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How to Charge Electric Scooter Fast & Safely?

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In this era of advancement and technology, time is more valuable and precious then anything. By putting this argument in daily routine. We need some fast and cost effective devices that meet our need. That's because we're talking about how to charge electric scooter fast?


Tips on charging of electric scooter effectively

Fast electric scooter battery charging


We use electric scooters for going to office or schools. Our utilization of electric scooter is increasing day by day. It is cost effective as well pollution free device which helps us to move from one location to another.

By saying this, it also needs some energy for charging and keep moving. Therefore, most companies provide charging facility with the device but that was not enough to keep it moving.

In current scenario recharging time and the distance

There are the two most important factors which are facing by every person:

  1. recharging time
  2. the distance

If you want to get rid of these issues you need most powerful charger that store battery fast. We solve your problem by charging your scooter in just 5 minutes. Yes, you heard right, we will charge your scooter in just 5 minutes without wasting your much time.

But before going further on, you need to have Best Electric Scooter For Climbing Hills that will charge in just 5 minutes as well. We mention climbing hills because if electric scooter is used for climbing hills it will need more energy and battery for long term. 

Store Dot lithium-ion battery company

escooter battery


This progress in the field of charging electric scooter was done by company named as “StoreDot”. This company claimed to charge the electric scooter in just 5 minutes.

The company knew that electric scooters are worlds need for last many decades. Therefore, company initiates its efforts towards this development and succeeded in this process. New batteries introduce by StoreDot now charge in just 5 minutes. There are many cities and areas where 20,000 plus electric scooters ride through the streets. If we not charge them they all run out of charge faster.

The proportion of these batteries consists of heavy area of Li-ion battery, less amount of lithium and huge amount of germanium then other Li-ion batteries. They also have agents such as anti-degradation that consists in batteries that slows down the fast charging process.

Electric bikes and electric scooters are almost same in the sense of travelling. But as far as charging is concern and batteries they are different from each other. With this saying the advancement in the batteries off electric scooter are more than the bikes. Because if we compare the range of bikes and electric scooter, the bikes would probably fall short of range in 5 minutes for 150 miles.

The cost of fast electric scooter battery charging 

After making all this comment, question arises that how much these batteries will cost in the market?

Don’t worry it will not cost you more than the scooter which you buy but safe you from extra amperes. But as with all new technology that comes in the market, the price is often sky high in the beginning as it will be new in the market. But as soon as that thing becomes familiar with market, it will gradually decrease to bucks.

If you are looking for question of how to charge electric scooter fast, you need fast batteries with SLA battery packs. OEM battery charger and that charger comes up with the scooters have Li-ion, NiMH chemical substances that will not make it charge as fast as we are focusing on.

Discharging & charging batteries 

How to charge electric scooter battery


Moreover, we also provide you some information on charging and discharging concept of batteries that is generally not known by most of the buyers. 100% discharging does not mean that they are fully empty. But it has some power already in it as SLA battery pack discharge at the rate of 80%. 

This makes battery life time shorter and slower in charging. These less charging and over charging will cause and affect the oxidation on SLA plates that build internally. If we want to get more efficient and cost effective mileage we have to build less oxidation on the internal plates of the batteries.

If the oxidation is in high amount, it will cause you in low mileage problem and more energy consume by the batteries. The batteries comes with new scooters are standard batteries, that can take up to 6 – 8 hours to recharge a complete battery of electric scooter.

But as we say, we can charge electric scooter in just 5 minutes that was developed by StoreDot. These standard batteries charge with twice amperes charges that will cost you much more units than fuel. It will take way long 6 – 7 long hours to completely charge the batteries and if we estimate each unit of ampere it will cost you way more than the fuel.

As well as it will take you entire day as well for charging the scooter. And also if you charge it again and again, the battery will blow up or damaged by heat.

Final Verdict:

In this final verdict, we prefer you to get these StoreDot chargers for charging electric scooters. It will cost you on starting while buying, but after that you will be in ease of charging and cost efficient decision.

Moreover, if you want some information regarding electric scooters and best products under one roof then we recommend you to visit “VOODESTY”.

Hope you would like our little effort, in giving you some best knowledge in this regard.



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