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Lamborghini Hoverboard: Best Cheap Lambo Hoverboard Guide

Posted by Tom Lee on

If you’ve followed the hoverboard craze, you may have heard of the “Lamborghini hoverboard.” In this article, we explain what the trend is all about.

There is only a brief list of people who see a Lamborghini and don’t dream of owning one. Or earning enough just to afford one.

Of course, that dream is to do with expensive, luxury cars. In the hoverboard world, a Lamborghini is just a hoverboard of a specific shape and style, only reminiscent of the Italian sports vehicles of the same name. The sleek, angular design and the large wheels.

No less attractive than their four-wheeled namesakes after a fashion, they were also among the first types of hoverboard to have Bluetooth speakers built in; Now, of course, that’s only part of the standard design in the hoverboard world.

You will be thankful to hear that a Lamborghini hoverboard doesn’t have a price tag that would be better seen on their car cousins. In fact, you can own an attractive and comfortable Lambo hoverboard for under $400.

Seriously – we’re not joking.

And if that’s the kind of budget you can identify with, then you find yourself in luck. We have been trawling through the numerous brands out there in that kind of price range, not stinting on the quality of value. And now, we have come up with a Top 3 list to help you decide which Lamborghini hoverboard to buy.

Top Picks: Best Lambo Hoverboards


Tomoloo K3 Lamborghini HoverboardAmong companies that make hoverboards, only a few names are more well-renounced than Tomoloo. They have five years of manufacture behind them now, over which time they have perfected their products – including this one.

The attractive Lamborghini hoverboard design is based on the wingspan of an eagle, as powerful and impressive as it is appealing to the eye. But you will not only look good riding this Tomoloo hoverboard; you will feel good as well!

Developed and designed to withstand up to 120 kilos, it is an ideal choice for people of any age and weight class. With that, you get a top speed of just over 9 miles per hour. And that’s only on flat roads! It can also impressively conquer hills of up to 30 –  degree grades.

By the time you’ve learned to use it to its full potential, the idea of “walking” may fade from your memory and become a foreign word after bringing this hoverboard into to your life.

Perfect for even the long distance off-road rides. Its tires are built to tackle any terrain, so no obstacle is too significant for it. If that wasn’t enough, the waterproof and water-resistant design is ideal for battling even the worse wet and icy weather conditions.

When all those features and that strength considered, they do cause one setback. The hoverboard ends up being quite heavyweight – more so than other models out there.

Quick Specs

  • Range: 9.3 miles max per charge
  • Strength: Can hold up to 265 lb or 120 kg
  • Hill Climb: 20 – 30°
  • Speed: Max of 9.3 mph
  • In the Box: Hoverboard, 3 – pin charge cable, operation manual

Getting back to the features, you can set the soundtrack for every ride with the inbuilt dual Bluetooth speakers. As simple as connecting your phone and blasting out your playlist.

Let’s take a look at the price. How does $299.00 sound?

You may think we’re joking, but that’s a deadly serious price tag. That makes it ideal for the next Christmas or birthday present, or even something for the kids to reasonably save their allowance for; Such a small amount to pay for a product of its capabilities, not to mention the company’s reputation. It is a bargain not to be passed up.

But then again, if you’re not satisfied within a year of its purchase, then Tomoloo have a 12 – month warranty, ensuring a satisfied customer every time.


  • Decent top speed and range per charge
  • 8 – inch tires built for strength and resistance – perfect for off-roading
  • Affordable – cheap for a product of its reputation
  • 12 – month warranty
  • Water resistant, plus waterproof caps for the power jacks – ideal for all weather conditions


  • Heavy compared to other Tomoloo models and competitor brands

Our Rating: 4.5/5 (Winner!)

When the weight of the thing is the only thing we can find to moan about, you know we were finding a needle in a very positive haystack. Impressive off-roading capabilities, built to handle all terrain, weather, and obstacles; plus, the top speed and range are both decent. There would be no better Lambo hoverboard to spend less than $300 on.

2. Skque X1/I

Skque X1/I Series UL2272 Self Balancing ScooterHere is another beautiful Lamborghini hoverboard model. Available in a range of colors to meet your aesthetic needs perfectly.

Looks aren’t everything, though, as we all know. Let’s take a look up close.

First of all, this thing was built to travel. With one fully charged battery, you can cover over 12 miles – providing it is on a flat surface. Unfortunately, you won’t be doing much off – roading or uphill rides with the Skque X1. Its hill climbing abilities are unspecified, plus with a top speed of only 7.45 miles per hour, which will be slower going uphill, you may as well walk.

The max speed is mediocre for a product of such a reputable manufacturer. You may still feel a breeze, but nothing to write home about.

What IS good is that these 12 – mile journeys could be quite frequent, should you so desire. The battery in the Skque X1 only takes an hour or two to recharge entirely, so you won’t be waiting around long before you can head out again.

