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Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor E-bike Conversion Kit

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Product Description
Model Number
tsdz2 centro motore
DC 24V/36V/48V
Set Speed
Weight for motor
Max speed
2 years
Teeth Plate
Crank length
Wheel size
1 Piece
suzhou, jiangsu
conversion kit
Max torque
80 -90 N.M.

tsdz2 centro motore contains :

a) Motor intergrated with controller and torque sensor;

b) LCD display, several different models are available for selection;

c) Detective sensor;

d) Crank;

e) Teeth plate;

f) Operator;

g) Tool for installing Accessories for installing.

h) Brake level and throttle are optional;

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Why choose the little motor- TSDZ2 Mid drive motor?

  • Supports up to 58.6V (48V mid motor) input voltage. 
  • Fits 95% of standard bike frames with 68-73mm bottom bracket built in torque and cadence sensor- this results in much smoother acceleration than any cadence sensored mid motor.
  • Easy to install. Kit includes all installation parts and tools.
  • The motor has an extra support mount - resulting in a much more reliable install.
  • No throttle - this system is a pure pedelec; motivating you to pedal harder and go farther.
  • 80Nm of torque is almost twice as much as a hub motor and can help you climb up any hill in your way.


TSD2 Mid-drive System assembly process

1. Motor installation

Step 1: the motor shaft sleeve in the direction of the arrow push bike five-tube length of 68mm five-pass pipe, the length of the sleeve is exposed to 11mm, as shown in Pic1.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor kit


Step 2: Install the reinforcing plate. See the Pic2.
1. the reinforcing plate set in the five-axis
2. two aluminum washers placed between the reinforcing plate and motor home
3. with two socket head cap screws M5 × 16 will strengthen the locking plate and motor home

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kit


Step 3: M33.5 nut screwed onto the sleeve axis, with a special tool to tighten the locking force of 40N · m.See the Pic3.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kitTongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor 250w 350w ebike kit


Step 4: fixing the motor and the frame. See the Pic4.
1. M8 * 40 screw connections fixed block and motorhome body stud hole preload.
2. with the ball screw M8 * 45 screw holes through the fixing plate fixed on the block with the fixed locking.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kitTongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor 500w ebike kit


Step 5: 40N · m of force tighten M8 * 40 screws (final lock). See the Pic5

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kitTongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor 500w ebike kit


Step 6: Install cranks. See the Pic6.
Install left and right crank with M8 × 14 hexagon screw locking torque is 40N · m.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kit


2. Meter Installation

Step 1: Install the instrument. See the Pic7.
With two M4 × 14 hexagon socket head screws and two M4 nuts square meters is fixed at a position shown in the Pic7.
Bracket Specifications: φ32, there are adjustment ring.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kit


The second step, the left-hand operation switches installed. See the Pic8.
With two M2.5 × 10 hexagon socket head cap screws at the position illustrated operation switch fixed

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-mid motor ebike kit

The Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor E-bike Conversion Kit is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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