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700c 36v350w road electric assist bicycle city light lithium battery assist bicycle riding road commuting long distance bicycle

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700c 36v350w road electric assist bicycle city light lithium battery assist bicycle riding road commuting long distance bicycle

Road electric bikes are designed to offer extreme range and a lightweight frame option. Coming in at a fraction of the weight of conventional electric bikes, road eBikes allow the rider to easily carry the bike up a flight of stairs. Riders who prefer the look of a traditional bike instantly fall in love with our road lineup due to the fully integrated battery in the down tube.

Ideal for the rider wanting a lightweight design and a virtually maintenance free ride.

Design and Performance and Experience

Long Range Road eBike

The AIR features our custom 6061 aluminum frame making it highly resistant to corrosion and stress. Combined with slick 700c x 40c tires and a 350w motor, you can now easily navigate through the city.

The minimalist design concept runs through the whole vehicle design of CITY .Air, combining redundant elements in traditional bicycles

All are omitted, embedded hidden battery, miniature wheel hub motor, wiring in the head pipe;

Combine the concept of sustainable transportation and new electric intelligent technology to create high-performance electric assist performance;

Provide users with a good riding experience and make travel more convenient, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

The CITY.AIR frame is designed according to the characteristics of the electric-assist model, using aerodynamic shape, the overall visual experience is more harmonious and beautiful,

Streamlined. In order to maintain its appeal to simplicity, CITY.Air draws on the art of blank space in Chinese aesthetic creations.

Choose a large area of solid color as the main color tone, forming an ethereal charm, giving people unlimited imagination.

High-energy nuclear "core"

Lasting help

The CITY.AIR vehicle is equipped with the Max M080 motor system. The sensors and controllers are all integrated inside the frame.

The whole set of electric power assist system and the frame are integrated into one body, and the appearance is highly integrated.

The weight of the motor is only 2.3KG, the mini size and light weight make the whole vehicle look like an ordinary bicycle,

Covered by the 9-speed cassette, it's hard to tell from the side that this is an electric-assist bike.

Even at maximum power output, the motor only emits a faint sound, which is very quiet.

Fine grinding

Artisan quality

The non-weld processing of the frame makes the transition of the joint very smooth, the workmanship is exquisite, and the quality is high.

9-speed transmission system is sensitive and reliable, with wide

Tires make it easy for you to adapt to a variety of riding conditions

And road conditions, you can see thousands of beauty anytime, anywhere


CITY .AIR has insight into market demand and collocation

A reasonable fit for a comfortable urban ride

match. The wind-shattering flat seatpost makes

It is convenient and quick to adjust daily, no need

It takes time to proofread and worry about the seat cushion being crooked.

The front and rear are equipped with waterproof lights, even if

Travel safely at night without fear of the dark.

Easy control

Hassle-free travel

The control difficulty is low, easy to use, easy to deal with various road conditions, so that every scenery becomes extraordinarily beautiful.

The dial is easy to operate and clear under strong light

Visible, you can view all rides in real time

row data,

3-speed adjustable auxiliary drive

power, and the battery life can reach up to 80KM.

Using hydraulic disc brake, feel comfortable,

Strong braking force, suitable for various road conditions, car

Shui Malong's urban sections offer one more

Security and peace of mind.


Newest technology

The new fashion of urban travel

Excellent design and high-quality spare parts together create high-quality urban travel.

CITY.AIR's unique motor-clutch-free design makes it close to traditional bicycles - as easy and natural, and the integration of people and vehicles.

When climbing long slopes, the 350W motor has a lot of stamina to help you easily challenge the climb.

In addition, the low tire pressure setting of the wide tires and the design of the sinking rear fork effectively cushion, ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

In urban commuting that requires constant start and stop, high-precision and high-sensitivity torque sensors play a vital role

Function, keenly capture the stamping intention, instant response, efficient assist, natural and smooth.

Detailed configuration


Frame: BICYC aluminum alloy internal cable routing

Front fork: BICYC aluminum alloy

Electric drive system

Motor: MIVICE M080 36V x 350W high torque rear hub; torque ≥ 40Nm;

Dustproof and waterproof rating IP65; Rated speed (rpm): 245 (26")

Sensor: Torque Sensor; 68/73mm (Bee)

Meter: OLED screen

Controller: Sine wave controller; 3 gear adjustment

Battery: Samsung 21700 battery; 36V, 10AH

Charger: 42V2A US standard charger, in line with UL/CE certification standards,

Input voltage 110-220V, output voltage 36V2A, DC2.1 charging port


Speed: 25km/h * If the maximum speed exceeds 25km/h, the motor will suspend power assist

Cruising range: 60-80km *Performance may vary depending on road conditions and rider weight

Transmission & Drivetrain


Rear derailleur: SHIMANO ALTUS 9S M370-L

Crankset: Aluminum alloy 170mm crank, 48T

Chain: KMC 112L 9S

Flywheel: 11-32T 9S

Braking System

Brakes: TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes

Brake Disc: TEKTRO 160mm

Control group

Handlebar: Aluminum alloy 31.8x 620 straight

Grip: Rubber 130mm Black

Seatpost: Aluminum 23.6 x 54.5 x 300mm Flat Seatpost

Seatpost Clamp: Aluminum Alloy 24.2

Seat Cushion: Black with taillights

Round Group

Rims: 700c alloy wheels; Bearing hubs; 36 spokes

Tires: Chaoyang 700 x 40C

Open file: front 100mm; rear 145mm

Spare parts

Headlights: Brightness 40Lux; waterproof IPX67; with reflector

Pedals: Aluminum alloy CNC


Net weight: 18KG (including battery)

Gross weight: 21.5KG (including battery)

Package size: L1400mm x W230mm x H750mm

Vehicle unfolded size: L1730mm x W630mm x H990mm (take 48 yards as an example)

The 700c 36v350w road electric assist bicycle city light lithium battery assist bicycle riding road commuting long distance bicycle is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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