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Battery Skateboards: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Tom Lee on

Battery skateboards aren’t just futuristic figments of your imagination anymore. No, they're really here to stay. Electric powered skateboards are rapidly gaining popularity and it’s time you hop on board -- literally. These battery skateboards are cool enough for Marty McFly and efficient enough for any young professional hoping to get to and from work in a short amount of time. 

Because the motorized skateboard community is relatively small (for now), a lot of other people want to know more about these electric powered skateboards before they purchase their first one. If you’re on the fence of making this big decision and buying your first motor skateboard, you should do a little research beforehand. 

To help that research along, we've answered a few frequently asked questions about battery skateboards

Is there an age limit to ride these boards?
Though these boards are primarily for young professionals, kids can certainly enjoy them. Because of the high speeds, however, these boards should never be operated by any child under the age of 14 years old. 

Is there a weight limit to riding?
Though the boards can be effective carrying weights over 220 pounds, it’s recommended that they don’t exceed that limit. Too much over this weight limit can result in the board losing its torque and straining the electronic components. 

Where can I buy these boards?
At least at the moment, you can’t just go into any department store and walk away with a high quality electric board -- and that’s okay. Roughly 77% of skateboarders prefer to shop with small specialty brands, anyways, rather than top brand names. Before you skate, be sure to surf the web for the perfect electric boards. 

Can the boards get wet and still work?
As long as the board isn’t soaking in water, it should be completely fine. Quality motorized skateboards are tested water resistant and should continue functioning normally if you ride through a puddle, gutter run-off, or light levels of water. If the board is completely saturated with water, however, it might not work properly and could be dangerous. 

What happens when the battery runs out?
The great thing about these electric boards (other than how fun it is to ride them) is that when the battery does, in fact, run out, they turn into normal skateboards. You’ll be able to propel yourself to your destination with ease as you glide down the road. 

It’s time to join the eclectic skateboard movement. Contact Evolve Skateboards if you want to learn more and hop on and enjoy the ride.



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