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7 Reasons Why To Choose Escooter Over Ebike

Posted by Tom Lee on

I believe that you’ve already come to realize that cruising in an electric way can be really practical and enjoyable as well. At the same time, you’re having fun and saving money. Right now, I want to share with you cool reasons why to choose escooter over ebike.

So, now you have to decide what is number one solution for you. Do you keep asking yourself what is the smartest decision?


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What is the best solution for you?



Think About all the aspects - Choose Escooter Over Ebike

Choose escooter over ebike reasons

The battle between electric cool vehicles

I’m going to try to point out what are the advantages that electric scooter has over e-bikes.

 Also, you’ll see the list of things that only e scooter can provide you in everyday life... Hold on, and enjoy in the process.

What happens when you buy something that is not for you?

Well, nothing in particular except that your money is wasted. Because of that be careful and be focused on the list. It is full of information you need, and item from this list will give you some great pieces of advice as well.

So, PAY ATTENTION to every single item of that list just to be sure what is important for you. Furthermore, if you get the feeling that all these things are something you really need, it means that you might choose electric kick scooter and be satisfied with the decision.

As simple as that.

Anyway, it’s time we have started.

1 - Overall Dimensions Aspect if you Choose Escooter Over Ebike

A girl is working while foldable electric scooter is parked below desk.

Practicality - The main escooter weapon

Well, I have a theory about all this.

We have decided to get rid of our cars whenever we can and to commute in the most practical and efficient way possible. We want a solution that will make our dreams true and at the same time be a minimum burden for us.

E scooters will do just that.

But, here’s something else…

It doesn’t matter what type of rider you are this machine will provide you:

  • portability, 
  • compactness and 
  • practicality.

No doubt in that. Now, let’s talk about few important aspects when it comes to overall dimensions…

Let's start talking about why to choose escooter over ebike.

Being able to “park” my favorite electric vehicle just a meter from me every single time really makes me feel good. When I am at home I just fold it and put it behind a couch and nobody knows where it is.

And what’s the best part is nobody minds because it doesn’t bother anyone.

Here’s another example of storing electric scooter.


When you are going to work you don’t need to think about where a parking for bikes is or did you bring locker. Just fold it and take it with you. Take it below your desk and that’s it.


I couldn’t be more thrilled when I’ve realized that all that fuss about car parking or e-bike parking place doesn’t have to be an issue in the first place.

If you want to save some money choose escooter over ebike

High-tech electric bike

Can you imagine that you take your e-bike into your car? Of course, you can, if you have some enormous SUV or some Allen keys and wrenches close to you to take it apart to pieces.

Otherwise, you just can’t imagine that, right?

On the other hand, when it comes to an electric scooter, few seconds folding systems will solve all your problems. Quite a difference, right?


The same story is when it comes to buses or metros. You can enter with your e-bike, however, if there is place special intended for bikes.

If there isn’t any, HOUSTON, we have a problem (and we're still at the first point on why to choose escooter over ebike).

Maybe with other passengers, or with driver… it doesn’t matter. What is for sure is that some problems will come in one way or another (in a split of the second).

And, just think that you can enter the bus undetected. Be classy and just pick your scooter up or in some cases roll it as a suitcase.

Sound good to you? Well, that’s what you get with electric scooters every single time.

Check out Glion Dolly foldable

Take a look at Glion Dolly Foldable and what an ELEGANT SOLUTION THEY COME UP WITH.


Here is something to remember. One of the most important features EVER is weight. And not only when it comes to electric vehicles.

Weight is also super important when it comes to supercars, airplanes, motorbikes…

…in short, for everything that uses some kind of energy weight is significant.

So, what does that means is that if we are big and heavy we need to burn more energy in order to start moving. And eventually to keep going.

Some e scooters are 20 pounds, that’s something you will hardly find when it comes to e-bikes.


Extra weight requires more power or strength.

In other words, if you want to carry your electric friend up the stairs or into your car you don’t want to be sweaty after two minutes. Perhaps some people don’t mind, but I’ve had a need to clear up this matter. Because this is a quite big thing for most people I know.

Stairs that leads to subway or metro

This could be a nightmare if your personal electric transporter isn't lightweight



I’LL TELL YOU THIS: Most people want to carry their e scooter without breaking their back climbing on the second floor. Or after 10 days picking up and putting down from the trunk of their car.


