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What Is Full Suspension Electric Bike and Who Needs It

Posted by Tom Lee on

Riding bicycles have never been better with these electric bikes available in the market. They are more efficient providing better control, performance and experience. Are you new to the world of e-bikes? Then, it is natural to be curious about many things. If you are here, then you must be eager to know more about full suspension electric bikes or e-bikes.

Well, you are at the right place as we have all the details listed below that you need to know about them. Want to know more about what is full suspension ebike and who needs it? Read on to know all the details.

What is a full suspension electric bike?

Before we get into the details about the full suspension electric bike, it is important to know what this is all about. As the electric bikes can ride faster than the normal bikes, adding the suspension can help in commuting more conveniently. Th ‘full suspension' phrase is used for the electric bikes that have a suspension at the front of the bike as well as at the rear. This feature can help in improving the handling of the electric bike as well as the comfort.

Who needs a full suspension electric bike?

Now the most important question that you will have in your mind is - do you need a full suspension electric bike? For this, you need to know who actually need this e-bike. Bicycles can help you to travel on different types of terrains or trails. Some of the trails can be smooth and some can be really bumpy. While the city roads can offer you a smooth ride, the off-road riding can be full of shock, tension and vibrations in your bike. A standard bicycle can tolerate some of the occasional rough patches and overcome them easily. But when the train gets bumpier and rougher, you will need a bike that can offer you an efficient and smoother ride.

If you are the one who loves to ride more on off-road trails with rough or undulating terrain, then having a full suspension electric bike can be helpful. If you are mountain biker but you want to ride the bike in the mountains comfortably, then you will definitely need the full suspension ebike for your efficient and smooth ride. The suspension system in the e-bikes is generally added to make your ride on the uneven and rough terrain safer and easier. If you love to go for an off-road bike ride where the trails are rough, bumpy and uneven, you will need an electric bike with full suspension system.

The differences of hardtail and full suspension electric bike

The main difference that you will notice in full suspension electric bike and hardtail electric bike is in the type of the suspension that is used. While the suspension of the hardtail electric bikes comes as very rigid rear and fork up front. Hence, it is called 'hardtail' as the rear suspension is quite rigid. But in case of the suspension electric bike, it comes with both suspended wheel in the back and suspension fork up in the front. This can cause a lot of differences in terms of characteristics and features. 


In certain cases, the hardtail e-bikes can perform equally well like that of the full suspension e-bikes making your ride smoother in different terrains. However, electric bikes with full suspension system is two times more robust providing better versatility than that of the hardtaile electric bikes in most of the riding settings. With better versatility, you can enjoy better rides on the rough terrains.

Efficiency & Energy Consumption

There is no doubt that hartail electric bikes have really earned a good reputation of being quite efficient in nature when it comes to consuming energy. So, when you want to make the most of the battery life and to extend the overall range of biking, hardtail electric bikes can be a better option than that of the full suspension electric bikes. This is mainly because of the design of the hardtails which is quite simpler and lighter. The lightweight ensures lesser consumption of energy when you are operating it. So a full suspension electric bike can be heavier than that of the hardtail ones.


Speed definitely plays a vital role in the difference between hardtails electric bikes and full suspension electric bikes. When you are comparing the speeds, it actually depends from one model to another. There are different variations of speed when it comes to full suspension electric bikes. But hardtail electric bikes mainly feature a subtle boost in the speed than that of the full suspension electric bikes.

Buying guides for full suspension electric bikes

Want to invest on the best full suspension e-bike? A full suspension electric bike comes with a lot of amazing technology and features. You need to make sure that you are considering all the important features and specifications carefully. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the best electric bike with full suspension system. 

1. High performance motor

You need to make sure that the electric bike that you are buying has an efficient and powerful motor that can help in providing better performance. While the performance and efficiency is important, make sure that the motor is light in weight too. If the ebike motor puts too much weight on the electric bike, then it can be a major disadvantage. Make sure that electric bike comes with a motor that can provide a decent power and torque for your off-road biking experience.

2. Battery power

As battery plays a crucial role in the electric bikes, you need to make sure that you are choosing the battery carefully. You need to make sure that battery comes with decent watt-hours as that will help you get a better range to ride. But the weight of the battery matters too. When choose a model, make sure that the battery doesn't put a lot of weight on the electric bike.

3. Reliable tire

If you are planning to ride your electric bike on the snow, sand etc. it is better if you invest on a full suspension fat tire ebike. The fat tires for the electric bikes are designed in such a way that it can help you to ride efficiently on sand and snow smoothly. The fat tires can provide you with a more efficient and better riding experience through the most difficult terrains like sand, mud or snow. There is no doubt that investing on the best fat tire electric bike is the best decision that you can make.

4. Efficient suspension system

While looking for a full suspension electric bike, of course, you have to make sure that it offers a perfect suspension system. The front suspension and rear suspension system ensures to lessen the impact of the bumps and shocks that you get due to the uneven or rough terrain. Efficient suspension system ensures safer and smoother ride through different types of trails. It also offers more versatility and better performance.

5. Weight of the Bike

Another important factor that you must consider when you are looking for the best full suspension e-bike in the market is - the weight of the bike. It matters a lot because lighter the weight of the bike, it will provide better efficiency. So, make sure to always choose an electric bike with lighter weight than an electric bike which is heavy.

6. Efficient brakes

When you are investing on a mountain electric bike with full suspension system, you must look for the best bike brakes too. An electric bike with excellent and efficient brake system can offer better performance and safety. An efficient brake ensures that you have a full control over the electric bike while riding different types of trails. If you are interested in riding the roughest trails, ensure that the brake is efficient enough to provide you the performance that you are looking for.


This is all about the full suspension electric bikes that you need to know. If you are interested in biking and you are looking for an electric bike that can provide you with a smoother and efficient ride on different types of terrains, then you must choose the full suspension system. This system is designed to absorb the shock or tension that a ride faces while riding on the uneven and rough terrains. With the full suspension system, you can ride as smoothly as you ride on the city streets.

Interested in buying the best full suspension ebike? Then you must make sure to keep all the factors that are mentioned above. You have to go through the specification and the features of the best electric bikes available in the market with full suspension system. Then, you can select one from the options that you have shortlisted.


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