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In the name of Christmas, we will be going over our top tips and maintenance tricks for hoverboards. In this article you'll learn both how to ride the machine, as well as keeping your machine working its best. 

Learning To Ride: If you or a loved on hasn’t ridden before it’s best to stand close to them when they are starting out. Have them place a hand on you and slowly step up one foot to the machine and get used to the movement. When they are comfortable, have them place the other foot on while looking up at you and still holding on for balance. After they are comfortable with this, have them do turn one way and then the other way. After this see if they can follow you around in a small figure-eight. They should be pro after that!

Water is the enemy: A bit of rain is okay to be driven in, but don’t be constantly driving your hoverboard through puddles as this will eventually lead to erosion or a dead battery.  

Warm Storage: In the offseason, don’t store the machine in a cold area like a garage. This will kill the battery. Make sure you store it inside and charge it at least once a month even if you aren’t using it.

Charging Tips: Make sure that you’re lining up the prongs on the charger. On the charging port on the hoverboard and on the charger, you will notice a notch that must be lined up. Too often we hear about bent prongs from not knowing the proper way to plug in the charger. This can save you a lot of money, as it can ruin the entry port, and the charger.

Low Battery Beeps: When low battery beeping starts, it is best to charge right away. This means the machine is under 10-15% battery and is letting you know it could die. You don’t want to fall if the machine cuts out, so make sure you charge when this happens.

Re-calibration: Sometimes the machine can become misaligned. When you think your machine might be broken or glitching, it could be as simple as resetting its balance. This can happen when your machine hits a sudden slope or simply over time. To reset, just hold the battery for 5 seconds while keeping the machine level. When it starts to beep, release and turn the machine back on. The gyro-balance will have been reset and ready to rock n’ roll.

Weight limit: The recommended weight limits of an average hoverboard will be between 65-250 pounds. Any more or less than this and the sensors will have a hard time activating. Especially, if the rider is lighter than 65 pounds, the machine could shake. If this does occur, having your feet spread out to the tire rims on each side can help the sensors activate.

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