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Fat Bikes: What Makes These Bikes an Exceptional Ride?

Posted by Tom Lee on

“Fat bike” seems to be an unusual name to classify a bicycle with, but this bike understandably derives its name from the fat tyres that are a part of it. It is a one-of-its-kind bike designed to traverse most terrains and for all seasons, and we at Firefox bring you the best in this category. No wonder, fat bikes from Firefox have become a rage among cycling enthusiasts. Are you wondering what makes these bikes so coveted? Read on to know in detail.

What Are Fat Bikes?

Fat bikes are off-road bikes that have oversized tyres. They were initially invented to smoothly tread over snow and sand, but these versatile bikes have turned out to be great for exploring other terrains as well. In other words, you can depend on fat tyre bikes to ride over anything at any time.

Distinguishing Feature of Fat Bikes

The most distinguishing feature of a fat bike is its tyres. Standard bikes have tyres with a width ranging between 25mm to 30mm. In comparison to them, fat bikes have much broader tyres. Usually, fat bikes come equipped with tyres that are 97mm or more in width. The tyre rims are 55mm or wider. The wider rim helps in accommodating the fat tyres that feature large wheelbases.

Also, fat bikes have tyres meant for low ground pressure. This enables cyclists to comfortably ride them on unstable, soft terrains such as sand, snow, and bogs. But one can quickly increase the air pressure to make the bike suitable for trail riding.

Appropriate Terrains for Fat Bikes

Appropriate Terrains for Fat Bikes

As mentioned earlier, fat bikes were invented for cycling over soft terrains like snow and sand. But they are not the only terrains that these bikes can cover. Thanks to their wide tyres, these bikes can easily pace over different types of grounds including deserts, mud, bogs, and even treacherous mountain trails. The Swagfire from Firefox is a case in point. This bike can take you from drifts to dunes smoothly and comfortably. When you have such a capable bike for company, there’s no offseason for #EverydayAdventure.

Is cycling your passion, or are you just stepping into this adventurous world? Regardless of whether you are a novice or a pro, a fat bike will enhance your pleasure of riding by many notches. And with Firefox fat bikes, you can be sure of riding the best of the lot. So, why wait? Let the #EverydayAdventure begin!


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