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Are Electric Scooters Reshaping Transportation?

Posted by Tom Lee on

With governments all over the world allowing electric scooter trials or continuously updating regulations to have better electric scooter use, there’s no denying how these compact and lightweight vehicles are having an impact. Whether it’s to beat the traffic or saving up on gas money, electric scooters have proven their value and usefulness. The future of electric scooter is redefining how we travel. Electric scooters are reshaping transportation with its increased flexibility and convenience and has huge future potential.  

Electric scooters are gaining huge popularity and they are used more and more frequently. They’re now seen all over the city. They are used to commute to work and travel around town—it’s the perfect form of transportation. Aside from being efficient and easy to use, they are environmentally friendly which paves the way for a sustainable future.

Regulations in Cities all over the World

Electric scooter regulation has improved over the years with considerable amount of laws and regulations in place to improve the overall safety of electric scooters on the road. Although electric scooter are unlike any other forms of transport, there are still laws that govern how we should use them on the road. The laws are there so that we can ensure your safety so that you can have an amazing scooter experience and avoid any fines or penalties.  

Electric scooters are reshaping transportation

Cities are embracing electric scooters around the world. With new regulations and trials happening, there has been great head way to an all electric scooter world. Trials have shown successful movements from many countries in the world where electric scooters are upheld by local governments. Many individuals are using them as their main form of transportation and has the potential to eliminate car usage for short routes and locations. But we have seen that, with better technology, electric scooters are capable of taking on longer routes. This makes electric scooters a very diverse form of travelling for many different uses and applications.

Better Flexibility in Travelling

With a low cost on usage and maintenance, electric scooters are great and efficient forms of transportation. There are many costs associated with cars in comparison to electric scooters like fuel, repair costs and insurance that you would not need to pay otherwise with an electric scooters. It is one of the cheapest forms of transportation and can save you a lot of money each year

Traffic is always a problem not just in major cities in Australia but all across the globe. In terms of accessibility and convenience, the electric scooter is a few steps above regular cars and even motorcycles. It reduces and even eliminates daily problems like traffic, parking spaces and parking fees. It’s also a more environmentally friendly way to travel. There’s no need to fill it up with gas and would not produce any harmful emissions. It’s a top choice especially for those of us wanting to lessen our carbon footprint. 

Better Flexibility in Travelling

Travelling has never been easier with freedom at the tips of your hands. With an electric scooter you have total control. You can ideally travel wherever you want, whenever you want. An electric scooter grants you with so much freedom with great mobility and access. This allows you to travel to many places in an efficient manner at your disposal. With the use of electric scooters, it’s much easier to move around and this eases up traffic which is great for you and everyone. 

Another great benefit of electric scooter is that it saves you time. With time out of our hands these days, an electric scooter can give some back. With long traffic jams, an electric scooters can cut the line and save you lots of time. An electric scooter can avoid all of this and has huge potential for convenient and efficient transport for everyone. This can reduce the time between travel so that you can be on time, every time. 

You also don’t have to worry about storage, Electric Scooters are compact and lightweight which makes it easy to store it. Compared to a garage, an Electric Scooter can be stored and tucked away very easily without taking up very much space. Plus, it is foldable which makes it even easier for you to store it whilst not taking up your space. 

Prospects for the future

With better regulation for electric scooter laws in Australia, this allows greater freedom for users of electric scooters. State laws are becoming more and more lenient with increasing successful electric scooter trials and implementation in many cities. In 2020, we will see an increase of up to 20% in electric scooter usein many cities around australia. There are also more trials happening and improved regulations developing in many states. 

The demand for scooters is only going to increase in the coming year. With more and more brands getting on the trend of either renting or selling electric scooters. It is redefining how we travel and above all, Electric Scooters are reshaping transportation. With this, we can look forward to a future with a variety of transportation options to choose from with hopefully safer roads and a more sustainable system in place.



  • Nice article! I agree that with an electric scooter you have total control. I can ride everywhere I want and not worry about where to leave my scooter.

    bikeandmore on

  • I changed my bike to an electric scooter and this is the best decision I\ve ever made. The future is for scooters.

    Albert on

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