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QS Motor 273 8000W 2wd 96V 115kph BLDC Brushless Electric Car Hub Motor Conversion Kits With APT96600 Motor Controller

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SiAECOSYS 2021 New 8000W V4 96V 125kph 2wd dual Hub Motor with APT96600 controller kits for E-Car

For 8000W  dual Hub motor kits, it could be used for electric car, which could be 96V 125KPH.
e.g. Light Retro Electric Car,
E-car weight, approx 815kg+285kg
Tire: 185/65 R14
Speed: peak 125km/h @96V by 2wd when fully charged
Climbing slope: 14.5°@900kg by 2wd
Battery: 96V200Ah lithium

One set including below kits

1. 2pcs X QSMOTOR 273 8000W V4 electric wheel hub motor 
2. 2pcs X APT96600 sine wave motor controller with standard CAN-BUS
3. 1pcs X X8-E 48-96V Programmable Electric Car Speedometer
4. 1pcs X 0-5V Electric Car Throttle Pedal
5. 1pcs X DNR gear switch
6. 2pcs X Disc brake
7. 1pcs X DC DC converter 96V

Key Features

1). Simplify to make a electric-car. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.
2). It could be installed in wheels, and easy to be hybrid car.
4). Easily to make 4-wheel drive, which could spot turn. 
5). Support regenerative braking
6). High efficiency: 85~92%
7). More cooper compare to V3 motors, better performance.

Product Description

1. QSMOTOR 273 8000W V4 Electric Car Hub Motor


Test Report

2. APT96600 96V sinusoidal wave BLDC motor controller, with CAN BUS


3. XE-8 speedometer

Place of Origin: China(Mainland)  
Model Number: X8-E
Application: Electric Car, EV  
Rated Voltage:48V-96V
Work voltage: 0-120V
Programmable items: voltage, trip, time, background light 
Show Time, driving distance, speed, voltage, electric quantity
Test Speed Type: Hall Sensor
Net weight: 0.57kg
Size: 205mm*103mm*67mm
Packing size: 220mm*160mm*100mm

PS:We don't provide female and male waterproof connectors, pins for as below picture as default.
It will cost extra USD3.0/set for unit speedometer. 

4. 0-5V Electric Car Throttle Pedal

Hall type:JKH mode
Input voltage: 5V 12V 15V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V 120V
Output voltage: 0.8V-4.2V
Default: three wires out(cannot connect with switch), 4.2v input voltage. 0.8-4.2v output voltage.

5. DNR gear switch

6. Disc brake

We offer brake disc to fit with motor, u could use original brake calipers.
PCD: 4*114.3mm
CB: 76mm
10mm thickness

7. DC DC converter 96V


Please noted:

Optional appearance, drawing, performance curve/test report are available. 
If you need more technical information, please feel free to contact us.
We will give you reply in 12hours.

Life is too short to live without the QS Motor 273 8000W 2wd 96V 115kph BLDC Brushless Electric Car Hub Motor Conversion Kits With APT96600 Motor Controller. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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