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GRUNDIG Pro A001 Self Balance Electric Skateboard, Ship Directly From Germany And Two Years After-Sale Services For European Customers

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GRUNDIG Pro A001 Self Balance Electric Skateboard, Ship Directly From Germany And Two Years After-Sale Services For European Customers


Main Features

Sandpaper pattern design is in line with the public aesthetic, movement line sense, speed trend sense, color matching is simple and fashionable. Line and surface combination, split sandpaper pattern, with layers and contrast.

The overall shape of the product is smooth and vigorous, rich in design language of continuous progress and pursuit of speed. The board body is slightly tilted at the wide edge, which is more suitable for the foot, increases the trampling turning effect and brings good foot feeling

Red tail light highlights the obvious warning effect when driving at night. White double eye headlamp, round and concave shape, smart and bright.


 Adjust the relative position between the body center of gravity and the front and back of the board body to realize forward and backward. More direct physical human-computer interaction through somatosensory manipulation.


No electricity you still can play, intelligent release motor, 83mm low damping coefficient wheel is safer, retain the traditional skateboard function, smooth road


The turning radius can be adjusted back and forth to unlock more riding patterns


The handle is reserved in the center of the board body, and it can be carried by one hand


The battery can be disassembled easily in three steps. 


The maximum speed can reach 25km / h, 360W double motor provides instantaneous full load full power output


Intelligent software algorithm and FOC  double control, surging power evenly presented, refused to jam phenomenon


18% climbing capacity, LG power battery



1. Appearance    


2. Parameters



Product name

Grundig Pro



Max load

100 KG

Motor Power

180 W x 2

Tire change



7.85 KG


Maple / Plastic / Aluminium alloy



*Max speed

30 KM/H


18 KM

Battery dismantling


*Battery capacity

2.1 Ah 47.5 V /99.6 WH

Charging voltage

54.6 V

Battery cell type

LG lithium-ion core

Charging time

2.5 hours

Charging port

DC 5.5 x 2.1 MM

Break LED





Sensor control

Product size

900 x 220 x 140 MM



Storage temp

-20℃ ~ 60℃

Using temp

0℃ ~ 40℃



* Maximum speed is measured under following conditions: 50 KG/level ground/breezeless

* Range is measured under following conditions: 50 KG/level ground/breezeless

* Battery capacity is calculated as: 13*3.65 V*2.1 AH=99.6 WH

* Gradeability is tested under following conditions: 50 KG/99.6 WH

3. Usage

3.1 Preparation

  1. First we need to read instructions carefully and have a basic understanding of the structure of GRUNDIG Pro.
  2. We suggest beginner start on a piece of wide and flat ground.
  3. Before riding, check the tire condition of GRUNDIG Pro. Power on to check the capability of the battery to ensure the battery is in full state. Some module may need to be activated over smart phone.
  4. For the first ride , be ready to wear the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other equipment.
  5. Double click the power button upon the shell can control front LED. Press 10 second to change speed.

3.2 Driving method

  1. Power on: click the power button upon the shell until hearing “welcome” or seeing LED blinking.
  2. Get on the skateboard: please step on the pedal first, and then quickly step on the other foot, keep the center of gravity on the center.
  3. Advance/Acceleration: lean the center of gravity slightly to the left and right. The more gravity you lean, the faster Grundig Pro will run.
  4. Turn: control the maple to front or rear.
  5. Deceleration/braking: keep the center of gravity leaning in the opposite direction. The more gravity you lean, the faster GRUNDIG Pro will decelerate or break.
  6. Get off: stop in the skateboard (hear the sound of parking), one foot first touchdown then the other foot quickly leaves pedal.

    Other Details:
  1. Front lighting headlights can be turned on and off by double-clicking the side button. This operation will be kept the next time power on.
  2. The brake light keeps opening after power on, and it will be highlighted when braking which is similar to the tail light of a car.
  3. When your first receive GRUNDIG Pro, it is in Beginner Mode, the maximum speed is 8 KM / H. Only when its mileage exceeds 2KM will GRUNDIG Pro turn into the Normal Mode, and reach a maximum speed of 15KM/H.
  4. With a USB Type C interface on the edge of the body shell, GRUNDIG Pro can charge mobile phones.
  5. Please use charging cable with Type C interface and USB ports compatible with your phone. The USB cannot charge iPads. If the charging status is unstable, it means the current is excessive, please use other changers to charge your phone.
  6. Please do not charge GRUNDIG Pro with power banks.
  7. There is a dustproof rubber plug at the charging port. After unplugging the charging cable, be sure to plug the rubber again for dustproof and waterproof.

