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7 Reasons To Ditch Your Car & Use an Electric Skateboard To Commute

Posted by Tom Lee on

Weezer said it best all the way back in 1994: "You take your car to work, I'll take my board."

And now that we know just how much damage your gas guzzler can do to your wallet and the environment, it's time to ditch your boring car, hop on your board, and actually enjoy your ride to work. Although taking a traditional skateboard to work is practical for some people, it would probably take a bit too long for most of us (unless you happen to live at the top of a very long, very steep hill). That's why we recommend commuting with an electric skateboard instead.

Riding an electric skateboard to work is an environmentally friendly way to commute. More than that, it's also a practical and awesome way to commute. And because you can skip the rush hour traffic, electric skateboards can often reduce your daily travel time. Don't waste another day of your life in rush hour traffic. Keep reading to learn why so many people have decided to ditch the car and use electric skateboards to commute.

commute by electric skateboard

So many Americans waste their lives away waiting in traffic when they could easily maneuver around these stationary cars on an electric skateboard. Every year, the average American actually spends more than 100 hours commuting to and from work. Think about all the gas money that is being used for those trips to and from work.

Not only will you gain your sanity back by not waiting in traffic, you'll also save a significant amount of cash by choosing to ride a board to work instead of driving. According to AAA, you can save up to $11,931 by riding over driving to work and will save nearly $1,500 on gas alone.

But cars go much faster!
They don't go much faster in rush hour, but they do go faster. But who cares if you're stuck in traffic anyways? Electric skateboards aren't exactly slow, either. Evolve skateboards can reach speeds up to 26 MPH, which means your morning commute can be both short and enjoyable.

There are currently 16 million skateboarders across the United States. Not only are these riders enjoying their commute to work much more than their car-driving counterparts, they are also much happier as well. A 2014 study even revealed that, when compared to vehicle drivers, skateboard and bicycle commuters exhibited much greater mental wellness.

So don't waste your day by spending hours waiting in traffic. Ditch the car, hop on the board, and enjoy the ride!



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