I don’t know what’s the case with you, but I can easily understand those people and even I can relate to them. WEIGHT DOES MATTER.

2 - Regular Maintenance if you Choose Escooter Over Ebike

There is close photo of ebike mechanism.

Ebike maintenance is a bit tricky - you need professional help

Here is another example of how to have a less trouble and spend less time fixing and more time riding your vehicle.

Well, choose escooter over ebike.

I’ll explain, don’t worry.

It has fewer parts and bunch of things you can do by yourself in no time whatsoever. What I truly want to point out and show you?

Well, you'll see what I mean, just do the following advice...


The very first thing I want you to do is to pay attention. Pay attention to people who love ELECTRIC VEHICLES (in general) as you are.


How much time do they want to give away (invest) in order to make their electric vehicle ready for rolling?


Are they prefer to think about few things or they like to think about 15 different aspects? Just there are too many parts (too many potential problems) on E BIKE when you compare it with electric scooters…


Well, I’ll bet that they want to be able to prepare their favorite e vehicle AS FAST AS POSSIBLE FOR THE NEXT RUN.

IN OTHER WORDS, what you want to have is:

  1. fewer parts and fewer headaches in the future
  2. being able to fix a few problems by yourself (but not too much)

I’m sure that you agree, so let’s see.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Electric bikes are awesome, practical, and nice to ride as well.

HOWEVER, if you have even a regular bicycle there is one thing we can say for sure. Time that you have to invest in keeping it running properly is obligation.

And that time is “big one” investment. From time to time you have to center wheels, degrease chain, oil it, do the settings on your gear shifters as well. Actually, gear shifters can be a nightmare. Only if you don’t invest a serious buck in high-quality ones. 

However, that will make your wallet much lighter. Nevertheless, have no regrets. Do that. There is nothing more annoying than old lousy gear shifters.



What I really appreciate when it comes to e scooters is simplicity. Two wheels, a deck, and handlebars. What a machine. And as I said earlier, invest in a bit expensive one. 


When it comes to durability and strength, these ones will pay off. No doubt in that.

Next aspect.

I don’t want to spend your time on listing what things you will have to do on your e-bike. For one reason. I am going to ask you one thing.

And that question is for all people who have ever had A REGULAR BICYCLE and who have ridden average mileage.


How big is the checklist for all the things you had to repair, maintain and replace in a one-year period? 

(Don't forget, we are talking about regular ones)

Electric Bike Checklist

Honestly, I was riding mine over the average mileage and at the moment I get pretty anxious trying to conduct the length of the list in my head.

AND NOW, there’s the catch.

Add to that huge list all electric components and CHECK IT AGAIN. Think twice. And now don’t get me wrong. Having e-bike is great if you have enough time and money to maintain it in a regular way. But if you are looking for simple and minimal solution e scooter is the deal - and it's smarter to choose escooter over ebike.

And, to make an obvious point. Certain things you will have to accept. Things that only bike can provide you. And you know what I mean. Cycling and pedaling experience is something you can’t get with a scooter, obviously.

But, we aren’t going to cry because of that for sure. I know I won’t.

Do it yourself

There is a group of people who love to fix things. Love to fix, to maintain parts and just keeping things in order. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about bikes, scooters, cars or something else.

I can proudly say that I belong to that group.

Tool for maintenance after you choose escooter over ebike

Beside good will you have to have some tool as well



Electric scooters have a minimalistic design and that design allows us to invest minimal time and effort in keeping everything in order.

Someone can ask what are the benefits of torturing yourself and getting hands dirty?

Well, all we have to do after we hear that question is actually, NOTHING. Those people who don't understand now, they won't understand never…

Either way, it doesn’t matter who is fixing our e scooter. What is the most important thing is that there is no hard work whatsoever. Just simple things and small steps. That is a good news for all.

Allen keys, some wrenches, screwdrivers and that’s it. Without some special wrenches which are necessary for bicycles. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty check on Electric scooter maintenance!

