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Wheel Fit Size System Explained

Posted by Tom Lee on

New for 2018 is Polygon’s Wheel Fit system, part of Polygon’s constant effort to improve their bikes and rider performance. The Wheel Fit system ditches the old rhetoric that says 29 inch wheels are superior to 27.5 or the other way around and looks the rider first and foremost. It became clear that neither wheel size is superior for all riders and that better results are achieved when you consider the way the bike is meant to ride and feel to the rider regardless of his/her height, body type or weight. Essentially, 29ers have always been designed for taller riders and feel awkward on shorter riders and 27.5 inch wheels were meant to be a compromise between the old 26inch wheel and the new 29 inch wheel, aimed at shorter riders. 

How does it work then?

Wheel sizes are now directly linked to the frame size. Small and Medium frames will feature a 27.5 inch wheel size, whilst Large and Extra Large frames will feature a 29 inch wheel size. 

By using our size charts specific for each bike model, you’ll be able to get a perfect frame fit and bike geometry and corresponding wheel size. 

Polygon Wheel Fit Size System


What if I want a different wheel size?

For experienced riders, Polygon will still allow you to choose the wheel size regardless of your height on high-end hardtail mountain bikes, like the Polygon Cozmic RX3.0 and the Polygon Siskiu9.0. These bikes, aimed at experienced riders competing on XC Marathon Races across the world have different objectives and are designed to match the type of track, instead of the rider. 


Which bikes will have the Nw Wheel Fit System?

Wheel Fit Size System

Below are some of the bikes with the New Wheel Size System:


Is the New Wheel Fit System better?

Yes, for the first time you have a bike tailor made for your height instead of a bike designed to fit a specific wheel size regardless of how tall you are. You can now use all that knowledge, experience and geometry tweaks the Polygon designers and engineers put into each bike knowing your bike was carefully crafted to give you the ultimate riding experience. 

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