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Learning How

Electric skateboards and electric bikes are both fun to ride and easy to learn. Electric skateboards have a reputation for being difficult to learn, but board sports fanatics will tell you otherwise. When learning a new sport, past experience influences the ease of learning. With electric bikes, the bike rider almost always has some kind of previous bike experience. Some electric skateboard riders are also skateboarders, but many are not. A large number of new electric skateboard riders have no skateboard experience, but do have board sport experience. Surfers, snowboarders, and board sport enthusiasts find that learning an electric skateboard is fast, fun, and easy. Those new to board sports generally will need more time to learn. This is to be expected - those who have never ridden a bike will not immediately take to riding an electric bike.


Which one is faster - an electric skateboard or an electric bike? You might be surprised to find out that electric skateboards on average are faster than electric bikes. A typical electric bike will have a max speed of 20 mph (32 kph) to 28 mph (45 kph), for comparison, our V3 electric skateboard, which isn’t even our fastest electric skateboard, goes up to 29 mph (46 kph).

With enough experience, both electric bike and electric skateboard riders can drive the maximum bike or board speed in the right conditions. Everyday riders of both bike and board may never reach the top speed, as both bikers and boarders should only ride as fast as they can safely stop and be mindful of others.

When it comes to value for speed, the electric skateboard wins hands down here, with our V3 model costing $429 with a top speed higher than the fastest electric bike. Our other models are even faster but still cost under $1000.

Btw, when riding an electric bicycle or skateboard, you will not have to put in as much effort as on a regular bicycle or skateboard. So you will not be sweaty when you reach your destination. This advantage can be more obvious when summer comes or when you need to travel a long way. It’s still cooler in the car but who wants to be stuck in traffic and give up on that nice little breeze when riding?


Yikes, no bikes? No skateboards? Depending on where you live/work there might be rules about bringing bikes or boards into the building. For example, some buildings do not allow bikes in the elevators and if you live or work on the 10th floor that’s the same as saying no bikes. Electric skateboards can face similar restrictions, but almost never in a residential building. Some restrictions on electric skateboards in commercial buildings that are common are that any skateboard is that it needs to be in a bag to enter the building.

When you compare portability, the electric skateboard, conveniently carried under the arm, is much more portable than an electric bike. An electric skateboard is usually permitted on buses, trains, trams, and other modes of public transportation, while a heavy and large electric bike is not even if it folds and is “lightweight.”

Going for coffee with a friend? Bring in your electric skateboard and store it discreetly next to the table. Arriving by bike? Park it outside. An electric skateboard, compared to an electric bike, is much more portable.


Electric bikes start around $1,000, while you can get an electric skateboard for under $300. If comparing bikes and boards with similar specs, the bike will tend to be much more expensive due to the extra parts and larger battery that needs to power the bike. Dollar per dollar, your money goes faster and further with electric skateboards. For under $500 you can get a Meepo V3, whose speed, charge time, grade ratings, and power can give you better performance than your average electric bike.

If you want to try an electric skateboard, a small investment of less than $500 can get you a robust board that reaches speeds similar to electric bikes that cost more than $1000. If you want to try electric skateboarding for less money, we recommend a second-hand board from a company with a reputation for safety, rather than a “cheap electric skateboard.”

When making your decision about what to purchase make sure to also take into account the cost of a spare battery, battery replacement after some time and of maintenance and possible repairs. While you might get stuck with a flat tire on your bike from time to time this won’t happen on your eskate as it uses rubber wheels.


Both electric bikes and electric skateboards are durable, but also have limitations. Most manufacturers of both electric bikes and skateboarders advise against riding in the rain, even those with water-resistant or waterproof features. Rain can make for slippery conditions for all wheeled vehicles; electric bikes and skateboards are not designed to ride in the rain.

Electric bikes and electric skateboards are designed to ride on paved surfaces. When riding on uneven, rough, or pot-holed surfaces an electric bike or skateboard could get wear-and-tear for misuse. Riders who need more durable bikes and boards can find versions featuring more power for uphills, larger wheels for uneven surfaces, and design elements that take rough riding into account.

Both electric bikes and electric skateboards are designed to last years with proper use. Riders of both electric skateboards and electric bikes should follow usage instructions for their specific model and choose the model right for their needs.


Electric bikes and electric skateboards have a similar level of safety. First, a majority of injuries could be prevented by wearing proper safety gear, for both bikes and electric skateboards. This means riders of bikes and boards can both benefit from using safety gear. Critics of electric skateboards point out that small stones, cracks, gravel, or rocks can send you flying. Bikes, in most cases, can go right over these obstacles. However, bikes have their own obstacles, for example, cracks or grates that can catch narrow wheels present more of a challenge to electric bikes than electric skateboards and their wide wheels.

Final Words: Electric Skateboard vs Electric Bike

If you’re trying to decide between them, you might not have to...

Our boards are so affordable that many riders find that having both an electric skateboard and electric bike are in their budget. Experienced electric bike riders and electric skateboard riders can be found enjoying both modes of electrifyingly fun personal transport. If you are enough of a freak to do both the same day, get yourself a skateboard bag or a good bicycle rack and carry your board while riding the bike!




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