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Hoverboard Buying Guide – Must Read Before you Buy!

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While the craze for hoverboards has been reaching heights, with the multiplying manufacturers, it has become increasingly difficult to figure out the best board to bring home. Multifarious reviews might take you to varied decisions but here in this article, we help you choose the one suiting your requirements. You have two options. First, buy from anywhere you feel like at a negotiated price and then later repay the consequences. Second, research well before you grab the glitters looking like gold. If you are intending to buy a new hoverboard, you just can’t take a chance. You need to be thoroughly sure of what you are buying and for that, you need to figure out the criteria on the basis of which you can judge the right board for yourself.

To The First Customers

If you are buying a hoverboard, also known as the electric scooter, for the first time, we would walk past with you in choosing the best one. Before actually dwelling into what things to take care of while buying one, let’s quickly look at some of the reasons why these self-balancing boards, which do not really hover, have become a gadget of extreme popularity.

  1. The Eco-friendly Means of Transportation: You can go to sector 9 and fetch the candies you fancy in just a few minutes. Plus you need not fill in petrol or diesel which costs too much.
  2. Cost-effective: Whoa, it’s cheaper than public transport too if you consider going to your college every day on the electric scooter. The cost of maintenance would be also taken care of in that way.
  3. Portable: There is no such parking issue in this small, lightweight electronic gadget. A bag pack is fair enough to fit the board.

So, it’s an amazing tool, not just for kids but also for adults. Your right investment can prove fruitful in the years to come. So, if you are making up your mind to get one for yourself, or your kid, you need to collect more and more information to find what would be the best for you.

Which Hoverboards are safe to buy?

Okay, now when we are considering the buying guide for your electric scooter, safety is on the top of the list. There have been many incidences of crashes and fire accidents due to ill-manufacturing services offered by many of the Chinese companies. In virtue of low price, they sold uncertified products which were poor in quality. If there is this question haunting in the back of your head whether any hoverboard is safe or not then chill out and read on because there is some good news for you.

The Hoverboards we are talking about is thoroughly tested!

Most of the manufactured products today are certified by a well known standard agency called the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). According to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the hoverboards which caught fire or exploded during the period of 2014-16 were not certified and lacked safety and quality. Today you can get the UL certified hoverboards from some of the top websites like Amazon and also in your regional markets. All you need to see is a logo of it to know the product is tested for safety. These are several parameters to check out before buying a self-balancing board for yourself. Factors like safety, speed, price, additional features, and weight should be taken into consideration. First, you need to decide the rider, for whom you need to buy. Specifications will be different for a kid as a rider and an adult who is riding a hoverboard. So when you are clear of the rider, you will be able to find the right features for yourself. Let’s check out these parameters in depth.

1. Safety:

We care about you and your family and therefore have mentioned only the UL certified products in our article. It is an American standard that conducts multiple tests after which it gives UL certification to the top quality electric scooters. Truth be told, the earlier hoverboards caught fire due to the poorly manufactured low-quality products. But now they are manufactured using the products of high quality and after passing the tests they are accredited the certification.

2. Speed:

Another most sought after criterion is the speed. Why not be, after all, speed is all you crave for. While you may get hoverboards ranging from speeds over 6-15 mph, the ones with speed greater than 10 mph are considered to be high-speed zone products. The Spaceboard, Robotturbo, and Skque are some of the high-speed boards with the highest speed of over 17.2, 15, and 13 mph respectively. These are good for adventurous riders and those who are already good at riding. It is good for riding outside. For the new or indoor riders, Swagtron, Powerboard, and razor Hovertrax are a much better option. Do not misinterpret these being slower. Riding with 6 mph few inches above the ground would feel like racing with the winds. They work pretty well and sometimes better outside and on hilly terrains. A detailed description will help you know the pros and cons of each of them.

3. Price:

Before buying anything, it is obvious that you’ll first keep insight into your budget and then hit the line. The price can go as high as $1000 dollars and as steep as $300. The type of product you get at different price differs. We shall be taking you on a tour to the best quality hoverboards being sold at the most affordable price across the world.

4. Additional features:

You will be startled to know that hoverboards are not merely doing the riding task. They have a couple of exciting additional features that are setting them apart from the old segway. Let’s have a glance at them:

  • Bluetooth: Today many people search for those boards with the Bluetooth feature available and especially go for them. Initially, these features were available in only the luxurious products or the Lamborghini electric scooter but it’s common to see them across most of the brands today. How about riding on a beautiful Sunday morning with your favorite Beatles music on?
  • LED: Though it is available in all of the hoverboards, the trend has been both the rear and front lights flashing in different colors to differentiate the move.

5. Weight:

If you are a hefty person, you should go for the hoverboards which can carry 300 pounds at a maximum. Most of the standard products can carry a weight of nearly 220 pounds. However, there still are heavier built products available which certainly have cut-throat price tags.

How to buy a Perfect Hoverboard?

