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Posted by Tom Lee on

When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to go to work?

For me, the commute to work was something I dreaded doing every day and probably the worst part of my day. Sitting in a car stuck in traffic, or jammed into a train with a bunch of sweaty people, like sardines in a can is simply not what I wanted to be doing with my time, let alone for over an hour each day. Longer commutes are associated with lower rates of well-being and the average American spends 25.4 minutes commuting, with Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta having some commutes that last over 90 minutes! This transportation structure isn’t sustainable, and it is taking a toll on our mental well-being.


Enter Electric Skateboarding.

Where I used to be stuck in traffic, I now glide by effortlessly, leaving the commuter zombies in my wake. Jamming to my music has never felt so good and the board feels connected to my body in the way a car never could be. I get to experience sights, smells and interactions during my commute that I never would have from inside my car and, best of all, I get to work faster, happier and sweat-free.

Once I get to work, I pop my board under my desk, maybe plug in a charger to top off my battery and open my laptop, free of worry for any theft, vandalism or bad weather that might be on my mind had I left a bike locked up outside. I don’t need to change out of my sweaty riding clothes, and I can ride to work in my jeans and button-up. There is not need for fancy (and ridiculous looking) spandex or lycra gear.


There is a reason why electric skateboarding is catching on with commuters all over the world. With a cheap cost of entry, and low maintenance costs, users can easily replace their car with an “eskate”. For just $399, you can snag a Meepo Classic skateboard, which is no slouch when it comes to the specs. With a blistering top speed of 25 mph/ 40 km/h and a range of 11 miles/ 17.7 km (even more with the battery upgrade) the Meepo Classic will get you wherever you need to go quickly, and efficiently.

In fact, buying an eskate was one of the best decisions I have made for my wallet in a long time. Now that I have stopped paying for gas every day, I have easily begun to justify the cost of my board, never mind the Ubers that I was once so reliant upon! The size of the world that I can explore on foot has expanded by 10x! I find myself riding down streets that I have never been down before simply to explore them, hunting down new places to grab food in my city, and even making an riding with some new friends along the way. Not to mention how good it feels to reduce my carbon footprint by a huge amount.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience an electric skateboard yourself, ask someone you know who rides one to try theirs. I am sure they will welcome the chance to teach someone about this innovative transportation solution that is taking the world by storm. Then, when you are ready, head over to Meepo Boards’ page and find the board that fits your needs. I have found Meepo’s boards to be extremely high quality for the price, and an excellent way to get started in the eskating revolution.




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