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4WD 8000W 96V Small Electric Car Hub Motor Conversion kits

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4WD 8000W 96V Small Electric Car Hub Motor Conversion kits



4WD QS Motor Electric car Conversion Kits 96V Version


The kits as follows,

4units x QS 8000W 50H V3 Electric Car Hub Motor

4units x Kelly KLS96501-8080H

1unit x Pedal Throttle

1unit x Free Speed Meter



1. The kits not included the battery and disc brake set

2. The motor kits suits the vehicle total load under 1000kgs,max.speed about 80-130kph drived by 96V battery

3. Please contact the seller if you have future questions


Key Features,

1. The application of a hub motor can greatly simplify the structure of the vehicle. Traditional clutches, gearboxes and transmission shafts will no longer exist. This also means saving more space.

2. The Daul Controller has been assembled together with the Main contactor on the Alu. plate, so it will be much easier for play and connection

3. Control box combines forward, reverse, master switch and other functions

4. Regenerative Function is available



Items details:


1.  273 Car Hub Motor(50H) 8000W V3 Type



Motor Specification:


1.    Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnet

2.    Motor design: Single axle out without rim

3.    PCD for rim installation: 4 x100mm(As default), 5x114.3mm,5 x 112mm(Can be customs)

4.    CB:60MM or 70MM

5.    Magnet Height:50MM

6.    Pole Pairs: 16 pairs

7.    Rated Power: 8000W

8.    Peak Power: 16000W

9.    Rated Voltage: 72V as default, can be customs 96V

10.  Max Torque: 250N.M

11.  Max Efficiency: 90%

12.  Cross Section of Phase wire: 16 mm2

13.  Hall sensor phasing angle: 120 degree

14.  Temperature Sensor: Available

15.  Max. Working Temperature: 70 degree, Peak 120 degree

16.  Waterproof Grade: IP54






initpintu_273 car


motor wires






Matching Motor type: BLDC Motor with Hall sensor

Matching Motor power: 7000W-8000W

Voltage range: 24V-96V
Support Regen Function
Support Programmable with various functions
​Application: Suitable for electric motorcycle or electric car with high power BLDC Motor





3. 0-5V Electric Car Throttle Pedal


Throttle Pedal Hall type : JKH model (match with our motor & controller)

Input voltage: 5V 12V 15V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V 120V

Output voltage: 0-5V5-0V1-4.2V4.2-1V0-10V10-0V

Deafult: 5v input voltage (depends on controller design, for our matched controllers, you can choose 5v input voltage), 0-5v output voltage.






 4. 48-100V Programmable Electric Car Speedometer


Rated Voltage:48V-144V ProgrammableShow Time, driving distance, speed, voltage, electric quantityTest Speed Type: Hall Sensor

 Speed meter



Life is too short to live without the 4WD 8000W 96V Small Electric Car Hub Motor Conversion kits. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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