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New SUV car electric vehicles made in china electric vehicles/ electric car

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New SUV car electric vehicles made in china electric vehicles/ electric car


Electric Car 4 wheel SUV New electric vehicles 

chinese electric car

  New SUV  car electric car made in china 

Product Description

Big Space High Speed Electric Sedan

The overall functional adopts a brand-new LCD dashboard and a three-gear shift lever to meet the use requirements of electric vehicles.

The application of large area of vinyl material and genuine leather makes the interior show good texture.

  New SUV  car electric car made in china  electric vehicles 


In terms of configuration, iEV230 come with ABS + EBD, reversing radar, reversing image, front double airbags, main and auxiliary driving position Electric adjusting seat, etc. High-end car models with or without keys to enter, one-click Start, automatic air conditioning, functions such as vehicle-mounted interconnection and GPS navigation.


This electric car has 2700mm wheelbase size, ranking first among cars of the same level, so its rear space performs well.


 China Small New Cars Cheap Licensed Electric Rechargeable Cars in Automobiles
*available in many colors, you pick up the color 
*Integrating agility, fashion, lightness, aestheticism and high-tech definition
* the new concept of urban leisure car
* fashionable Bluetooth player, four-horn sound system 
*ultra-light body and ultra-low energy consumption 
Product Details







 Dimensions  4777x1794x1481mm
 Wheelbase  2700mm
 Rated passengers  5 persons
 Motor Type  Electrically excited synchronous motor
 Maximum motor power  80kw
 Maximum torque of motor  220 N.m
 Transmission type  Single reducer
 Battery type  Lithium battery
 Battery capacity  39.2kwh
 Max cruising range  230 km
 Max.speed  130km
 Fast charge  2 hour from 30%-80%
 Charging time  13 hours
 Suspended system  Front: MacPhersan type Independent suspension
 Rear: Multi - link independent suspension
 Tire size(mm)  205/55 R16
Security system
 Driver's airbag  √
 Copilot airbag  √
 Child seat restraint system  √
 Front draft disc, rear drum brake  √
 Brake system (ABS+EBD)  √
 Electric power steering  √
 Child Lock  √
 Air conditioner  √
 Halogen headlights  √
 Headlight height adjustable  √
 Front fog lights  √
Notes For Safety


1) Please read the Descriptions carefully about the function before you using it.

2) Please brake early when meeting bad weather.

3) Our product adapt to the wet and snowy weather.Please take care if too much water cover the controller(circuit) or the motor,cutting out and the damage to the electrical will appear.

4) Reduce your speed when downing the slope or making a turn.

5) Braking the front and rear brake meanwhile is beneficial to its balance and reliability.

6) In an emergency, when you need to stop car you must slowly and gently kick the brake pedal several times in case you get away from the car.



1) Do not short of power when electric car storage.

2) Make inspection regularly.

3) Do not high current discharge.

4) Grasp charging time correctly.

5) Do not get plug fever when charging.

The New SUV car electric vehicles made in china electric vehicles/ electric car is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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