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Biktrix Juggernaut 2016 : The Only Factory-Built Electric Fat Bike In Existence Worth Stealing

Posted by Tom Lee on

I’ve been friends with Roshan of Biktrix since way back when he started the first Kickstarter campaign for the Juggernaut almost a whole year ago. Our friendship has grown over the months, mostly because he is the only one who will ever return my emails. Roshan is one of us, a builder and innovator who wants to move the ebike industry forward in a big way. He designed his own 100mm conversion kit for the BBS02 which I have been hammering on every day for the last 2 months on my Dark Matter build without any issues. That never happens.

Ahhh, my eyes. Too bright.

Ahhh, my eyes. Too bright. Make it stop.

There is no shortage of BBS02 conversions in the states, but as far as I know Biktrix is the only company who is importing and reselling Chinese built bikes with the BBS02 already attached from Canada. Roshan worked with the Chinese factory to integrate the standard 68mm BB 750W BBS02 into a custom aluminum framed 4″ tire fat bike. Normally when you have a bike supplier you want to keep it a secret from everyone else, because otherwise they will steal your product and sell it under their own product name for a cheaper price. Unbeknownst to Roshan I actually know who his supplier is, because I pretended that I actually had money and inquired into all the BBS02 electric fat bike manufacturers in China (there are only a few). They were happy to tell us about their connection with Biktrix and send me lots of pictures of his bikes in production behind his back. I was going to steal his invention and relabel it the “Juggle-Not” and market it to people who were not coordinated enough to juggle. Little did the Chinese know that I actually spend my days pushing a shopping cart and collecting soda cans to support my e-bike addiction. Needless to say, the deal fell through and Roshan and I stayed friends (true story).


I like the logo, not crazy about how low it hangs or the stock bafang chainwheel. Is that a real kickstand? So jealous.

I like the logo, not crazy about how low it hangs (udder) or the stock Bafang chain wheel. Is that a real kickstand? So jealous. Biktrix is also the only bike in the world to feature invisible pedals.

The 2016 Juggernaut comes with a lot of improvements over the 2015 Juggernaut they include

  • C963 display which is good because I hate the old C961 display and the C963 is my absolute favorite
  • 750W motor standard programmed to 25 Amps with updated FETs, custom-built and branded for Biktrix from factory
  • Brand new 6061 aluminum hydroformed frame with a crank forward design to support the 68mm BBS02 with offset cranks
  • Tapered headtube – Which means you can mount a Bluto or most carbon forks on this bike and a Wren Inverted Fork option is available for an extra $700. What a deal, I’ll take two. Wait … I can’t have two forks on the same bike? The Bluto sucks pretty bad in the cold and the air escapes down into the bottom chamber making your fork essentially useless.
  • Much more robust front fork for a much stiffer ride
  • Ground clearance improved by 1.5″ for better single track riding
  • Suntour NCX seat post as an add-on option available
  • Fat handlebars for more aggressive riding
  • Right hand half-twist throttle
  • 11.6Ah 48V battery pack standard with Panasonic NCR19650PF cells
  • Integrated 15 Watt headlight
  • At $2500 you’re looking at about 4x the peak power (1200W) at less than 1/2 the price of the Felt Lebowske with almost every feature except torque sensing and the Rockshox dropper seatpost. With the Juggernaut you also get a kickstand and built-in headlight. I’m not making this up, it really has a kickstand.
  • Curved top tube so that when you have to put your foot down and it sinks a foot into the snow your crotch doesn’t smash into the bike frame (true story)
Jugger - 9 (1)

Rear safety light and new lower profile battery case. Cables are internally routed for that clean factory fat bike look.

How can I recommend this bike if Roshan is too cheap and way too smart to ship me one to test? It’s pretty simple, his setup for the 2016 Juggernaut is pretty much exactly the same as most of my other ebike builds. The components might be a little different, and the tires and geometry might be off, but the bottom line is that nothing that I’ve found yet rides quite as awesome as a BBS02 750W aluminum framed fat bike. I also can say that their old crappy 2015 model rated a 9.5 out of 10 in a review located here by Court Rye from and Court is always right. I tried to read the review but kind of lost interest half way through, you should read it and tell me what I missed.

The C963 display replaces the other displays from earlier versions.

The C963 display replaces the other displays from earlier versions. It has an adjustable stem and handlebar height.

Who is this bike perfect for?

  • Someone who is too lazy or not smart enough to build their own electric fat-bike from scratch.
  • Someone who just wants their stuff to work when they want to go and ride.
  • Canadians who are sick and tired of dealing with US companies. Aye?
  • Someone who wants a bike in a 19″ size. At 6′ 10″ that is not me.
  • Maybe someone just like you.
Fancy pretty cells all lined up in a row.

Fancy pretty cells all lined up in a row. Where is all the ugly nickel spot welded strips? What madness is this? Must have.

Grab your wife’s credit card while she’s sleeping and click here to buy one for her. She’ll love it. I will never buy this bike and I’ll probably never even ride this bike because no one in their right mind would EVER let me ride their ebike. That being said it is the only factory electric fat bike that I’ve seen on the market to date that is actually worth risking jail time to steal.

Ride On.




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