Recognize

Either way, remember that every single day those Lithium-Ion batteries spend on the market, the better for us. It will be cheaper…

Whatever your choice was, riders weight is one huge variable in that range equation. Even weight that doesn’t exceed the limit will drain the battery, that’s just fact, live with that.

Old but gold

Find out if there is a kick option when a battery dies.

Is it easy to roll scooter when you run out of battery?

If it is easy to roll, that could be $1000 feature if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe someone tells you that you ask too much, but believe me, no matter how brilliant that battery is that day will come… And it's better to be prepared for it.

4. How to choose the right electric scooter - COMFORT

Off road seated electric scooter parked on dirt road.


We are going to talk here about 3 decisions you may make to achieve higher comfort





Well, obviously seat will provide you comfort. Some scooters have a seat, others have an option for installing, and the third scenario is there is no seat at all. If you are an adult and interested in e scooters in general...Well, I have to recommend Best electric scooters for adults! 

For short commuting, there is no need for a seat. I don’t know what you think about standing, but for me, an electric scooter is special because of riding style.

Maybe you have some standing issue. Either way, it is a great feature. Use it if you want some extra comfort.


Your ride would be even more silent if your motor can deliver power to a wheel through belt instead of a chain.

We can agree with the fact that CHAIN TRANSMISSION will provide you some advantages:

  • More torque
  • Better power transmission
  • Higher durability

However, we are here talking about comfort, and for those who don’t plan to go for an off-road full gas ride, a chain isn’t the best solution.

When you have BELT DRIVEN MOTOR solution there are some advantages you get:

  • You get a more silent ride
  • You get higher max speed
  • You have no maintenance
  • Smoothly acceleration

DECISION 3 - Tires

Stand deck escooter


Tires are the only connection point between us and the road. We can’t ignore that fact. You choose inflatable tires, and that would be comfortable. However, you may change your mind…

We have an opportunity to choose different sizes and shapes. Also, different types. The size varies between 5-12 inches.

For off-road electric scooters, there are wider tires, with more tread blocks, and those are chunky.

Spoiler alert

Those are not so great for asphalt. (reason: noise)

Tires that are more smooth can split into 2 groups:

  • Flat/straight edges
  • Rounded

Based on my experience, the round is better because of the ability to lean scooter in the corners, and steering is more natural and with better feeling.

Flat tires with straight edges are more like those on cars.

Also, another great feature is a flat free tire. This is a feature that could change your mind about the inflatable, comfortable tire.

Choose those, and you will never have problems with a puncture. That could impact your comfort; however, with good suspension, there will be no problems.

EXPRESSIONS that shows you that you will have no puncture problems in the future:

  • Flat-free tires
  • Solid rubber tire
  • Tubeless tires

5. How to choose the right electric scooter - COST

A girl is thinking about how to choose the right electric scooter


It had to come eventually. Cost is something debatable. Of course, the brand name is one of the reasons why some scooters cost more money. And this is one of the most important aspects if you want to show someone how to choose the right electric scooter. Simply ask them (or yourself) what is the  budget you can handle.

But, I want to point out some other relevant phenomenon:




Take a close look at these when you are looking for a new electric scooter. Yes, these are in the end but equally essential.

In case you wonder why I used word invest. The lighter and more durable scooter will save you money in the long run, especially if you use it for commuting at the job.

Lithium-Ion batteries are more efficient, and lightweight construction will save you day numerous times.

You don’t want to be late, or tired because of the weight of steel electric scooter with three times heavier Lead-Acid batteries you have to pick up to the office.

Some Cost Scenarios

Cost if you want your kid to play - For kids and “once in awhile riding” for adults, you can spend between 200$-500$. Charging time and weight take into account.

Cost if you want to have serious fun -  (if you go down to this road buy all body protective gear) And for some extreme rides, you can spend 3000$-4000$, even 6000$. The sky is the limit, possibilities with one of those are also.

Cost if you ride to work - You want more reliable, easy folding, faster, elegant, fast charging… If you decide on high-quality materials, features you have to invest between 500$-1500$.


a girl is sitting on couch and folded electric scooter is parked next to her.


The design is something that you notice before everything else. I put that in the end because I don’t want that factor to be crucial for the decision. Yes, of course, it is significant, but when it comes to a hill or some sudden braking that rounded shining shape wouldn’t be so helpful.

If it is important for you to be elegant, fashionable, and neat for your office when you fold it next to your desk - pay attention to design.

When you figure out that this is what you want, great. Otherwise, you just need performances and technical stuff, so skip this and look for other characteristics.


Just inspect everything you can.  These are main steps

Standing Deck

  • You want to know if it slides when you have slightly wet shoes
  • Is it resistant to corrosion? 
  • How it seems? Poorly or strong as a mountain

Folding System

  • You want to figure out what is the impression while folding occurs
  • In that folding area is there some reinforcement? More screws, for example, will show you that
  • When it’s folded is there any unnecessary movement?


  • If you see that frame is made of aircraft alloy that is great
  • If you see that frame is made of carbon fiber that's brilliant as well
  • The combination is splendid also
  • If it's made of steel, it means that is great for kids, and it is nearly indestructible


Check out for this closely. Some manufacturers give considerable warranty period; some doesn’t. That is not some crucial factor. 

However, if something went wrong, it could be a great option just to get a spare part for free.

6. How to choose the right electric scooter - RIDING CONDITIONS

All that when you take into account, it’s time for some brainstorm. So far you have certainly made a list of at least 5 electric scooters you want.

Now, I think that in this final part about riding conditions you will make now the final decision. It has just one aim, but I think that is a big one.

If we're talking about how to choose the right electric scooter we need to focus on riding conditions in which you're going to ride it most of the time.

Here's what I mean by that...

Landscape and type of terrain

This is the most critical component when it comes to the right choice. If one of your preferences has 600 Watts peak power, that is fantastic. That means the motor has 250 Watts or 500 Watts and when it comes to a hill, it can produce that extra power to push you harder.

Also, a great choice is if your course has some ups, 1000 Watts motor or more. That is something you can’t go wrong.



I don’t want to declare that more power will save the world and something like that.

Just one fact!

You have some hill slopes = You need more power

If you live in flat areas and you don’t have racing start aspirations, don’t worry so much about power. However, if you're need electric scooters for climbing hills focus on more powerful electric scooters.

Final Words

Perhaps before this text, you had 10 scooters on your list, and now you have reduced it to 5, or maybe 3. Great, that’s good news. Perhaps you know exactly what you want after this.

If that’s not the case and now you don’t know what to think. Your beliefs are changed, and suddenly you figured out that things you have been looking for this post were not so relevant in the first place.

That simply means that you won’t make a wrong decision, and that is a success too. You are on the path to right-minded thinking, and before that, there must be some blurriness.

You get a clearer picture and way of thinking has been improved. A win-win situation if you ask me.

I hope you learned how to choose the right electric scooter...

Either way, let me know which of these tips and suggestions had the most significant influence on the improvement of perception you need to make a thoughtful decision.

You don’t want to buy some scooter and after that find out something you should know in the first place. I hope this post will provide you everything you should know so that mistake never happens.

Let me know what qualities you appreciate the most and what shortcomings you can easily forgive.

I am sure you have plenty of examples. Would you like to share those with us?



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