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H20 Electric Scooter For Adults 4 Wheel Scooters Motor 1200W Bluetooth Remote Longboard Skateboard

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H20 1200W Dual drive Electric Scooter For Adults 4 Wheel Electric Drift Car Motor Remote Longboard Electric Skateboard


Product Description

H6 wild four-wheel scooter parameter table
Product parameters Model Single drive 36V scooter Features
Product specifications Plate size 
Packing size: 41.7 * 12.2 * 7.2inch
This motor drive unit can be used in any traditional plate type in the market; easy DIY, turn your traditional skateboard into electric skateboard.
Gross weight of the vehicle 10KG
Vehicle net weight 8.6 kg
Front and rear wheel center distance 380mm
The height of the board surface is 120mm from the ground.
Climbing angle 30°
Plate and plate thickness 7 layers of Canadian full maple wood 10MM thick
Bridge material and size 6.5-inch high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy Bridge advantages: 1, the motor line hidden inside the bridge beautiful and generous; 2, convenient sliding hand DIY, you can install riding warning lights on the bridge, more cool and more dazzling.
Sandpaper, breathable and wear-resistant gold steel sandpaper
Shock Absorber High-elastic SHR83A PU material shock absorber Adjustable according to your riding habits and preferences
Product performance Maximum load 130KG
Top speed 28km/h-50km/h
Cruising range 8-10km Depending on weight, road conditions, speed and riding habits will vary
Battery parameters Battery type 18650 Lithium-ion battery
Standard voltage 36v
Rated output power: dual drive 1200W (600 * 2)
Battery capacity 10S1P 7.5Ah 126Wh
Motor parameters Motor type Single-drive brushless hub motor Motor PU detachable Advantages: Because the motor PU is a wearing part, the traditional motor post-service maintenance cost is high, the detachable PU rubber is low maintenance and maintenance cost, convenient and fast. PU wear can be directly replaced with PU, no need to replace the motor
Rated output power 600W*1
Maximum speed 1800rpm
Rated voltage 36v
PU wheel type High elastic PU wheel (black)
Specifications 75*55mm SHR83A rubberized material
Bearing HCH 608RS ABEC-11
Charger parameters Input voltage AC100-240v
Output voltage, current DC42V 2.0A
Charging time 4-6 hours
Remote control parameters Remote control type 2.4G RF technology
Remote control distance Effective range: 8-10 meters
Speed control fast and slow shift
Direction control forward and backward one-touch switching
Remote control power supply Built-in lithium battery rechargeable 5V 1A
Brake Technology (EBS) Electronic Brake
Power Control Electromagnetic drive, high precision motor control algorithm, super comfortable riding experience 8 years of technology precipitation, industry leading motor control algorithm.
Power and mileage display mode Battery display Controller housing power display and remote control battery display (dual display) Battery display at a glance
Waterproof rating Anti-watering IP54



Feature 1

The four gears of braking and acceleration can adapt to your different needs of life, walking, travel, go around, pursue stimulation.02

Feature 2

1540watt X 2 hub motors (42% more power than H5). 2Highly comfort and highly control Elaborate deck Concave Design. 3The bottom is adoption a protective case made of aluminum alloy to perfectly protect the battery and the motherboard. 47 ply Canadian maple deck and 1 layer of fibreglass.03

Feature 3

14 different brake mode pull down to the end of the throttle, at the meantime, press the speed button to switch brake mode(B1, B2, B3, B4) Can adapt to the needs of different levels of rider no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun. 24 different speed mode different speed mode (L/M/H/H+). H+ mode only differs from H mode on a higher accelerate speed at start. 3Battery life standard version: 30 kilometers battery range 4Enhanced version40 kilometers battery range0405070809101112132

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