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Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Road Bike Frame Double Disc Brake Bicycle Frame Folding Cycle Lightweight BMX Bike 20inch 7 Speed

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Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Road Bike Frame Double Disc Brake Bicycle Frame Folding Cycle Lightweight BMX Bike 20inch 7 Speed

Type: Folding Bicycle
Frame Material: STEEL
Fork Material: STEEL
Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy
Applicable People: Unisex
Volume: 0.1 m3
Front Fork Type: Spring Fork (Low Gear Non-damping)
Wheel Size: 20"
Braking System: Double Disc Brake
Frame Type: Full Shockingproof Frame
Pedal Type: Ordinary Pedal
Load Capacity: 120kg
Brand Name: FOREVER
Net Weight: 16.5kg
Length (m): 150cm
Stature: 94-112 cm
Gross Weight: 18.5kg
Mode: QJ009-D
color: blue; red


Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Road Bike Frame Double Disc Brake Bicycle Frame Folding Cycle Lightweight BMX Bike 20inch 7 Speed

Product information:

mode: QJ009 configuration: 20 in 7 speed variable high carbon steel color: whie and blue white and red type: folding bike size: wheelset- 20in size after folding: 80*70* 40cm package size: 85* 32.5* 65cm rough weight: about 18.5kg net weight:about 16kg there might be some errors due to manual measurement.

Bike body

bike body frame high carbon steel thicken tube wall frame bar Al alloy bar bar cover anti- skid bar cover seat post clip Al alloy quick release stoving varnish: Germany electrostatic stoving varnish headset: concealed headset seat post: 31.8*450mm saddle: FOREVER comfortable saddle

Variable speed system

right speed- changeable bar Siaguan 7 speed digital no-positioning bar rear derailleur lever: SHIMANO TZ- 31 flywheel: KANGDI ATA 7 sp[eed positioning flywheel 14-28T bottom bracket: 3 S bottom bracket chain: Dongya variable speed chain crankset: Xiangda 48T crankset

Wheelset system

rim: Shengdafeng Al alloy 20* 1.5 rim tyre: KENDA fat 20* 1.50 cover tyre hub: Shengdafeng Al alloy integrated thicken disc brake hub

Brake system

barke device Yingxin Forever Al alloy disc brake device brake bar: semi- aluminium alloy brake bar


pedal: no bead pedal fender: iron fender rack: high carbon rack quick release: Al ally quick release at bicycle head and body

Basic information

colors difference of fender

tips: we are so sorry that the fender is silver actually, but it seems to be white due to the lighting.

size after folding

it is a pleasant way to ride bike, and you will feel happy and free while cycling. Rding bicycle is not limited by time and room, and it is a healthy way to build up your body.

High carbon steel thicken frame Aluminium alloy bar SHIMANO rear derailleur lever Saiguan 7 speed variable speed bar 7 speed positioning flywheel KENDA tyre

12 advantages

1. high carbon steel frame firmer 2. aluminium alloy bar not easy to get rusty 3. Germany electrostatic stoving varnish paint is not easy to get removed 4. 7 speed variable speed system easier 5. thicken saddeele more comfortable 6. Yinxing disc brake device better ability to brake 7. Al alloy quick release firmer 8. Al alloy rim more convenient 9. KENDA tyre more durable 10. digital variable speed bar more fashionable 11. FOREVER 70- year old craft 12. quick release technology

Be stored at trunk just enjoy your travelloing and entertainment time

Be stored at the corner of the room prevention of theft

Beautiful back bow frame design

ergonomic design frame; more comfortable; save more effort thicken tube wall design frame; longer lifetime; more resistant to impact

KENDa tyre

rainage pattern design; less obstruction; better design; higher quality reinforcing rib designsome connected patterns

Front and rear disc brake system

front and rear disc brake system still work well on rainy days;

7 speed variable speed system

7 speed variable speed system it is easy to change the speed at different roads by operating the right bar; save more effort compared with the formal bicycles

Old brand craft Thicken tube wall frame

it is about 1.6 mm thickness; longer lifetime compared with formal bicycle; high carbon steel material is stronger, and better ability to ani- shock.

Electrostatic stoving varnish

Germany electrostatic stoving varnish; durable

Saiguan digital bar

similar motorcycle bar; easy to install and operate; suitable for green hands to operate; safer

similar motorcycle bar; easy to install and operate; suitable for green hands to operate; safer

SHIMANO quality; quick to change the speed

Semi- aluminium brake bar

semi- aluminium material; not eay to get rusty; adjust the brake distance by adjusting the screw, suitable for adults and children.

Aluminium alloy bar

not east to get rusty; intolerance dirty; scratch-resistant

Disguised screw to adjus the bike head

adjusting the hexagonal screw to control the angle of bike bar

Xinagda 48T crankset

48 gears in large shape; with long distance compared with the small crankset. 31.8* 450mm bold and lengthen saddle tube: suitable for long height FOREVER black and white saddle: soft saddle, confortable riding

Aluminium alloy thicken rim 20* 1.5

lightweight; not easy to get rusty; stronger ; not easy to transform Yonghua plastic anti- skid pedal anti-slip granules pedal( color is random in delivery)

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The Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Road Bike Frame Double Disc Brake Bicycle Frame Folding Cycle Lightweight BMX Bike 20inch 7 Speed is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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