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Fashionable and Trendy Bikes For Women Who Ride In Style

Posted by Tom Lee on

Fashion Bikes for Women

Some things never go out of fashion and a bicycle is one of them. Almost every girl carries fond memories of learning to mount and ride a bike in her childhood. But as a person graduates to other modes of transport with age, the bike often becomes a forgotten part of those carefree childhood days. Does this sound familiar to your experience? Then it’s time to relive those wonderful days of yore in style with the new fashion bikes in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the top fashion bikes for women today.


Aztec bike

The Aztec is a well-equipped MTB with a sleek frame design customized to suit the female body. Since it is one of the prime offerings of Firefox Bikes, it stands high on quality and comfort aspects. What adds to its appeal is the availability of its models in bright colours that lend it a perfect visual pop. It doesn't matter which ensemble you don, you can easily mount one to accentuate your look.


Volante bike

When style and performance matter to you in equal measure, you can’t go wrong with Volante. A performance-packed hybrid bike, it comes in bright colours with matte finish paint that enhances its aesthetics by quite a few notches. Whether you are travelling through rough terrain or via crowded roads, this sleek machine is sure to keep up with your company as far as a smooth ride is concerned.


Missfit bike

There’s just one word to describe the cool look of this bike – awesome! It boasts of a superior quality matte finish that lends it an international look. Designed for the voguish women of today, this bike ensures that you stay high on the fashion quotient even while cycling. When you aren’t ready to compromise on style, go for this bike as your mount any day.


Origine bike

If you believe that high-performance bikes can’t be stylish, you just have to take a look at this hybrid bike. It has simplicity and elegance at the core of its design. But when it comes to modish looks, it's simply matchless. This also means that you can make it your ride for an elegant look on any day. The best part is that regardless of what you prefer to wear, it will compliment your getup time and again.

Shop Firefox’s range of women’s bikes, made exclusively for the women that are unstoppable. To know more, check out the full range here. Enjoy your #EverydayAdventure!

Happy cycling!



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