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SiAECOSYS QS 12X5.0inch 5000W V4 Shaft Hub Motor Conversion Kits With SVMC72200 Controller

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QS 12X5.0inch Detechable Hub 5000W Motor Conversion Kits

For QS 12x5.0inch 5000W motor kits, it could be used for Electric Scooter, which could be 72V 110KPH.

e.g. Electric Scooter

Weight, approx 120kg+80 kg

Speed: Peak 110KPH

Climbing slope: 15 degree@200kg

Tire: 165/55-12

Battery: 72V42Ah

One set including below kits

1. 1pc X QSMOTOR 12X5.0inch 5000W V4 electric wheel hub motor , optional dual shaft/single shaft.

2. 1pc X QSSVMC72200 CONTROLLER with Bluetooth adapter

3. 1pc X CT-22 speedometer 

4. 1pc X  Throttle with 3 speed slide switch

5. 1pcs X DC-DC converter

Key Features

1). Simplify to make a electric-motorcycle. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in the rear to save more space for battery.

3). Support regenerative braking

4). High efficiency: 85~92% 

Product Description

1. QS 12x5.0inch 5kW V4 Detechable Wheel Hub Motor

Motor Type: BLDC Outer Rotor In-Wheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor

Brand: QS Motor, QSMOTOR

Motor Design: Dual or Single axle with 12inch moped rim detechable, optional 

Rim Size:12x5.0inch, matched tire:160/55-12 etc      

Magnet Height: 45mm, 16 pole pairs

Stator: Aluminum Core

Rated Power: 5000W

Speed: 72V110KPH, 72V1185RPM

Work Voltage range: 48V-96V, will be 72V as default.

Max Torque approx 261.0N.m

KV: 10.6/14.4/19.2 (Optional)

Thermic Probe: KTY83-122 (as default, optional)

Max Efficiency approx 88%

Brake type: Disc brake (as default), PCD3*80mm-M8, CB 58m

Dual Halls with waterproof connectos(One for spare, in case of damage)

16mm² Phase Wire

Waterproof Grade: IP54

Color: Black (As default)

Single Shaft Version motor

Dual Shaft Version Motor

2. Dimension Drawing:

  • 12*5.0inch detachable in-wheel hub motor:

  • QS Single shaft in-wheel hub motor drawing, without rim

  • QS Dual shaft in-wheel hub motor drawing

3. Test Report:

2. QSSVMC72200 Sine Wave Motor Controller 

A. Specification
1). Sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function                 

2). DC Current Limit: 200A

3). Max. Phase Current: 450A        

4). Protect Phase Current: 550A                        

5). Battery Voltage: 24V-72V rated, Max. 95V

6). Thermic Probe: KTY83-122                                                                

7). Including one controller + USB convertor cable + matched plug                

8). Controller size: 283mm*147mm*62mm                                   

9). Net weight: 2.8kg                                                                          

10). It includes bluetooth adapter as default

11). Default function: Hall, Throttle, Electric Lock, High Brake Level, Temp sensor, 0-5v e-brake, three speed Button, Hall speedometer, Reverse, Curise.

Please Notes:

1). We have updated the 0-5v e-brake function.

Old: it should be press the brake switch then can achieve 0-5v e-brake funtion.

Update: you can achieve 0-5v e-brake function without press the brake switch.

2). For no lock type controller(higher amps), there is warranty service, but we could offer our suggestions for you.

3). CA function not support anymore. You could customize the controller according to our provided drawing.

4). Pls. make sure all the connection is correct before power on.

B. SVMC Controller List

1). There is no warrant for unlocked type controller and 96100 controller(even though normal type).     

2). For SVMC 60A model, only support classic function.                                                                    

3). Customzied CA function not support anymore from May of 2017, but we will offer the drawing for you to guide how to connect with your CA displayer.

