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Loomo a robot sidekick and a personal transporter in one

Posted by Tom Lee on

Loomo is a reflection of our movie fantasies growing up.

It embodies our vision of creating the world’s first truly mobile robot that can accompany us everywhere. It takes the mobility and balance of a Segway* and adds AI (focused on computer vision), touch and voice commands, and other cool features. It’s basically, a robot sidekick and a personal transporter in one.

The Loomo looks different and is more compact than a traditional Segway. Apart from being smaller, it has transformed from just a self-balancing rideable to a friendly robot that responds to commands. It’s also designed to look for faces and bodies to track, so if you say, “Loomo, follow me,” it should follow you autonomously. The company worked with BMW’s self-driving car team so Loomo should “park” itself on its own.

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Like most things, Loomo comes with an app, which allows you to do things like move the robot around, see from the robot’s point of view, speak phrases you type in, follow people around, and take photos and video. The company plans to continue adding new commands to Loomo, and has made the Android SDK available so anyone can create their own skills. A drag-and-drop interface is planned to be released this summer, so those who are a little less familiar with programming experience can teach themselves to teach Loomo new tricks.

Since the beginning of March 2018, Loomo*—the mobile robot built by Segway Robotics —has raised over one million dollars on Indiegogo. That’s about 10 times the original goal of $100,000. Shocking? Not really, especially when you consider the relative affordability for this rideable, real-world R2D2 powered by Intel® RealSense™ Technology.

But let’s rewind. Months before the Indiegogo launch, Loomo debuted at CES* to much praise from reviewers, including Digital Trends* who considered it to be “one of the best robots we saw at CES* 2018.” What was once just a “movie fantasy”—a true personal robot—came to life thanks to a continued collaboration between Intel and Segway, their engineers, and developers like you.

Loomo is:

  • A self-balancing transporter, offering smooth rides across most terrain types, with speeds of up to 11 MPH, and the capacity to cover 22 miles in a single charge.
  • An auto-follow expert,thanks to its computer vision powered by Intel® RealSense™ technology. Loomo can follow riders autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more.
  • Developer-friendly,with a free Loomo Android SDK, you can directly access Loomo’s mobility and AI capabilities to build in custom features or solutions.

Sensing the Future

Loomo is designed to follow its owner around, using the Intel RealSense ZR300 depth-sensing camera system. In the past, one of the biggest challenges in creating robots was 3D depth-sensing in real time. Intel® RealSense™ technology provides a proven, cost-effective solution for developing robots like Loomo. By supporting VGA at 60fps the Intel RealSense ZR300 enables additional CPU headroom for other mission critical capabilities like SLAM, collision avoidance, object recognition,and person tracking.

Loomo can be used indoors or outdoors and uses the Intel RealSense ZR300 camera for depth sensing and motion tracking for 3D perception, robot mapping, and avoiding obstacles:



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