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Folding Electric Bikes Guide

Posted by Tom Lee on

Folding electric bikes are very convenient if you travel a lot, use multiple forms of transportation, or if you want a bike that can be stored in a small place.

It is amazing how small some of these folding e-bikes can be when they are completely folded up!

Folders are great when combined with other forms of transportation like the bus, subway, train, ferry/boat, taxi, car, etc.

They are also handy if you have limited storage areas at home or work.


To give you some ideas on the different types of electric folding bikes out there, I have put together this guide.

Complete Folding Electric Bikes

prodecotech mariner500 folding electric bike

ProdecoTech has 3 different Mariner series folding electric bikes that have the smaller size wheels for a compact folding solution. There is the Mariner ($1,299), the Mariner 7 ($1,399), and the Mariner 500 ($1,899).

prodecotech phantom x2 folding electric bike

ProdecoTech also makes a wide range of full size folding electric bikes that are in their Phantom, Genesis, Storm, and Stride lines.  Their full size folding e-bikes start at $1,299.

izip e3 compact folding electric bike

Currie Technologies makes the IZIP E3 Compact that has a Dahon frame with the IZIP e-bike componentry. Here is a full review of the IZIP E3 Compact. The Compact is priced at $2,150.

easy motion neo volt sport folding electric bike

Easy Motion makes 2 folding electric bikes that have the battery integrated on top of the main frame tube for a clean look.  They have the Neo Volt Sport and the Neo Volt; both e-bikes are priced at $1,799.

a2b kuo folding electric bike 1

The A2B Kuo is a small e-folder that has a throttle and/or pedal assist option and comes equipped with a full commuter accessory package of lights, fenders, and rear rack. The Kuo is priced at $1,399.


Brompton is a well known brand in the non-electric folding bike world and the folks at NYCeWheels (folding bike specialists) are selling Bromptons with electric kits. These are priced at $2,795.

velomini folding electric bike

VeloMini is one of the smallest folding electric bikes and it really is an engineering marvel in the way it folds up.  Here is a review of this 3 speed VeloMini. They make a 1 speed and 3 speed model. VeloMini’s start at $1,095.

ejoe epik se folding electric bike

e-Joe folding electric bikes “hide” the battery in the frame of the bike. There are 2 different models: the Epik Lite ($1,349) and Epik SE ($1,549).

dahon ikon folding electric bike

Dahon is a very well known brand in the non-electric folding bike world and they have put together this electric folder called the Dahon Ikon Electric. It features a 250 watt front hub motor system from TransX. This folding e-bike may only be available in the European market.

gocycle folding electric bike

GoCycle is a very unique and high tech folding electric bike! Here are just some of the features: lithium battery in the frame, electronic shifting, magnesium frame, quick release mag wheels, enclosed chain, smartphone integration, and more! Right now it is only available in select European countries but they are considering distribution in the US market at some point.

mando footloose folding electric bike

The Mando Footloose is another high tech folding electric bike that is only available in the European market at the moment. It is called a series hybrid electric bike; your pedal power generates electricity to add to the e-bike system. As you can see there is no chain!  Here is more info on the Mando Footloose and its series hybrid system.

jive bike folding electric bike

Jive Bike is another high tech e-folder! It has a lithium battery integrated into the frame, a chainless drivetrain, smartphone integration, a clean design, low step thru design, and more.

Add an Electric Bike Kit to a Folding Bike


Another option is to add an electric bike kit to a conventional folding bike.

Well that is the guide right now.  I will add more folding electric bikes as I come across them.


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