4. Driving notes

For the first time using GRUNDIG Pro, please wearing casual clothes and flat shoes and protective gear, putting GRUNDIG Pro on flat ground without obvious obstacles.

  1. Please confirm the sufficient amount of electricity before use, do not ride too fast before proficiency.
  2. It's dangerous to make a sharp turn when riding, please slow down before turning. Tilt your body in the direction you are preparing to turn to increase your stability.
  3. Electricity may drop when it goes uphill, and return to normal when it gets to flat ground. This is because the increasing load will result in current consumption, which is the characteristic of the lithium-ion batteries.
  4. To avoid the motor's high heat, please do not ride in uphill status for a long time.
  5. Try not to run on a road full of sand, and puddle.
  6. For safety, people under 16 and over 50 years is not suggested to use GRUNDIG Pro. People without experience, poor ability to accept & physical coordination, should learn to ride with accompanies.
  7. The normal load range of GRUNDIG Pro is under 100 kg. Users with greater weight should ride properly.
  8. Do not expose to the rain or wash it with water.

5. Charging and power supply

About charging

  1. Before the first use, the battery should be fully charged. During storage and transportation, the battery will also discharge slowly.
  2. Keep the charging environment clean and dry.
  3. In a cold environment, even a fully-charged battery, the skateboard will travel shorter, because of the chemical characteristics of lithium-ion batteries.
  4. The charging time takes about 2.5houes, the charger will automatically power off when the battery is full. When the charger's LED turns from red to green, it indicates that the charging is completed.
  5. The service life of the battery is about 300 cycles. If the battery exceeds its service life, its use time may sharply be shortened even the battery is fully charged.
  6. DO NOT disassemble or modify the battery case.

Power indicator

  1. Press the power button, the panel power indicator lights up, then a startup is completed.
  2. When the battery is low, the power LED will change to be red.
  3. When the speed is too large, all LEDs will blink rhythmically.
  4. When a serious fault occurs, the red LED lights up.

6. Maintenance

  1. Like other mechanical tools, GRUNDIG Pro may loose in the process of use, result in parts of abnormal sound and other defects. Customer should regularly check the screws and other parts. Battery should be fully charged every 3 months.
  2. GRUNDIG Pro can not be rinsed directly with water during cleaning. It can be wiped with a damp brush. Do not clean it while the power is on. This may cause damage to GRUNDIG Pro and may cause a short circuit and thus threaten the human’s safety.
  3. Please use the original charger, don’t change the charger at will. Replacing other charger will reduce the safety of GRUNDIG Pro and will also reduce the service life of the battery.
  4. Don’t store the battery at above 60℃
  5. GRUNDIG Pro should be stored in a dry and ventilated place when not used. It should not be placed in humid and airless places. Storing in humid places for a long time will cause the main board and battery to be damaged.
  6. Customers are recommended to go to the service center for a maintenance at a period of time. In case of aging and damage, it is recommended to replace the new fittings to ensure the safety and stability.
  7. Customer should not crash hardly, which will case GRUNDIG Pro damaged.

7. After-sale service

Taluer guarantees for 1 year quality warranty, excluding tire, maple and other quick-wear parts.

Warranty regulation

  1. Please write warranty card correctly.
  2. Please show the warranty card and purchase invoice, voucher when you need the warranty.
  3. Warranty for one year since goods are sold, excluding consumables.
  4. If error happens but is not caused artificially, the good can be exchanged.

No warranty committed in the following sequence

  1. Warranty has expired, or customer can not provide warranty card and valid purchase voucher.
  2. Unauthorized repair, modification.
  3. Improper usage.
  4. Accidents or natural disasters.
  5. After the warranty expires, the user can still get the appropriate maintenance services provided by the company.


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the GRUNDIG Pro A001 Self Balance Electric Skateboard, Ship Directly From Germany And Two Years After-Sale Services For European Customers.

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