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Geared And Non-Geared Cycles- Which One To Buy?

Posted by Tom Lee on

Most people get confused between the differences of a geared and non-geared cycle. Geared cycles, as the name suggest are bikes with a number of gears which may vary from model to model. Gearless cycles are those that do not have gears or shifters.

There are a lot of elements that collectively signify the type of cycle, like suspension and fork. So now let’s look at some of the differences, advantages and disadvantages geared and non-geared bikes.

What is the difference between a geared and a non-geared cycle?

Cycles with gears have multiple speed ratios. This allows the cyclist to shift from one gear combination to another, depending on the terrain he/she is riding on. Derailleurs are also available in this type of bikes, which lets cyclists shift between different cogs, allowing them to maintain cadence consistently through all terrains. This makes geared cycles more comfortable for long distance cycling.

A gearless cycle is also known as a single speed cycle, which has a single gear ratio. The speed of these kind of bikes depend on how fast or slow you pedal.

There are two types of gearless bicycles:

    • Freewheel Cycles

These are the most common type of non-geared cycles. In such a cycle, the rear wheel remains unfixed to the pedal, which allows you to cruise every once in a while after you’ve reached a certain speed limit. These bikes perform better, making cycling easier and useful while riding downhill since the gravity will help you cruise so you do not have to pedal further.

    • Fixed Wheel Cycles

These cycles have their rear wheel fixed with the pedals. This means that the cycle will move only when you pedal ahead. This allows cyclists to control the speed of the bike even without using brakes. Fixed wheel cycles are generally used for indoor racing events. Experienced riders also prefer this type over others for exercise. However, if you opt for a fixed wheel cycle in the beginning, make sure you practise well. Cycle on secluded paths. Practise stopping the cycle abruptly and changing the speed mid-way.

Advantages of a gearless cycle:

  1. 1.Gearless cycles are easy to use. You do not have to worry about the correct gear combinations or shifting gears accurately. You can enjoy a simple ride and experience relaxation while you’re pedalling away.
  2. 2.These bikes could cost lesser than other geared cycles.
  3. 3.Gearless cycles are easy on the maintenance aspect. You too can fix your bike in a jiffy.

Geared cycles:

Geared cycles allow you to make multiple combinations of the gears. So if you are cycling uphill, you can use lower gears to help you pedal faster, but without exhausting your legs. Similarly, if you are cycling on a flat surface, you can pedal at higher gear ratios for an effortless and fast ride.

Geared cycles help you maintain a cadence- which is the rate at which you pedal per minute (RPM). Usually, cyclists like to maintain their cadence between 60 to 90 RPM- which helps them ride comfortably which stressing any muscles.

Advantages of geared cycles:

  1. 1.Geared cycles help you change the gears as per different terrains, making all your rides more comfortable.
  2. 2.These help you accelerate faster as compared to non-geared ones.
  3. 3.You can go on long distance, adventurous trails as these bikes cover a larger distance without exhausting you.

Which one should you buy?

If you are looking for a cycle that will help you whizz past traffic and provide you with a relaxing ride in the evenings, you can opt for a gearless bike. Single speed cycles are best suitable for flat roads without rough or uneven terrain.

However, if you are looking forward to taking on a new #EverydayAdventure every weekend and trail off to the hills, a geared cycle is the best choice for you. It will provide you with comfort and spark up thrilling experiences!

Now that your doubts are clear, it’s time to begin cycling! If you are looking for personalized recommendations as to which Firefox Bike is most suitable for you, please drop a mail to and they will help you further!




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