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How to Pick the Right Children’s Bike according to their Height

Posted by Tom Lee on

One of the best playmates you can gift a growing child is a bike. It is no news that learning how to bike is essential to their growth and also provides ample opportunities for physical exercise. They make more friends, get to be outdoors, and stay active. But, in order to choose the best cycle for the child, you must take into consideration not only its design, colour, and technicalities, but also the frame of the child. This is to say, that before investing in a kid's bike, you ought to have a clear idea of the sizes of the bikes in accordance with the height of the child.

Selecting a bike that is fitted for the kid's frame may sound very easy but in reality, it is confusing, to an extent. Therefore, to better understand how to gift a kid's bike to a child, you should know their frame and the cycle sizes well.

Why It Matters

Cycling for beginners is a very exciting affair as it teaches them a lifelong skill which is an asset. Don’t buy a kids bike which is too big for them thinking that they’ll grow into it with age. It can make the learning process uncomfortable, meddle with his/her balance, and even lead to injuries.

How to Find the Right Frame

To avoid size issues, ask the child stand to upright on the top tube with both feet on the ground. Ensure that they have proper control and balance of the bike and are not uncomfortable on the seat. As the kid's frame changes, the saddle can be manipulated according to convenience. For kids aged between 2 and 5, size 12” and 15” wheels should be good for providing comfort, support, and balance. The overall size of the kid's Cycle matters because the seat will height will vary accordingly and, as we know, when learning cycling, it is extremely important to sit upright in order to maintain balance.

Firefox Bikes

The bikes by Firefox take into account every feature that should be included in a kid’s bike to make learning cycling fun for them. More importantly, they come in sizes which suit kids of a certain age range the best. Firefox bikes also have a heuristic impact on your child. Our bikes are supported by the Planet Foxers characters, Zubin, Sophia, and Mahir who promote a healthy lifestyle through adventurous bike rides and compassion for the environment. In the Firefox Planet Foxers book, your children will learn about the positive impacts of cycling for the environment as they choose an eco-friendly mode of transport that is recreational, as well as healthy. The Planet Foxers' will also help you understand which bike fits your kid's frame and personality the best so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best cycle for the child.

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