There have been many questions about how to buy the best hoverboard for oneself. The answer is probably with you. No one else but you can define your needs and requirements better than anyone else and select the best out of the given options. All you need to figure out is what factors you are looking for while making a purchase. Other than that the few areas to pay attention to are as follows:

Wheel Size:

The standard hoverboard wheel is 6.5 inches in diameter which sets it pretty well for a beginner to hold on to. To ride on more complex surfaces like hilly terrains or grassy patches you can go for eight or even ten-inch wheels. While these become handy on uneven surfaces, you should bear this in mind that such boards become difficult riding indoors. For riding on plain surfaces or while learning how to ride, go for the six-inch wheel.


Range refers to the distance up to which your hoverboard can go non-stop in a fully charged battery. Normally this is between 7-15 miles. This range is considered a decent range for all the fun and frolic. However, it may extend to really expensive brands.

The Charging Time:

It is to be noted that the charging time varies among different brands and the good ones usually take a lesser time to charge. Now since your hoverboard will take around 2 to 2.5 hours to fill in the energy, you should get it ready beforehand if you have planned something for your next day ride.

Now here comes the most important aspect i.e. the battery.

The quality of the hoverboard primarily depends on the quality of the battery used. Since lithium-ion batteries are highly unstable, a slight defect in the manufacturing can make it prone to hazardous effects like fire and crashes. Then you might wonder how to select the one with suitable a battery? Well when you buy an electric scooter, make sure that the battery used in it is certified and tested. Brands like L.G and Samsung manufacture the best quality batteries. However, there are alternatives available that are equally good; you just need to pick up the one that abides by the UL certifications.

Its after-sale services that matter

It’s only after you buy and feel a need to look for an after-service center that you realize how important it is to consider this factor. If you are buying online then also be sure that they are offering services as and when required. Buying from a local market becomes advantageous if instantaneous services are readily available.

How To Know A Hoverboard Is Fake?

The complaint of hoverboards turning out to be fake was the hot topic of the past, the Hawk hoverboards being the top in number. Since the upcoming UL certifications and Hoverboards standards, there has been a lesser number of reports against fake hoverboards sales. If you still doubt, you may consider the plug; it should have BS 1363 mentioned. Another potential area where you can spot a fake product is spelling or grammatical mistakes in the product. If that product has a site, you can go through that as well and through contact numbers make sure that the product is trustworthy.

So, which hoverboard you should buy?

The above-mentioned information gave you a great insight into how you can look for a hoverboard. However, we want to make your task even easier and so after collecting reviews from about hundreds of trusted websites we have compiled some of the most genuine views about the best hoverboards you can buy.

  1. Street Saw Hoverboard: Every model that is manufactured by this company is done so with the utmost care. This is a company that not only has the highest quality hoverboard for sale, but also the most determined customer service. Of all the places to buy a hoverboard, Street Saw is the only one who answered our questions through every channel with lightning speed. They offer support via telephone, live chat, email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This is once again one of those UL certified hoverboard brands which only uses the best quality Samsung batteries. The light weighted tires are one of the great features of this hoverboard brand.
  2. Swagtron T1 and T3: Both of these electric scooters weight 100 kg and give a maximum speed of 8 mph. They offer top-class quality with great design and features at an affordable price. With a range of over 12 miles, these are one of the safest hoverboards available in the market. One additional feature in Swagtron T3 is that of Bluetooth speakers which makes them a little expensive.
  3. Epikgo: These come under the category of off-road hoverboards that are capable of traveling the uneven rough terrains. They are well known for their fast charging capabilities and can go at the speed of 12 mph. These are somewhat heavier weighing up to 117 kg.
  4. Segway MiniPro: It is fast and belongs to a well known reputed company. With a maximum speed limit of 10 mph, it can cover a range of 14 miles. Features like big wheels of 10.5 inches, design and speed make it expensive.
  5. Razor Hovertrax: If you are looking for a hoverboard for your kid, then this is the best option. It has a great balancing system and is safe and sound. With a maximum speed of 7 mph and a decent range, it is a product of a reputed company.

These are some of the top quality hoverboards that you can buy. Other good ones include- Jetson Rover V8, Hoverzon S, Powerboard, Jetson V6, Halo Rover, SKQUE, Robotturbo, Space Bound and many more. All of these are certified under UL 2272 standards.

How to know if my Hoverboard is safe?

As we have already talked about safety and its importance, it is time to recollect all that what makes a hoverboard safe for you. The most vulnerable part is the lithium-ion battery. To make sure that it is safe, look for trusted manufacturers only and avoid the no-name or counterfeit batteries. Very cheap batteries are also an indicator that there is something fishy out there. HoverboardRepair.com has hoverboard batteries for sale that are top class and rigorously tested to be safe. The main problem arises when your battery starts overheating. That’s when it is prone to exploding. The proper charging system is crucial to make sure that the device stops taking any more charges once it is fully charged. Make sure that your electric scooter is well protected against overcharging, short-circuiting etc. If possible, test your hoverboard at the store itself, if you are buying offline.


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