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SIAECOSYS/ Quanshun QS Motor 6000W 273 E-car Hub Motor Conversion Kits

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Quanshun Motor 6000W 273 E-car Hub Motor Conversion Kits

The Electric Car Kit includes most of things needed (except battery/charger) to convert your standard car into a top-of-the-line performance electric car, which delivers unequaled performance and reliability.
You'll be out cruising along at approx. 50-75mph / 80-120m/h speed.
Note: The five star motor cover is not available due to the reason of material shortage, we will replace it to all black cover shows as below.

 6000W E-car Hub Motor Conversion Kits

Key feature:

1. Simplify to make a electric-car. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2. It could be installed in wheels, and easy to be hybrid car.

3. 2wd, it could be 72V 100KPH, 2*293N.m peak torque.

4wd, it could be 72V 100KPH, 4*293N.m peak torque.

4. Easily to make 4-wheel drive, which could spot turn.

5. Support regenerative braking

6. High efficiency: 85~92%


1. Battery and charger are not included in package.

2. The battery voltage depends on your application. (72-144V)

3. When place order, please remark which winding needed, otherwise make 55*3T as default,  if any question about application, please consult seller.

Package Includes:

2x 273 6000W 273 40H V3 E-Car Hub Motor

2x APT96600 Controller

1x Throttle Pedal

1x X8-E Speedometer

1x 04type 1 tow 2 Hydraulic Disc brake system (with disc brake plate)

Production Description:

1. QS Motor 6000 273 40H V3 E-Car Hub Motor

  • Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor In-Wheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor

  • Brand: QS Motor,QSMOTOR

  • Motor Design: Singleh axle without rim

  • Matched Wheel: ≥14inch Car Wheel, PCD customizable, CB ≥60mm (PCD 5*112mm, CB60mm as default)

  • Magnet Height: 45mm, 16 pole pairs

  • Stator: Aluminmum Core

  • Rated Power: 6000W (12kW peak in few seconds)

  • Rated Voltage:72V as default (48V-144V, optional)

  • Speed: 100KPH as default (24-120KPH, optional)

  • kV: 7.42/10.42/13.33/13.38/ etc.

  • Max Torque: approx 290N.m

  • Max Efficiency: 86-91%

  • Continuous Battery Current: 104A (72V)

  • Peak Battery Current: 210A (72v)

  • Suggest Peak Phase Current: 261-554A

  • Thermic Probe: KTY83/122 (as default, optional)

  • Working Temperature: 70-120℃ , peak 150 ℃

  • Brake type: Disc brake, PCD3*80mm-M8, CB 58mm(as default)

  • Dual Hall Set with waterproof connectors

  • 16mm² Cross Section of Phase Wire (not include insulation layer)

  • Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree

  • Waterproof Grade: IP54

  • Color: Black

  • N.W./G.W.: 23.5kg/25kg

  • Package Dimension: 43cm*43cm*34cm/piec

2.APT96600 Controller

Sinusoidal BLDC Motor Controller


3. 0-5V Electric Car Throttle Pedal

  • Throttle Pedal Hall type : JKH model (match with our motor & controller)

  • Input voltage: 5V 12V 15V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V 120V

  • Output voltage: 0-5V5-0V1-4.2V4.2-1V0-10V10-0V

  • Deafult: 5v input voltage (depends on controller design, for our matched controllers, you can choose 5v input voltage), 0-5v output voltage.

4. 48-100V Programmable Electric Car Speedometer

  • Rated Voltage:48V-144VProgrammableShow Time, driving distance, speed, voltage, electric quantityTest Speed Type: Hall Sensor

5. 1 tow 2 Hydraulic Disc brake system (with disc brake plate)

  • 04 dayang left & right 38mmpistoncaliper with mechanical parking brake (pull type)
  • hydraulic service brake by foot
  • pitch of mounting 80 & 103mm
  • hoses 220cm + 2 x 80cm
  • T-shape hose connector
  • mechanical parking brake cable 95cm + 2 x 115cm (optional)
  • 220mm disc brake plate and screws (PCD 3*80mm, CB58mm, thicknees 4mm)
  • Suitable for QS Motor 273 Single Shaft Hub Motors

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the SIAECOSYS/ Quanshun QS Motor 6000W 273 E-car Hub Motor Conversion Kits is for you.

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