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Hoverboard Weight Limit – Do You Know?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Hoverboards are becoming the mobility device of the future. As more people want it, the diversity of weight it has to accommodate increases proportionally. Manufacturers are well aware of this and make hoverboards that can house a wide range of individuals, of different sizes, age, and weight.

Why You Need To Take The Weight Limit Into Consideration

Hoverboards are rated by power, and their power eventually determines the overall weight it can carry. A low power rated hoverboard with a big weight on it will force the batteries of the 2 wheeler, diminishing its lifetime and delivering poor performance. It is a question of simple physics. A hoverboard will move slower than the rated manufacturer spec if it has more weight on it.

Therefore, it is important to know the weight limit of the hoverboard you want to buy, as one rated for 100lbs will not be a good fit for a 250lbs person.

Without further ado, let us now go through a few of the most cost-effect hoverboards money can buy, while taking into account their weight limits. These hoverboards are available for grabs on Amazon.com.

Weight Limit Of Some Hoverboard

1. Phunkeeduck Black Self-Balancing Scooter

The Phunkeeduck Black is a high-end premium hoverboard by PhunkeeTree. It is a very popular and upmarket 2 wheeler with a hot starting price of $1500 at the end of 2015. It is pricey, yes, but very well built and a highly reliable vehicle that will provide you with many hours of fun. It has a max load of 300lbs, which makes it powerful enough to carry most people.

2. Swagway X1

A sporty looking hoverboard at a considerably cheaper price, the Swagway X1 has everything to impress your friends and family. Its low price and high reliability make it a bestselling hoverboard in almost all stores. However, it can carry a lower load than the Phunkeeduck above, at only 220lbs max load. But unlike its pricier counterpart, this 2 wheeler can cover twice the range on a full charge.

3. Monorover R2 Scooter

A very good hoverboard that hit the scene quite recently, the Monorover R2 has advanced technology working under the hood. Using the same mechanics as Segway, which costs 10 times more, the Monorover delivers a smooth and responsive ride thanks to its sensitive microsensors and gyroscope. It has a weight limit of 225lbs, but that should be plenty for most people. The battery has a lower autonomy, but while it lasts its great fun!

Currently, this hoverboard is not sold on Amazon.com due to the issue of low-quality battery. You can find other hoverboard selling on Amazon.com here


Most definitely an upmarket hoverboard that loves the attention, the IO HAWK has a price to match its looks. This is one of the best hoverboards money can buy. It is easy to ride and very responsive. Its sensors are fast and relay information quickly to its powerful motor delivering a stellar experience. It can carry a load of up to 265lbs, putting it on par with the Phunkeeduck Black in terms of the weight limit.


If you are of average build, you will find no trouble finding a hoverboard that suits you. If, however, you are more on the plus side, then taking a gander at the weight limit is the first thing to do. Go get them on Amazon.com.

Source:  Transportation Tech of the Future



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