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8 reasons: How electric skateboards can improve your daily commuting

Posted by Tom Lee on

Leave your car keys at home and commute with style and ease on an electric skateboard. We have tested a plethora of boards and all have their advantages. That being said the editors choice is to commute on an Exway electric skateboard. With powerful hub wheels and unparalleled braking, the Exway is the choice board for all commuters. Here are 8 reasons why we love commuting on an Exway X1:

 1) Starting your day outside and not trapped in your car as you carve up the streets actually makes your commute something that you will look forward to. With fresh air breezing by and cruising down the street you will be laughing throughout your commute.

2) Say goodbye to city traffic as you no longer have to sit in a line of honking cars. As you wend your way to the office, people in their cars will look at you with envy. Fresh air and shredding on your electric board will have you smiling all the way to the office.

3) Save money on gas. You don’t need your calculator for this one. Electric skateboards are hands down the most energy efficient vehicles out there. Save money at the pump and ride electric. Charging up your board is pennies on the dollar and thanks to the X1’s 10-mile range, you know you are going to make it to your job with miles to spare.

4) Get some exercise. Despite the misconception, riding an electric skateboard is way more work than you might think. You constantly have to maintain your focus and microbalance as you are heading to work. Riding an electric skateboard will not only hone your senses but after miles of road under your belt, you will feel nice and fresh when you arrive at your workplace. Keep sharp, ride smart.

5) No more parking garages or tickets. Finding a place to park is never fun, as soon as you get to work on your Exway, simply pick it up and walk into the office. Exway offers the lightest in class electric skateboard so walking around with it is simple. Not only that but thanks to the X1’s ultra sleek design it will fit next to your chair out of the way of your office mates. Keep them jealous and asking questions… Who is this guy that takes his skateboard to work?

6) Shredding to the office is a great way to stay tuned up for ski/snowboard season. The more miles you put on your Exway, the more it will translate into the snow. No more getting your ski-legs back because it’s like you never left the mountain. Not only that but your skate session will translate across the field so no matter what your sport is you will strengthen your core by riding electric.

7) Keep your own schedule. No more bus timetables, or having to plan on how long it’s going to take to get to and from the office. Riding an electric skateboard is way more consistent and gives you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. If your commute is too far, the X1 provides the ultimate last mile solution. Plus if you are running late there is no better way to enter the office than in style holding your Exway Board.

8) Commuting to work on an electric skateboard is a great way to meet people and start a conversation. Riding an electric skateboard is new and exciting. Get your friends and family onboard and they will never stop talking about it.

If these 8 reasons aren’t enough, then just do it because… Well, it’s SO FUN!  


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