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Hailong 36V, 48V and 52V eBike Battery Options - Multiple Voltages with Up to 19.2Ah Capacity

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Hailong 36V, 48V and 52V eBike Battery Options - Multiple Voltages with Up to 19.2Ah Capacity

The Hailong 36v ebike battery is available in multiple capacity options to suit different 36 volt ebike motors and power needs. The main 36 volt lithium ion battery options are:

• 36V 10Ah/13Ah/15Ah batteries - With domestic 18650 cells, these are designed for 36V 0-500W ebike motors. They have a discharge cut-off voltage of 28V and 42V charge cut-off voltage. The built-in BMS supports 20A charging.

The Hailong 48v ebike battery is available in multiple capacity options to suit different 48 volt electric bike motors and power needs. The main 48 volt lithium ion battery options are:

• 48V/52V batteries - Ranging from 12Ah to 14Ah capacity and using 18650/21700 cells, these 48 volt electric bike batteries are designed for 48V/52V 0-1000W ebike motors.

The Hailong 52v electric bike battery is designed for 52 volt 0-1000W ebike motors and provides 31-52km of range using high capacity TSL21700 cells.

All 36v, 48v and 52v ebike batteries...

They have a compact 365*90*90mm down tube design and 800-1000 cycle life. The cells used range from domestic to Panasonic and TSL brands, providing different performance and lifespan for 36 volt, 48 volt and 52 volt electric bike applications.


Samsung/LG/Tesla Cells Ebike Battery Hailong 36V 48V 14.4Ah 12Ah 13AH 14.5AH Downtube 18650 21700 Electric Bike Batteria for 350W 500W 750W 1000W Motor

Why choose our Unit Pack Power store :
1.Factory directly store :  10 year battery packing experience , from 24V, 36V 48V 52V 60V 72V to DIY Voltage/Size , all we can make it for you, Mature production technology , and filter the high consistency cells , we know how to make a reliable and safe battery for customers .
2.Battery quality : There are Grade A B C level battery , UnitPackPower only use grade A cell for battery , safest packing process ,never use cheap/false cells with false capacity/low price to attrack buyers .price = quality = customer's service , you want to get a long range/long life/safe battery for your bike , or want to get a unkown cells battery back your home?
3. Aftersalse:15days no reason free return service , 1 year warranty,  when you buy a battery cannot reach to seller , this won't happen to us , We have Germany , UK , USA , Canada , Australia local service center service for you .

4. UnitPackPower batteries have insured to International Insurance, rest assured to buy.

36V Battery just for 36V motor ; 48V Battery just for 48V motor

Note : Oversea warehouse battery discharge connector is solded with default connector(accordering the spec sheet, ignore the pictures) , at the same time , battery will also come an extra repair connector cable for your replacement to your motor


Hailong Battery

36V 10Ah/13Ah/15Ah

36V 14.5Ah

36V 19.2Ah TSL21700

52V 14Ah LG

48V 12Ah/14Ah

48V 14.4Ah TSL21700

Nominal Voltage







Nominal Capacity







Battery Pack Cell

Domestic 2500mAh/3000mAh 18650


TSL 4800mAh

Domestic 3500mAh

Domestic 3000mAh/3500mAh 18650

TSL 4800mAh

Built-in BMS







Fit Motor Power

36V 0-500W motor maximum

48V/52V 0-1000W motor max

48V 0-1000W motor maximum

discharge cut off voltage







charge cut off voltage







Battery Charger

42V 2A

42V 2A

42V 2A

54.6V 2A

54.6V 2A

54.6V 2A

discharge connector

Big Bullet

Big Bullet

Big Bullet





365*90*90 mm

365*90*90 mm

365*90*90 mm

365*90*90 mm


365*90*90 mm











Cycle Life

800-900 cycle times

1000 cycle times

700-800 cycle times

800-900 cycle times

800-900cycle times

700-800 cycle times


How do we keep our battery reliable for your electric bycicle

1. We use only grade A authentic name-brand cells , Never Virtual Capacity .

2. SIEKO IC BMS for battery over charge, over discharge, short circuit protection

3. We are hazmat certified to ship our battery packs and all our packs are tested and certified (UN38.3) to be shipping safe

4. Battery cells 100% balance before pack for voltage, resistance and capacity

5. Final battery pack 100% discharge and charge test

6. Safty and vibration test

7. 100% inspection of appearance and function by QC before shipping

8. We use state-of-the-art BMS to keep your battery as safe as possible

9. UnitPackPower batteries have insured to International Insurance, rest assured to buy.

Which Battery Should I choose?

This really depends on the application and can be a hard question. First you need to get a battery voltage match to your motor request , then the capacity , high capacity can make your bike longer trip but more expensive , also need to choose a right amps BMS to fit your motor . do your research if this is your first ebike kit to make sure you are getting the right battery for your needs.

What cells are your battery packs made up of?

All our packs are made up of authentic Grade A 18650  battery cells made in China , Korea or Japan. We use Sanyo Panasonic Samsung , LG or Chinese A grade brand cells and only use the very best models of these brands. and all of our battery would never

What is a BMS Battery management system.

The circuit board that makes your ebike battery “smart”.  All of our packs have state of the art BMS to keep your pack safe.

How many volts should I choose?

Depending on your controller.   All 48v controllers can handle either 48v or 52v packs. If you have a 36 volt controller however you will need to upgrade it before you can run a 48 or 52v pack.

How many amps do I need?

Also depending on your ebike motor voltage(V) and power(W), here is for your reference , If your motor is not included by belows , just contact us to check :

36V 20amps if for 36V 500W motor maximun ;

36V 25amps if for 36V 700W motor maximun ;

48V 30amps if for 48V 1000W motor maximun ;

48V 40amps if for 48V 1400W motor maximun ;

48V 50amps if for 48V 1800W motor maximun ;

52V 30amps if for 48V/52V 1100W motor maximun ;

52V 40amps if for 48/52V 1500W motor maximun ;

52V 50amps if for 48V/52V 1800W motor maximun ;

Warning :

Don't hit, pierce, strike, trample or throw the battery.

Don't put the battery in the water, keep the battery cool and dry condition .

Don't put the battery near a heat source such as fire or heater.

Use the specified charger that come with the battery

Don't reverse the position and negative pole.

Don't connect the positive and negative terminals with metal objects which would cause short circuit

Don't transport or store the battery with metal objects together , such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.

But beware that following situations are beyond our guarantees.

>The battery goes over water

> The battery is broken man-made

> Incorrect unsing the battery not according the instrucitons

> Open a case without contacting us

Notice :

Ship from USA : 2-5days to USA

Ship from Germany : Within 7days to most of EU countries ,

Ship from China :

To Europe defuat shipping is train, free tax 50-60days , or you can choose to ship by air 18-23days;

To USA/Canada , free tax , will ship by air 18-23days ;

To Austrailia , ship by air 18-23days ;

To other countries it depends , just confirm with us.

If the uncontrolled delay by Delivery , please understand and be patient.

The Hailong 36V, 48V and 52V eBike Battery Options - Multiple Voltages with Up to 19.2Ah Capacity is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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