3 - Sale Price Benefits if you
Choose Escooter Over Ebike

Reasons on why to choose escooter over ebike

Choosing escooter - best reasons

The next big thing we need to discuss when we talk about why to choose escooter over ebike is THE PRICE. Let’s be honest. For most of us, that is huge. So, I’ve wanted to show you some facts which I’ve noticed and it seems to me that those are more than important.


If we’ve realized that electric vehicles can transform our everyday lives in every possible way, we have to accept the fact that we have to invest some money. What are we doing when we get new electric scooter is, in fact, SAVING MONEY.

How do we get the benefits EXACTLY? (you may ask)

Well, put on the paper all expenses for registrations, taxes, insurance, fuel, parking places, maintenance and unexpected expenses. NOW, compare it with the price of an electric scooter.

And now, I can say that it gets even better.

You can find e scooter for a couple hundred bucks and it will be more than enough if you have frugal needs. That is something you can’t say for an e-bike. You will have to invest much more for starters.

OK, we’ve made an obvious point. However, what we can expect from our investment?

In the last section that is devoted to maintenance, we talked about a number of parts on electric scooter and e-bikes. You can conclude that more parts mean more potential problems.

Especially when you take into account that less expensive bike has fewer quality parts. Not only batteries but all components. Pedals, spokes, tires, frames…


So when you see that price range that covers all e-bikes you can conclude that below grand you won’t get a high-quality item. You might come across some well-built e-bike.


BUT DON’T EXPECT from every part on that bike to be as quality as you can find on an electric scooter for the same amount of money.


This is actually really simple.


Fewer parts on electric scooters mean that the same amount of money has been invested in fewer parts.


What that means is that manufacturer can produce high-quality item. It’s on you, of course, to avoid to be ripped off, but generally speaking, that’s how things goes. In most cases.

For this amount of funds, you can find ridiculously fine e scooters. Actually, really high-tech electric vehicles…  You can find e scooter that is full of gadgets and high-quality parts.

Like this one...


Check out INOKIM LIGHT2!

On the other hand, when we are talking about e-bikes, that is only half a way of the price range that is on the market. You're going to spend less money if you choose escooter over ebike.

What have I meant by that?


Well, this price range is somewhere between the most expensive and the cheapest one on the market. So, you will get one great e-bike, but that is far from top-notch e-bike you can find.

There is a post about Most expensive electric scooters in the world. This will blur your sight a bit and show you how far e scooters have gone when it comes to super expensive items.

A SHORT LIST of e scooters for adults (2 Grand +)

Here's what you can find:


So, to be sure what we can expect from this price range. First class e scooter OR pretty well-built e-bike.

If you want top-notch first class e-bike you will have to invest more. Much more.

Take a look at one of the most elegant and classic e bikes out there...


Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

4 - Better Steering Ability if you
Choose Escooter Over Ebike

A man choose escooter over ebike and have fun

Enjoy your electric scooter ride!

Riding electric scooter simply can’t become easier. It’s super easy to steer and maneuver. When we want to buy e scooter, firstly, we want to find out how fast it goes, and secondly, what range it will provide us.

However, what we also want to know is how agile and nimble it is through the traffic and area that we live in. All of that is crucial. If you choose escooter over ebike, you're going to be like a ghost through rush hour... Nothing will stop you.

So, let’s see what’s  the case.

What do you think? What might be the first thing that can cross your mind when you read that title?

Skiing downhill section through gates. Maybe it’s just me and my vivid imagination, but what can I do…

Obviously, we don’t want hitting people as skier hits gates, and to be in such a rush to break a record.

One reason is, of course, we can break something. Maybe scooter, maybe someone’s phone or even bones if we hit someone and that person or we fall.

And for another, in the best case scenario, we can easily cause verbal conflicts and get some curses on our account.

Either way, LOSE-LOSE situation.

So, how can you actually use this agility that e scooter has?

Suppose that you are careful, slower and tolerant on places when you see a crowd and after you go through, and only then, throttle it out. That style of riding will save you a huge amount of time and what is even better, you will be respectful to pedestrians.

WIN-WIN situation, if you ask me…

Pedestrians are walking around on a sunny day

Going through the crowd on your electric transporter can be challenging

One thing is for sure, bikes are too big to go through pedestrians and it can be illegal too. Maybe even it can be illegal for e scooters, but if you inform a bit about rules in your district, you can be surprised.


