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7 Benefits of Switching to Electric Cars

Posted by Tom Lee on

Guest Post by Sofia Lockhart


Buying a new car is always a significant investment, often involving plenty of research and testing beforehand, and buyers will likely give new, upcoming electric models a similar treatment. Electric cars are still a very recent addition to our roads, but the movement is gaining traction as drivers learn of the many benefits the new technology offers. Suffice it to say, there’s more in it for you than just the opportunity to help the planet.

Enjoy the Financial Incentives

Switching to an electric car can save you more than just fuel costs. While the uptake of electric vehicles around the world has been gaining traction, some countries have been quicker to adopt the new tech than others. Norway is a leading example of the kind of favorable tax incentives and discounts offered to the consumer, while notably, the government of eco-friendly Australia is yet to jump on the bandwagon even though a sizeable part of the population is ready to upgrade, as a recent survey has shown.

A little extra cash in your pocket might help you make a decision, especially if your only objection is the cost of exchanging your petrol model for a new, electric one. If you’re still on the fence, make sure to check out the relevant discounts or rebates on offer in your city or state before you decide.

Save on Operational Costs

Beyond netting you some extra cash from the government, an electric car can also help you save on running costs. As the price of oil and petrol continues to rise, electric vehicles are emerging as an answer to the problem of dwindling resources. The ability to charge a car in much the same way as you would a computer or mobile phone has its advantages, not least the fact that electricity is far more renewable and affordable than petroleum. A new engine system can also eliminate some of the issues involved in traditional cars, like that of ongoing service costs. An electric motor, essentially, has one moving part, compared to the multitude of moving parts found in a traditional combustion engine.

Charge Up at Home

Imagine the convenience of being able to charge up your car from the comfort of your home. As long as you remembered to plug your car in each night, you would never again need to race that flashing fuel light to the nearest petrol station. You would also have the option to charge your car using power harnessed by one of several different methods. Whether you decided to install solar panels and use the energy from the sun or set up small wind turbines in the backyard, enough sunlight or wind will enable you to power your car for the day. Becoming independent of the fuel pump tyranny might have seemed impossible a few years ago, but with these developments, the idea is fast gaining traction. The infrastructure needed in order to make electric cars viable on a large scale may take some time to put in place, but once it has been established, it will permanently alter the way we use personal transport.

Improve Your On-road Safety

Safety features are amongst the top considerations of car buyers, and car manufacturers know that buyers are unlikely to forgo safety features purely for the environmental benefit of choosing an electric model. Thankfully, there’s no need to choose between these two crucial factors, because some electric car models tested have been declared safer than models with petrol engines. This is partially due to a more passenger-friendly use of space, made possible by the exclusion of the petrol engine and gas tank, and also takes into account the lower center of gravity (most batteries are found in the floor of the vehicle) on new electric models, which improves stability.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

There’s no way around the fact that the millions of cars being driven around the globe at any given time are having a severe impact upon the environment, and as environmental consciousness gains traction, the popularity of electric cars is expected to boom. Given the current levels of traffic pollution, any reduction in the petrol fumes coming from the road is a great thing, but it’s worth noting that the environmental impact of your electric car depends on how you source the energy to run it. Some methods of electricity production are much more eco-friendly than others – solar power, for example, limits the environmental impact of your drive to almost nothing.

Breathe Easier

Anyone who has fuelled up at a petrol station knows there’s nothing healthy about the smell of diesel or petrol, but that’s only the precursor to the real problem. Burning fuel releases noxious gases into the air to be inhaled by animals, plant life, and other people. Before electric cars, public transport was one of the best alternatives to driving your private petrol-guzzler, but electric cars can bypass the production of harmful gases altogether and steer us towards a cleaner future.

Enjoy the Quiet

The quiet, smooth driving experience you can have in a high-end vehicle is part of what makes expensive cars so desirable, but with the introduction of electric vehicles, this experience will no longer be exclusive to the rich. Owing to their economical design, electric cars can create a quiet, smooth driving experience without the costs of premium petrol and top-quality servicing.


There are plenty of reasons to consider swapping your petrol engine for an electric vehicle, and if you’ve been looking for a way to reduce your eco-footprint, there’s never been a better time. Just be sure to do your research before buying, as you’re likely to come up against some new terminology in the car lot.


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