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How Pedal Assist E-bikes Can Help You Burn Calories

Posted by Tom Lee on

Some people have an idea that riding an electric bike somehow makes users lazy because comparing with riding a traditional bicycle, the users can ride an e-bike without an effort, which likes getting a "free ride". However, based on research, electric bike riders burn more calories than the riders of regular bikes since they use their e-bikes more frequently, and go longer distances. More surprisingly, riding an electrical bicycle for an hour can burn up 390 calories. Here are some advantages of riding an electric bike.

Firstly, riding an e-bike is a systemic aerobic activity. Aerobic exercise is one of the most effective methods to burn fat as it can take in enough oxygen. It can greatly help the riders to exercise their muscles, heart, and other organs. When riders use an electric bike, if they don't use the motor system, they need to active the majority of their muscle groups to operate the bike.

As we know, lots of human muscles are concentrated on our legs and cycling needs the users to move their legs. In this way, riding an e-bike is a great muscle workout. But please notice that only by continuing to do riding over 20 minutes can we burn body fat. Moreover, the heart rate test is used to show how many times the heart sends out blood in one minute, which can infer the standard of exercise intensity.

When you ride an e-bike, you can feel that your body generates strong energy for the heart, and your heart beats very quickly. This shows that riding an electric bicycle is a highly intensive exercise that can help you greatly burn calories. Contrasting with the traditional bikes, the riders can apply pedal assist mode to prevent their heart from suddenly slow down when they have to suddenly stop to ride. Thus, the e-bikes can effectively protect riders' hearts.

What's more, using an electric bicycle can not only practices the muscles but also works out the wrists, the hands, the eyes, and other human organs. For example, when cycling, you have to grasp the handlebar to control the direction. You need to use your eyes to observe the surrounding situation and potential dangers, which is a good way to exercise your eyes. Nowadays, with the popularity of smartphones and smart devices, more and more people spend much time staring at screens, which does serious harm to their eyes' vision. But when they riding an electric bike, their eyes can look in several directions and get exercise.

Secondly, riding an e-bike ride rides longer distances than riding a bicycle. If you take a regular bike, when you feel tired and have no energy, you have nothing to do other than stopping your bike. However, an electric bike can help you keep going further with pedals assistance while giving your fatigued legs a rest. For many riders, riding an e-bike is like doing an exercise rather than doing a tiresome thing. For those who don't ride bicycles frequently, electric bicycles give them a new world. Although you may feel quite fatigued to ride over 5 miles by bike, you would feel relaxed for coving longer distances by electrical motor assist, which can strongly improve your motivation of doing exercise and strengthen endurance.

The longer distances you ride, the more calories you burn up. Also, different roads situations need to use specific kinds of e-bikes. For example, it is strongly recommended to use a fat tire electric bike to travel on a coastline because, on one hand, this bike can help you travel longer distances, on the other hand, its tires are customized for these rodes. Moreover, based on different physical conditions between men and women, some e-bikes are produced to be used by males or females only. Like an electric bike for women, this e-bike is customized for women so that they can ride it more smoothly and more comfortably. Thus, women will want to use these bikes more frequently and consequently, their calories will loose more quickly.

Thirdly, electric bikes bridge the gap between traditional bikes and motorcycles. It's very easy for everyone to learn how to use the e-bikes and the riders don't have to meet a high level of physical fitness to use them. And it provides a new type of exercise since the people who have the same interest in riding an e-bike can form a group to tour around the cities. People can not only meet new friends but also exercise their bodies.

Some customers may have questioned that whether the cheap electric bikes have worse performance on burning calories than that of the expensive ones because there is a great variation in the electric bikes' prices on the market. In my opinion, when customers buy an e-bike, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive one. Almost all the electric bicycles for sale can help the riders to burn up their calories if the users can persist in using them. Summer is a good time to ride an e-bike with friends to enjoy the beautiful scenes and burn up our body fat, so please do not feel hesitate to have one electric bike. Find out more information about electric bicycles, please visit


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