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DIY Electric Skateboard - What You Need to Know

Posted by Tom Lee on

You can't create something out of nothing. You first must find the ideas, the "stuff" that feeds the creative process.

Humans are capable of incredible creations and remixes of those creations. We have a detailed track record that includes electricity founded by Thomas Edison and airplanes developed under The Wright Brothers, which have allowed for further design and development of new technologies such as Radium's discovery by Madame Marie Curie and the personal computer by Steve Jobs.

These discoveries have reshaped society many times over, impacting all edges of the world. Now, you can also find that there is a wide range of guys who are into DIY. They usually choose to transform the conception of ideas into new or improved products. No matter what things, we just should applaud for these guys. Today, We would like to take the electric skateboards as an example.

If you have some acknowledgment about electric skateboards, then you would know that electric skateboards are not cheap. However, riding an electric skateboard is so funny that more and more people want to purchase one. However, some guys just don't want to pay too much. So at this time, a mind occurs to their mind: DIY. A nice project, right? However, we cannot create something from nothing. Don't worry, you can browse our websites to get some accessories to make your dream come true. In this post, I would like to introduce the process for you step by step.

What You Need to Know Before DIY

If you have dissemmled the electric skateboard, then you would know the inner components are very complicated. Electric skateboards need many tools to make them run. Electric skateboards are made of different components, just like deck, batteries, ESC, wheels, remote, hub motors and so on. Now, you know, there are many components you still need to buy before you do DIY work. What's lucky is that you can buy all the related accessories online. At the same time, we have a few tips for you to make your DIY work conveniently. Of course, you can even make your boards by yourself. However, I advise you buy the motors, batteries, ETC, bushings from an online store. 

Step by Step to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard:

Before you start to build your own electric skateboard, then you had better make a detailed plan so that you can make your job become efficient and convenient. Now, you may need to buy every needed tool before you start the DIY job.

It seems that making a detailed plan is difficult at the beginning. Don't worry, because you have come to the right place. You can see the detailed planning in this post. Of course, you can also download from other places. After you get the tools you needed. Everything starts to become easy.

Here, I would like to list the tools you need to build the electric skateboard. 

* Deck
* Trucks
* Bearings
* Wheels
* Hub Motors
* Adhesive
* Battery
* Paint
* Screwdriver
* Remote

Here is a wide range of boards for you to choose from, including maple, wood, bamboo, and so on. Different materials, different features. Just make sure you get the one you prefer is ok. For example, if you want a flexible board, then you had better choose to buy the bamboo materials.

DIY Parts You May Need:


You can get different kinds of boards online. They have different sizes and materials. You can find many different choices, but you need to remember that you don't buy cheap decks. After all, boards are very important when riding in the street. Apart from that, you need to take the following considerations before buying the boards, just like the nose, wheelbase, pan, rails, and so on. Of course, you had better choose the board with proper sizes and shapes. For the types of concave, you can find flat boards, radial boards, convex boards, progressive concave boards, flat cave boards, w concave boards, asymmetrical concave boards. 

carbon deck

Hub Motors:

90 mm Hub Motor - 90 MM * 56 MM * 78 A
100 mm Hub Motor - 100 MM * 58 MM * 78A
City Rider Left Motor - Left
City Rider Right Motor - Right


Battery Pack - Molicel P42A
Size: 155*109*44 mm
Voltage: 36 V Continuous discharge current: 30A
Power: 288 WH
Charging time 2.5H

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller):

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is very important for your electric skateboard. It tells your hub motor how hard to push or how strong to brake. An ESC can cost somewhere around $60 to $100, and they are most definitely not created equal. Good ESC can handle bigger battery packs, as reflected by “Series” of battery they can handle and the Maximum Ampere it can handle. A good ESC is more powerful as it allows bigger ampere and/or voltage to pass through it. A poor ESC might bottleneck your built no matter how big of a motor or battery you hook it up with. A good quality ESC is a set-up to give smooth control both in acceleration and brakings. Bad ESC might be unpredictable, inconsistent, or jerky.


For this item, we will use the new and much improved enclosures from Meepo Board. This is a new battery + esc case for CAMPUS 2/ AWD PRO. 


This item is very important, and it supplies many conveniences for you when you ride the electric skateboard. It can help you to start the travel and brake more conveniently. M4S REMOTE CAN'T BE PAIRED WITH HOWBBYWING ESC. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHETHER M4S CAN BE PAIRED WITH YOUR MEEPO SKATEBOARD, PLEASE CONTACT US HERE, WE WILL HELP TO FIGURE IT OUT.


There are several kinds of trucks used in electric skateboards. Electric skateboards come in various types, sizes, shapes. Just like Reverse Kingpin trucks (RKP), Traditional Kingpin Trucks (TKP), Special Trucks. And plus, when you need to buy the eskate trucks, you need to get the right truck size. Most truck sizes are going to be between 150mm-180mm. 


There are different kinds of wheels you can find online. Wheels are one of the most important parts for electric skateboards. In fact, you can find two kinds of electric skateboard wheels, Urethane, and Pneumatic. The two most popular types are Orangatang spokes and Abec spoke patterns. Every DIY site carries both style adapters for your pulleys.


These are skateboard bearings that are used for your front wheels.

This product is sold by the unit, each unit being:

 4x bearings
 2x spacers


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