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How to Choose A Mountain Bike

Posted by Tom Lee on

Bike Illustrative  / 24 Feb, 2020

By: Firefox Bikes

5 Tips to Choose Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is your direct route to adventure. But selecting a mountain bike can be a confusing task, especially if you are new to this thrilling sport. However, if you know what to look for in your mountain bike, you can easily select the right one. 

We bring you 5 essential tips to help you choose the right mountain bike:

Go for the Right Frame Size

The first thing to consider is the right MTB frame size. If you end up buying a frame that is too big for you, be ready to face issues such as lack of control and back pain. If you end up with a smaller bike frame than what you need, you are again likely to experience control issues and back pain due to a cramped riding position. So, it’s essential to get your mountain bike fit right. 

Select a Proper Wheel Size




Paying attention to the wheel size is equally important to ensure a smooth ride. The right MTB wheel size can promise a safe and comfortable ride; whereas if the wheel is of the wrong size, it can easily pose obstacles in your journey. The simple rule of thumb is that you need to go for bigger wheel sizes if you plan to follow longer trails. For short outings, however, a smaller wheel size works just fine.

Look for Suspension Quality


Choose a bike with suspension as it ensures greater comfort for the rider. Whether you are interested in a hardtail bike or a full-suspension one, always make sure that you check the reviews for forks and shocks. Without the right MTB suspensions, you may not be able to enjoy your bike’s features completely. 

Check the Brake Type


The right MTB brake type can mean greater safety for the rider. Check both the rear brake and the front brakes. Remember, hydraulic disc brakes offer a stronger braking response with lesser effort, while rim brakes, although cost effective, need greater effort for their braking action. Also, if you choose cable-activated brakes, keep in mind that they require manual adjustments.

Keep the Bike Gears in Mind

The need for bike gears depends on your physical fitness as well as the terrain you want to ride on. If you want to ride steep hills and challenging terrains frequently, you will need more mountain bike gears, but if you are a physically fit biker or want to ride flat landscapes, you can manage well even with fewer gears. 

Hardtail or Full Suspension: Which One to Buy?

Mountain bikes are mainly of two kinds: full suspension and hardtail. 

Full-Suspension Bike: These are advanced bikes with front and rear suspensions. A shock absorber controls the rate of movement in a full-suspension bike. These bikes are on the costlier side. 

Hardtail Bike: These are solid frame bikes having a front suspension fork but no rear suspension. They need less maintenance and are less expensive than full-suspension bikes. 

If you are trying to fit in more parts and specifications for a budget, a hardtail bike may be a better choice. 

How Much Does a Decent Mountain Bike Cost?

Generally, you can get a decent mountain bike for INR 11,000/- onwards, but the exact MTB price will depend on the type of bike and the features you select. 

Now that you know how to select the right mountain bike, get one for yourself and unleash the adventurous spirit in you.


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