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2021 Newest Colorful TFT UKC1 display with USB Connector for Sabvoton controller

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2021 Newest Colorful TFT UKC1 display with USB Connector for Sabvoton controller

Our UKC1 has two versions

Version 1: Waterproof connector which used for the Sabvoton controller

Version 2: Waterproof or Normal connector which used for the YF controller

electric bike lcd display

The display is for 48-72V voltage, we We send 48V by default, if you want other voltage, please send message to us.

Package Content:

1x UKC1 TFT color display (Waterproof or Normal connector)

1x 3buttons switch

1X bolts with mount bracket

1x good package

3.2" high contrast color screen shows battery power level, time, speed, mileage, gear, input power. Components error checking and report.

5pins waterproof connector, male. about 25cm length.

UKC1 Fuctions:

1. Data display:it shows the riding speed, a single mileage and cumulative mileage, riding time, power-assist gear, motor power and temperature, battery voltage and charge status, brake status and the used ambient temperature and other cycling parameters;

2. Intelligent power:a true reflection of the battery charge, real-time recording of the power consumption to ensure riding mileage;

3. Stalls setting:multi-gear switch and automatic save of the power-assist gear, and it can restore power-off stall state when turned on;

4. Parameter setting:with a number of user parameter setting functions, motor parameters, velocity measurement parameters, speed-limit parameters, power parameters, power-assist control parameters, the minimum controller voltage and maximum current parameters and other operating models for settings adjustment ;

5. Data view:Users can view historical driving data and clear accordingly, view single or cumulative riding time, riding mileage, maximum speed and average speed of single riding;

6. Vehicle boosting:With 6Km/h power-assisting functions, the boost logo flashes during boosting, and riders can use it when driving the vehicle and the vehicle driving is labor-saving and easy;

7. Cadence function:In the assistance mode, the display will show the pedal’s Revolutions Per Minute (RPM);

8. Cruise and constant speed:With the setting and display of the cruise, achieving to automatically maintain the vehicle speed, so that the vehicle drives at a constant speed;

9. Night driving:With the functions of LCD backlit display and headlight switch control, instrument backlighting and headlights can be turned on during driving at night;

10. Password setting:With three-bit of power-on password setting;

11. Automatically prompt:For the appeared failure of the vehicle, it can prompt different fault codes for easy inspection and maintenance of vehicle. With a temperature display for motor operation and it is to achieve the ultra-temperature alarm and motor protection;

12. Use five-line of digital communication, the instrument has good compatibility and interchangeability, different instruments can be conducted the data exchanges and parameters copy directly;

13. Host part and operation buttons of the meter use sub-structure design, making the operation to be more reasonable and convenient;

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