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Buying Guide When Buying a Hoverboard 2020

Posted by Tom Lee on

The charm of self-balancing scooters is winning hearts. It is not just one of the finest technological inventions but also offers a fun activity for both kids and adults. The benefits of a hover board or what we commonly call self-balancing scooter are many. Right from being your personal eco-friendly transportation device, it has low maintenance; no parking space problem, very easy to ride and away cheaper than any other vehicles in 2020. This fascinating gadget is gradually becoming a must-have for kids and teens. Not to mention, celebs made these powered skateboarding even more popular. Famous personalities like Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Skrillex and even the fastest man, Usain Bolt have been snapped riding electric skateboards. 

If you wish to go by the trend and intend to purchase one, you just can’t buy any. You should be completely sure of what you are buying, know the limitation of each type and model, and most importantly, you have to figure out which criteria or specifications fit you the most like weight limit, speed control, wheel size and all. This knowledge will help you buy the right hoverboard. 

Here is a complete guide on how to wisely make a choice while buying the most-fitted electric board, which, along with compatibility also takes care of your budget.

Factors to consider before buying a hover board:

  • Safety

Your safety should be the first priority of the manufacturer. Make sure the segway model must have UL 2272 certification. The certification ensures the standard and quality of a hoverboard. UL aids manufacturers and also retailers by providing fire-safety and electrical testing credential. 

  • Tire

The best and very crucial part of this device is the tires. In an average, the tire size of 6.5 inch is considered safe for kids who have average age, but if the rider’s weight is more, the tire size should be bigger. Large wheel self balancing scooters are available in plenty in the market.

  • Weight limit

It is important to follow the weight limit of each model. When you exceed the limit, you are on the risk of meeting accidents and your device might not function as it should. The worst part is you can’t blame the makers for that.

  • Speed

It has speed from 4MPH to maximum of 10MPH but moves depending on the surface you are riding, and weight as well.

  • App-enabled

An electric skateboard motor can also be operated with android. No configuration or installation hassles. It helps in speed controlling and reducing chances of accidents. 

  • Battery

This part also comes under safety measure. The battery must be UL 2271 certified as well.

  • Bluetooth speakers

Ride with style while enjoying the music. This is not essential and don’t have to be your prime consideration when buying a hover board, but since these are latest 2020 add-ons, you might be interested. 

  • Led lights

Self-balancing personal transporter with LED light stands you out from the crowd and it helps you with night-time travelling.

Along with UL certification a hologram on the product ensures that all safety tests for charger and battery, overcharging protection, non-slip pedals, anti-impact case, etc. have been conducted.



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