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Three Reasons You Should Consider a Folding Electric Bike

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Improbable in its form and unlikely in its function, an electric folding bike can be a convenient recreational ride. It can help you master intermodal transportation, and a folding bike may encourage personal well being.

There is a sense in which an electric folding bicycle is a transportation platypus.

The platypus is something of an unlikely animal. In a similar way, folding bikes can be an oddity. But both the platypus and the folding e-bike are surprisingly functional. Photo by by Prioryman.


“The first scientists to examine a [platypus] specimen believed they were the victims of a hoax. The animal is best described as a hodgepodge of more familiar species: the duck (bill and webbed feet), beaver (tail), and otter (body and fur),” according to National Geographic.

In a similar way, some have wondered “why own a folding bike?” or “are folding bikes worth it?” Of course, the answer to these questions will be subjective. It will depend on how one rides, why one rides, and who that rider is. In spite of this subjectivity, there are, perhaps, at least three good reasons to consider a folding electric bike or even a folding conventional bicycle.

Mastering Intermodal Transportation

Folding electric bikes are excellent for intermodal commuting.

Let’s imagine that you live on Staten Island but work in Manhattan. Each morning, your loving spouse drives you down Carson Avenue to Victory Boulevard, takes a left turn on Bay Street, and drops you off at the St. George Ferry Terminal in time for the 7:00 am ferry.

You pull your Quest One folding electric bike out of the trunk, unfold it (which is easier than lugging it), and wheel it to the ferry. Some 25 minutes later, you pedal out of the Whitehall Terminal headed toward Water Street.

At work, you push the Quest One into the building and take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Your Quest One folds into a neat square and is tucked under the side draw in your cubicle.

If this was Metropolis, there should be a red “S” stamped on your folding bike, because it just did a super job of getting you to work.

Convenient Recreational Bicycling

A folding bike’s best trick is that it will fit in places a conventional bicycle will not. So you can keep a folding electric bike in a car trunk. It can be stuffed under a desk. It fits more easily in a small boat and in a recreational vehicle (RV).

In short, a folding bike can make recreational riding more convenient. When something is more convenient, we tend to do it more often.

Personal Well Being

The last point above about convenience should not be understated. In fact, it bears repeating. When something like riding a bicycle is made easier or more convenient, we are more likely to do it.

One of the many benefits of an electric bike, for example, is that it encourages physical activity.

“Whether it’s used as a vehicle for your daily commute or more specifically as a means of working out, an electric bike helps contribute to a more fit, active, and well-balanced lifestyle,” wrote Boris Mordkovich and Yevgeniy Mordkovich in chapter three of The Complete Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

“Introducing an electric bike into your regular travel transforms your daily commutes into an opportunity for some light physical activity and a chance to catch some fresh air. Electric bikes are particularly well suited for daily commuting since the motor assistance helps eliminate challenges such as steep hills and headwinds, and creates a smoother, less demanding cycling experience. By using an electric bike, commuters no longer have to worry about arriving at their destination feeling tired, sweaty, or worn out—the bike’s motor takes care of the overly strenuous portions of the ride while still allowing you to mix some physical exercise into your daily routine.”

Thus, the third good reason you should consider a folding electric bike is that it may encourage you to ride more. In turn, riding more could improve your well being.




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