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How fast are electric scooters?

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At the time of writing, the fastest battery-powered kick-scooter on the market can reach a maximum speed of 52 mph. To achieve this, the designers of the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter made sacrifices in other areas. For example, the scooter weighs 38kg – too heavy to be carried around as part of the daily commute. The extra weight also makes it far less manoeuvrable than lighter models.

Fastest electric scooter available at Scooters Direct

At Scooters Direct, the selection of e-scooter models and brands we offer cater to a wide range of different requirements – one of which is the need for speed!

The fastest scooter in our catalogue is the InMotion L8F Electric Scooter, with speeds of up to 19 mph. Whilst this clearly a long way off the race-grade speeds achieved by the Nanrobot LS7, the InMotion L8F is impressively light, which translates into good portability and practicality, and is one-sixth the price of the fastest e-scooter on the market.

The L8F is a speed machine

Speeds of other Scooters Direct e-scooters

(Speeds have been rounded to the nearest whole number)

What can slow electric scooters down?

A variety of factors can prevent a scooter from reaching maximum speed.

One of the biggest causes is the weight of the rider, or the load being carried. Excessive weight will inevitably slow your scooter down, especially if it has a low-powered motor.

When purchasing an e-scooter, be sure to check the maximum recommended weight and ensure this is not exceeded. It’s wise to keep loads to a minimum when riding an e-scooter – not only will carrying extra baggage slow you down; it may also get in your way, potentially making your journey unsafe.

Battery level is another consideration when it comes to achieving higher speeds. Often, the advertised top speed is referring to a scooter with a fully charged battery. If your vehicle’s battery levels are depleted, it will not perform to its maximum capability.

The environment in which you ride your e-scooter will also affect the speeds it can reach. When riding downhill, gravity will naturally increase the rate of travel. However, when travelling up a steep incline, you will find that the scooter struggles to reach high speeds efficiently or effectively.

The incorrect tyre pressure can slow a scooter down

How fast are rental e-scooters?

In countries such as France and America, where electric scooters are legal, rental scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport in metropolitan areas. However, rented e-scooters do tend to be slower than the premium-grade models available for purchase. E-scooter rental company Scoot, who operates in San Francisco, Barcelona and Santiago, offers the fastest rental scooter on the market, which can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

Bird and Lime, the most popular global e-scooter hire companies, offer scooters capable of reaching speeds around 16 mph.

How fast are rental scooters?

Is ‘fastest’ best when it comes to e-scooters?

Naturally, being able to reach fast speeds on an electric scooter is appealing. However, when making an e-scooter purchase, it is worth considering whether ‘fastest’ does necessarily equate to ‘best’.

In countries where e-scooters are legal for use on public roads, speed limits are strictly enforced. For example, in Belgium the electric scooter speed limit is 16 mph (25 km/h). Anyone found to be exceeding this is liable to receive a fine. In such circumstances it would not make sense to buy the fastest e-scooter on the market; it would be illegal to ever ride at such speeds in public.

It’s worth considering how safe an electric scooter really is, if it reaches speeds of over 50 mph. If you plan on riding in the vicinity of other people, even on private property, you may pose a serious risk to them, as well as yourself, when riding at top speed. If you do opt for a fast ride, it’s vital that you check the brakes regularly to ensure they are in working order. You should also not make an exception when it comes to wearing safety gear.

What to look for instead of speed

Invariably, potential e-scooter owners will always consider speed when making a purchase. However, other key variables should be evaluated. These include:

  • Maximum range
  • Battery life
  • Scooter weight
  • Portability (e.g. is it foldable?)
  • Safety features (e.g. regulation standard brakes)


pick a scooter that is flexible

Still unsure which scooter is right for you? At Scooters Direct, we pride ourselves on being e-scooter experts. Check out our other articles for more information and advice on the latest brands. We’re also happy to share our knowledge with you directly – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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