Quick Specs

  • Range: max of 12.4 miles or 20km on a flat surface
  • Strength: can take anything up to 120kg
  • Hill Climb: unspecified, not recommended
  • Speed: max of 7.45 mph
  • In the Box: Hoverboard, charge cable, operation manual

Instead, it’s one for the tricksters and the stuntmen – the hoverboard has a zero turning radius, capable of turning a full 360 degrees on the spot. This also makes it ideal for riding in the tighter places you would otherwise have to avoid.

It’s not without the usual hoverboard features – unless you want it to be, of course. The LEDs and the Bluetooth – enabled speakers are there if you want them. But models are available where these features aren’t equipped!

For those who view the hoverboard as another means of transportation, then it’s easy to see why these features can be done away with.

Their absence does not shave anything off the price, unfortunately. With the Skque X1, even if it listed as a cheap Lambo hoverboard, you are still up to the top end of your price range. The best thing is, at the moment, there has been an enormous price slash.

You were looking at a model attached to a $700 price tag. Over $300 of that is now gone, and this hoverboard is now available for $396.14. Think of the savings you’re making – it’s very tempting.


  • Affordable – while considerably pricier than some of its competitors, the price has been slashed for advantageous savings
  • Can cover journeys of over 12 miles per charge
  • Quick recharge time of 1 – 2 hours
  • Models available with and without LEDs and Bluetooth speakers


  • Average top speed
  • Not designed for hill climbing

Our Rating:  3.8/5

The value of your investment depends entirely on what you want to use this Lamborghini hoverboard for. Making the daily commutes for up to 20km, or making your name as a YouTube hoverboard stunt star? In those cases, it’s a great purchase. For reaching the top speeds your daredevil nature desires, then you would be better off looking elsewhere.

3. Mars One AlienBoard

Mars One AlienBoard UL2272 Certified HoverboardIf you are looking for a Lamborghini hoverboard that can dress to impress, the Mars One AlienBoard might be precisely the thing for you. Its design is not as sleek or streamlined as some models you see out there, but it’s more customizable.

Apply a variety of decal skins to put the edge on your board’s appearance. Your Bluetooth and LEDs are in there too, only to add to the flashy look and ambiance.

Concerning what this hoverboard can provide, it’s probably better recommended for the kids than the adults. We’re not just talking about getting to decorate it with many flashy designs.

While it can cater for weights up to 120kg, it only has a top speed of 7.5 mph. Pretty average in the eyes of an older thrill seeker. But a parent would feel better assured of their child’s safety even traveling at that speed.

Quick Specs

  • Range: can cover distances of between 9 – 12 miles
  • Strength: Able to withstand between 44 – 264 lb (or 120 kg max)
  • Hill Climb: unspecified, not recommended
  • Speed: max of 7.5 mph

In the Box: Hoverboard, charge cable, operation manual, carry bag, 1x skin decal (please note this is only if you have chosen one of the following designs: Rainbow, Cotton Candy, Glow Stars, Purple Lightning, Blue Blaze, Light Waves, or Cozy Rays)

If that isn’t enough to put the adults off, then they will be pleased to learn about the decent distance this hoverboard can cover when fully charged. Journeys of up to 12 miles can be catered, and you won’t be waiting around too long for the battery to recharge up. Wait between 2 and 3 hours at a time, and your board will be raring to go again.

And though it is entirely suitable for off-roading, don’t expect too much from going uphill. There is no hill climb capability specified by the manufacturer, so you won’t be able to demand a refund if you roll back down.

It’s price time, and you’re in for a treat. As we said, it’s a hoverboard that would make the best present for a child, and at this amount, you probably won’t think twice. At $279, plus free shipping, it’s the best and cheapest deal we found. Get that Christmas or birthday gift checked off your list in a couple of clicks, at a fraction of your budget.


  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Affordable – among the cheapest available models, plus free shipping
  • Decent range for long distance traveling


  • Heavyweight model
  • Average top speed
  • Not recommended for hill climbing

Our Rating: 3.5/5

This is a model that may stint on speed but will be a Godsend to the more worrisome parents (and those with tight purse strings). The kids can enjoy themselves customizing it and riding it to no end, while the adults will find it useful for slightly quicker long-distance commutes. An efficient and economical purchase.

Verdict: Cheap Lamborghini Hoverboard

We selected the TOMOLOO K3 hoverboard as the best Lamborghini hoverboard as it caters to almost every need for both children and adults. High speeds for extra thrills – check. Decent range to tackle longer journeys – check. Suitable for all weather and terrain, on – road and off – check.

The most important thing here is the price, and again this would be suitable regardless of who the Lambo hoverboard is for; It doesn’t burn a hole in parents’ pockets if they’re getting it as a gift for their child, while it is also an efficient investment for a grownup.

While not applicable so much to the adults, the only better cheaper product that is also kids friendly is the Mars One AlienBoard. This is primarily down to the aesthetics – the more futuristic design that will appeal to that sort of age group, plus the customizable element always entertains. This is a great hoverboard for kids.

They may not be true Lamborghinis, but it’s nice to dream, right? Feel like you’re driving one (on two wheels) – plug in your playlist and go.


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