One safety feature that almost all e scooters have in their disposal is oversteering limiter. I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS FEATURE.


You can do steering test and immediately you can see what limit your e scooter has.


I’m sure that your scooter has that limiter, just test it and be careful at first.

It’s obvious that e-bike, pedalec and every other kind of different e mountain bike, e-bike mtb doesn’t have any limiter when it comes to steering.

That is something that we all are used to, but you have to admit it is one great safety feature that e scooters have.


Choose escooter over ebike and save some money

Ebikes or escooters - Whatever you choose, ride together 🙂

Almost every electric scooter has batteries placed in the standing deck. We all know that batteries are heavy and by doing this manufacturer lowers center of gravity.

In short, I’ll tell you this: When it comes to stability the lower center of gravity-it is the better. 

Yes, when it comes to learning to ride electric scooter there is a learning curve. But people are falling off the bike as well... And one crucial thing!

When it comes to losing control, you have better chances to land on your feet if you are falling off electric scooter. When you start falling off your bike - well, that's it. There is no "landing on your feet" option...

Also, the whole construction is low, except handlebars, apparently.

All that provides enormous stability and cornering can be extremely well performed and fall down from scooter can be difficult. When I say difficult, I mean almost impossible. You have to be an expert to fall down or push your scooter over the limit, doing some tricks or something like that.

OK, maybe I exaggerated. Of course that you can fall, people falling all the time from everywhere. I fell of the chair few days ago. But all I'm saying that if you choose escooter over ebike you'll be more stable.

Either way…

…I just wanted to say that if you are riding in normal or even some sportsmanlike mode, you are safe.



When you feel that there is the limit slow it down, cut the corners in just slightly easier style. However, if any problem appears, just step off a standing deck and depending on speed just carry on walking or running to slow down.

When you see a cyclist you can see how the center of gravity is high and that have a huge impact on stability.

Things you should do and consider when it comes to stability

Tire pressure (to high and you will slip in sharp corners and rain)  Don’t brake while cornering

Lean yourself

All these tips are applicable when it comes to e scooters, scooters, e-bikes, e motorbikes or everything that has 2 wheels. You simply can’t go wrong If you apply all these pieces of advice.

5 - Learning Curve is Shorter if you
Choose Escooter Over Ebike 

A man is riding electric bike on the road near the beach

Cruising around on ebike - pure comfort and joy!

After stability chapter, it would be nice to say something about the process of learning to ride this electric machine. DON’T WORRY, good news is coming.

If you're total beginner with all kinds of vehicles, if you choose escooter over ebike it will be easier to learn to ride escooter than ebike. Kids will quicker learn riding escooter...

Have you ever heard this?


“My child fell off the bike 50 times before it has learned to ride in a sort of straight line!”




“It was a really bad idea not putting auxiliary wheels on my child’s bike for starters. He spends more time on the ground than on a bike. I’m so worried!”

Or when someone is learning to ride a bike later on in life…(For example, in the twenties)


“It looks so easy when other people ride a bike, but it seems to me as I am riding space shuttle”



“It would be so humiliating if I put auxiliary wheels on, but perhaps that would be a solution”

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this.

The importance of learning new things

It’s very important for every individual to learn how to ride a bike. Not only because of commuting purposes, but because of the fact that this is ONE OF THE MOST LIBERATING EXPERIENCES IN THE WORLD.

However, e scooters provide you all that without a huge struggle.

LEARNING TO RIDE E SCOOTER is something we can’t really name or refer to as something as learning. This is a short action that requires minimal skill and time. I’m saying that if you’ve never ridden an electric scooter before this is something you can do in an hour.

Or less. Seriously.

Beginners Top Tip

One thing that I should point out is that for starters you don’t take some 1000 Watts electric scooter that is crazy as a mad dog and start learning to ride on it.


Some normal 250W or 500W e scooter is the one for you. You can see what are the best options for beginners here. (some our post)

6 - Minimal Fatigue if you Choose Escooter Over Ebike 

A woman is sitting on electric bicycle

Ebike beats escooter when it comes to comfort

Simply, there is no fatique whatsoever after cruising on E scooter…

I have a confession.

