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EU stock 48V Electric Scooter Lithium Battery with 54.6V full charged Battery Pack for 48v scooter 4A charge Ebike kick Battery

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48V Battery Pack for Electric scooter

Input 54.6V Use for Single Motor Electric scooter / e bikes (such as FLJ C11 ,C10, T10 scooters) full charged voltage about 54.6V; battery not included charger; Pls order charger if you need it. with 2 charging ports; Can use 2 chargers to charging at the same time; Battery not included the charger. Pls order the chargers if you need it.

Chinese Cell Battery

Chinese Cell battery Size and Weight: 13Ah(13S5P) : 250x90x70mm (about 3.2kgs) ; 15.6Ah(13S6P) : 250x110x70mm (about 3.8kgs) ; 18.2Ah(13S7P) : 250x130x70mm (about 4.4kgs) ; 20.8Ah(13S8P) : 290x130x70mm (about 5.0kgs) ; 23.4Ah(13S9P) : 320x130x70mm (about 5.6kgs) ; 26Ah(13S10P) : 360x130x70mm (about 6.25kgs) ;

LG Cell Battery

LG Cell battery Size and Weight: LG16Ah(13S5P) : 250x90x70mm (about 3.2kgs) ; LG20Ah(13S6P) : 250x110x70mm (about 3.8kgs) ; LG23Ah(13S7P) : 250x130x70mm (about 4.4kgs) ; LG26Ah(13S8P) : 290x130x70mm (about 5.0kgs) ; LG30Ah(13S9P) : 320x130x70mm (about 5.6kgs) ; LG32Ah(13S10P) : 360x130x70mm (about 6.25kgs) ;

Panasonic Cell Battery

Panasonic Cell battery Size and Weight: Panasonic 18Ah(13S5P) : 250x90x70mm (about 3.2kgs) ; Panasonic 21Ah(13S6P) : 250x110x70mm (about 3.8kgs) ; Panasonic 25Ah(13S7P) : 250x130x70mm (about 4.4kgs) ; Panasonic 28Ah(13S8P) : 290x130x70mm (about 5.0kgs) ; Panasonic 32Ah(13S9P) : 320x130x70mm (about 5.6kgs) ; Panasonic 35Ah(13S10P) : 360x130x70mm (about 6.25kgs) ;


54.6V 2A The battery not included this charger. Pls order it if you need. We suggest you buy 2pieces, it can charging with 2 chargers at the same time to save charging time. :)

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