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96V3000W-12000w Dirt road electric motorcycles speed 120km/h all terrain electric motorcycle high power Direct drive motor Emtb

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96V3000W-12000w Dirt road electric motorcycles speed 120km/h all terrain electric motorcycle high power Direct drive motor Emtb

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0-50km/h acceleration time in 3 seconds

0-80km/h acceleration time 5 seconds

Wheel torque: 1200N.m

Strong torque: 22.5kwh

Comprehensive cruising range up to 100km

Electric off-road all-terrain motorcycle

Electric off-road locomotive bicycle climbing forest road mountain bike Mid-mounted direct drive high-power motor two-wheel stunt flying slope off-road motorcycle venue locomotive

Head-lifting/tail-flicking/burning tires/flying slopes, all kinds of actions are done in one go, it has never been easier.

Seamless steel tube braided frame + suspension

The high-strength frame structure and sporty ergonomic design are specially designed for high-performance off-road highway ET, which greatly enhances the fun of driving and control, and has the advantages of coexisting rigidity and flexibility. The industry's leading steel tube braided frame design, The fully automated robotic welding process ensures consistent production and shows its high performance on seamless tube tube frames.

ear suspension system

With the external airbag structure, both resistance and rebound can be adjusted. After thousands of tests on off-road tracks and urban roads, we have created an amazing external airbag rear shock absorber for the ET series, and the appearance of the suspension system The body shape and structure are integrated, and the configuration of the ET after the shock absorption performance has been upgraded has been adjusted differently, so that the tires always maintain the best grip.


Lithium battery

High-performance power lithium battery, equipped with 481 military factory lithium battery, the company mainly provides battery supply for aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, and is equipped with a safe and efficient lithium battery management module to ensure the abundant power and stability of the battery pack.

Convenient and detachable design, charging at any time, household electricity 0-80% charging time only takes 2 hours, and the maximum cruising range can reach more than 100km.

Variable frequency high speed motor

High power drive motor, peak maximum output up to 22.5Kw

High torque motor, rated speed 3000-6000 rpm, motor efficiency can reach 90%, primary speed ratio: 2:1,

Gear ratios: 3.27:1, 1.94:1, 1.35:1, 1.04:1

Motor phase angle: 120 degrees, clutch mode: manual/automatic

Gear: step on the fourth gear/tick the fourth gear/international gear.

Sine wave controller

High-efficiency control system specially designed for 3kw-4kw high-power motors, focusing on small size and easy-to-install and wiring structure, flexibly suitable for electric motorcycles, electric micro-cars, AGVs, electric boats, etc. Magneto system, based on 32-bit ARM platform, has high system efficiency, can be air-cooled, water-cooled expansion, and has CANBUS, 485, 232 and other communication interfaces.

Protection class up to IP67

Built-in multiple temperature detectors, which can automatically adjust power output according to real-time temperature, maximize driving safety, prolong battery life, aluminum alloy shell design of the whole machine, prevent external electromagnetic and radiation interference, highly intelligent program setting, powerful power Also easy to control.

Multi-terrain applicable pathfinder weapon, from plateaus and hills to deep bamboo forests, off-road tracks and streets, you can use household electricity to quickly complete charging anytime, anywhere, so that your ET's wide applicability is more fully reflected.

Fully adjustable high-performance inverted shock

Exclusive customization, length 780mm, pipe diameter 37mm, effective shock absorber stroke can reach 200mm

The multi-stage adjustable rebound damping can be adjusted according to different usage habits, so that whether it is road riding or off-road riding, you can get a delicate shock filtering experience.


The rear shock is a multi-link central airbag monocoque shock

Length 300mm, effective suspension travel up to 62mm

Compression damping and rebound are multi-break adjustable, and the applicability of various terrains is further improved.

High-performance braking system

Dual-piston hydraulic brake system, stable and reliable sintered carbon fiber brake pads, durable, low thermal decay, with 203 diameter brake discs, quick response to braking force.

Wireless remote control, keyless start

One-key start, keyless entry, no need to take out the key to start the vehicle, put the key in the bag or pocket, press the button or twist the guide plate to start the motorcycle, which is more convenient, and increases the sense of luxury and technology.

Multifunctional integrated instrument

It can display data such as gear/speed/power/light/speed.

The 96V3000W-12000w Dirt road electric motorcycles speed 120km/h all terrain electric motorcycle high power Direct drive motor Emtb is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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