Electric-bicycles are great. Comfort is better, no doubt in that.There are pedals which you can use to extend range and ride extra fast. You will feel super strong and it can make you feel like you are on top of the world.

You will be going much faster than other cyclists and at the same time, you won’t look like you are struggling to maintain that speed.

But, after all this, there is a part where I have to be party-breaker.

Here’s a true story.


I’m a cyclist my entire life (road racer) and one thing is certain. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going if you have an opportunity to go even faster you will take that chance.

Road bike ride on the road.

Whatever you ride - Enjoy!

Now, that opportunity can be described through training sessions or true pedals in this case. If you have 500 Watts electric motor on your e-bike and speed and range is satisfying, next scenario will appear.

As a general rule, you will have the desire to pedal in order to achieve greater speed or range. And you will start to feel slightly tired and in some cases challenged. Either way, pedals will be pushed and some fatigue will show.

On the other hand, with electric scooters that isn’t the case. Of course, when you feel that your scooter is struggling on uphill sections or something like that, and you might have to give it some solid leg push.

But, that is all you need to do. E scooter creates the feeling that you have to enjoy the ride and let go all the hurry and challenges. It makes you feel like you are gliding and all you have to do is to let into that feeling.

Riding Electric Scooter is Awesome Experience 

E scooter is a special vehicle that will spare you of any sweat whatsoever. And as you are aware it will also take you from point A to point B, but in a special way.


Almost every e scooter can take you 10 miles and the difference is that you will feel like you are teleported, not transported. That is more than convenient if you are business person.


Business people can without any fear dress a suit and be ready for a meeting. There is no concern that you will be sweaty, dirty because of chain or wrinkled because of the seat.

And it gets even better.

If you appear on some elegant foldable electric scooter you will be on time with a style. So, if you ask me, if you want to be relaxed, choose escooter over ebike and just glide.

Isn’t that stellar?

7 - Excellent As A Gift

Escooters parked on the street

Perfect gift for everyone - electric scooter

Suppose that you want to surprise your friend, member of family or you are planning with your friends to buy a group gift for someone.

There are countless scenarios. I don’t want to waste your time making any list of presents you can buy. I’ll tell you this: Try to be original.

And, what else?

Well, try not to go bankrupt, of course.

With this recipe, you are winning for sure.

I will leave you with your vivid imagination to make an original list. However, if you are passionate about electric personal transportation, and that person is too, my suggestion might be the winning formula.


Choose one electric scooter and that gift will be the most original, practical and I might say it can be essential move if you want to leave a great impression on that person.


What are the benefits of choosing that kind of gift


1.    It's practical

2.    It's original

3.    It's simple

One thing is for sure. E scooter isn’t too complicated. It has a design that everybody likes (especially if you choose one of the foldable beauties) and it is super practical.

Cheer someone up and Buy Escooter as a gift

YOU CAN BE PRETTY SURE that there is hardly any person who doesn’t need e scooter. That person might need e scooter once a week and if that is a scenario that scooter will last long and every ride will remind that person of how great present you have chosen.

And, just think…

If that person falls in love with that scooter and uses it every day.

Oh boy! You could literally have changed their life!

If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with an e scooter. 

Also, you won't spend lots of money if you choose escooter over ebike.

On the other hand, there is e-bike that might be much more expensive and it can have a design that person might or might not prefer. Maybe that person is not gifted at taking after chain or shifters. Either way, e-bike might be too complicated for some people.

So, don’t forget what are the best rules when it comes to gifts. SIMPLICITY, PRACTICALITY, and ORIGINALITY.

The Final Word

This list has shown that e scooter is a clear winner.

But, don’t get confused. E-bikes have tremendous features that make our lives really easy and joyful. And I don’t want you to get me wrong.

All these points are battlefields that are won by e scooter. We are pretty sure that aren’t all battles won by e scooter. E-bikes are also high-quality machines that can help us. No doubt in that.

But in these scenarious it's better to choose escooter over ebike.

Let us know what areas e-bikes are the best solution.

But, why do I stress these points so much?

Well, in my opinion, those are really important and it can give you a clearer picture of what you need and what you are looking for when it comes to electric personal transportation.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and give me some aspects that you think are equally important. Also, I want to thank you for reading and I also hope that this post helped you with some doubts you’ve had earlier.



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