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Posted by Tom Lee on

Winter is not over yet in most places and as snow, rain and freezing temperatures aren’t every rider’s cup of tea, many take a break from eskating. We want to make sure your Meepo Board will function for years to come and run as smooth as possible once you start riding again. In this blog post, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks for maintenance of your electric skateboard.

First of all, there is cleaning and maintenance after each ride:

  • Try to avoid dirty roads, sand etc. as much as you can. It won’t do any good to your board. Avoid water!

  • Clean your electric skateboard with a dry rag. Important: prevent any water or dirt entering the electronic components.

There are a few things we recommend when you store your board for several weeks:

  • Regularly maintain your gears, bearings and any place where there is friction. You can do this with simple maintenance oil.

  • Adjust and check the bolts and screws before each ride. This is important because a lot of vibrations are generated when you go for a push.

  • In order to keep the battery functioning correctly, it is recommended to let the wheels turn from time to time. 

  • Store the board in a dry place and avoid moisture. Check out our popular wall mount. 

  • And one more advice – attach your remote to the board so you won’t have to spend time looking for the remote when you are ready to ride again.


To wrap things up, use these tips to make sure your board will be ready for riding once you take it out of the winter storage room.




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