SVMC Normal Size:    247mm*146mm*62mm                                                                                 

SVMCxx060 Size:       215mm*146mm*62mm                                                                               

SVMC96120 Size:      283mm*147mm*62mm                                                                                        

SSC Size:                   186mm*165mm*70mm  (Not available so far )

C. SVMC series wiring diagram

1. Svmc series wiring diagram

2. Gerneral Wring For MQCON Controller and CA

Remark: all black wire is the same point with battery negtive and all ground is the same with battery negtive.

D. SVMC controller software interface

E. SVMC series wiring diagram

1. Orange ignition. : the wire should be connectted to battery positive.

2.1. H-brake: If the purple wire connect to 12V,the controller enter brake status, when it disconnect with 12V,the controller quit the brake status.

2.2. L- brake: If the Yellow wire connect to 0V(Battery negtive),the motor stop running.

High brake wire connect with 12v brake wire of hand brake/foot brake; low brake wire connect with ground wire.

High brake and low brake cannot using in the same time.

3. Reverse:If the white wire connect to 0V(Battery negtive),the controller enter reverse status,twist the throttle, the motor will spin in back direction. When the white wire disconnect with 0V,the controller quit the reverse status.

4. 3 speed function

3- speed mode(Botton):

When select the 3 speed(button )in the software. use a button(which can be reset by itself) to connect the pink wire and ground wire. 
Push it and release ,the speed gear will change according as follows: 3-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3-…… 
When power on ,the controller is in 3 gear mode (high speed mode).
3 speed (switch):

When select the 3 speed (switch) in the software.
Use such switch to realize the 3 speed(switch) mode.

If 3 speed (switch) mode selected, 
a. Connect the pink and ground wire.
b. Enter high speed mode
c. Connect the transparent and ground wire. Enter low speed mode
d. Disconnect pink ,transparent wire and ground ,enter middle speed mode

5. 0-5v e-brake throttle:

Use a seperate throttle to connect to the teminal above.
Please select the “ Ebrake-throttle ” mode, When spin the throttle ,the controller will enter the e-brake mode , the brake strength will follow the the throttle positon. the max streng can be set from ” Electric brake phase current ” as following.

6. Motor termperature function.

The controller support kty83-121 termperature sensor from motor inside. The function can be enabled or 
disabled from the software.

7. MQCON controller can be connected with computer by usb cable or conneted with phone by bluetooth, the computer interface is just same with the phone app interface.

Connect with computer

Before connected with computer ,please install usbdrive and volume software provided by the controller manufacturer


The usb cable should be connected in right way as the following picture showed:

For information about “ how to use computer to set the parameters ” , Please ask seller for document ” MQCON controller application user manual” and “ MQCON(Sabvoton) FOC Controller "
Parameter Manual-EN ” 
The controller can communicate with the phone app.

For information about “ how to use phone bluethooth to set the parameters ” , please ask seller for User manual.
8.  Hall angle ---the most important parameter for MQCON controller. 
Different type motor should use different angle in controller.
If use improper angle , the motor may not run in best status.
When the user does not know the “hall angle ”in advance , the user should get the paramenter by using automatic testing function in the software . if the user know the parameter in advance ,just enter the right angle. For svmc series controller ,if used QS V1 or V2 type motor ,the hall angle is about 65. If use QS V3 type , the angle is about 250.

F. Additional notes:

1. All RTN pins are internally connected.

2. Meter function is to copy either of hall sensors.

3. Above pin definition is for classical type controller.

Pls. Contact with sales first if you don't know how to connect the controller with motor and other parts.

3. CT-22 programable LCD speedometer

4. Throttle with 3 speed slide switch

5. DC-DC converter 

Please noted:

Optional appearance, drawing, performance curve/test report are available. 

If you need more technical information, please feel free to contact us.

We will give you reply in 12hours.


The SiAECOSYS QS 12X5.0inch 5000W V4 Shaft Hub Motor Conversion Kits With SVMC72200 Controller is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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