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What is a Fat Tire EBike Anyway?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Fat Tire Bikes or Fat Tire EBikes (short for electric bikes) is currently a trending topic today.

Why are these Bikes so popular now? You’ve probably noticed more and more bikes on the trail and roads lately with very wide knobby tires, and there’s a reason why.

Tires play a large part in a Bikes safety and comfort. Have you ever test drove a car and noticed home some are quieter and smoother than others? Allot of that reduced road noise and smoothness actually comes from the vehicle tires. Tire manufacturers spend lots of time with automakers, to design tires that are not only very safe but will also provide lots of comfort. Typically the wider and knobby a tire is the more comfort and traction it can provide. This is why some cars handle better than others.

Having a bike with wider knobby tires provides the rider with that sense of safety knowing he/she has plenty of traction on the road. Having that extra bit of tire width and tire height also gives the bike more cushion from the road. This is why you sometimes see Fat Tire bikes without any suspension, they just don’t need it as much.

However… There is one big drawback to riding a bike with a Fat Tire, and that’s the extra weight and drag that comes with it. Pedalling a Bikes with 4″ tires is not for everyone. This is why Electric Fat Tire Bikes were made. The extra oomph from an electric motor will blast you up any hill on any terrain you want to tackle.

Riding a Fat Tire is a allot of fun if you have never ridden one before. Our store now stocks over a dozen different types of Fat Tire Bikes for just about every rider.



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