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City Bikes Guide: Types, Buyers Checklist, Benefits

Posted by Tom Lee on

The trend of commuting in the city on a bicycle, be it to work or college has never been out of vogue. In fact, for those of you who still use your car to get to a place, it is time to start biking and enjoy the journey.

Not only does biking give you respite from the ever-bustling traffic, but it also helps you become fitter and healthier. Buying a city bike can be an intimidating task if you have not ridden a bike for quite some time. Right from navigating the right urban bike to finding the best material and size, it can often lead to some confusion.

In this article, we will apprise you of some of the most common questions that strike one's mind while looking for urban bikes in the market. Here, we will try to not only enlighten you about the various factors to deliberate over before buying a bicycle but also offer suggestions about some of the best cycles for a city ride.

All About City Bikes

The term 'commuter bikes' does not refer to a particular class of bicycles but refers to a general term for cycles that can be used to commute within the city. These bikes are a combination of a hybrid bike, as well as a cruiser bike, giving you the best of both worlds.

A city gear may also have lights to enable you to ride the cycle in the dark in addition to having an internally geared rear hub for better maintenance and convenience. Some of the most common city bikes are:

1. Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are ideal for people who want to carry their ride with themselves or who are short on parking space. Such bikes have smaller wheels which ensure quicker acceleration, thus offering better potential speed.

2. Touring Bikes

Long distance bikes, also known as touring bikes are bikes for long distance riding. They offer more comfort while riding for several days at once. They also make carrying heavy loads on uphill terrains quite easy. Touring bikes are known for their convenience and durability.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Bike for City Commute

Finding a bike to ride for your daily commuting purposes won’t be too difficult if you look for these basic things while purchasing your urban bike.

1. Length of Your Ride

Knowing the distance you require to cover on your bike can make all the difference. You should also pay thought to the condition of the roads, as well as the overall cycling conditions of your city, to help you find the right ride. Due attention is required while choosing your seat material as well as the height of your commuter bike.

2. Braking System of Your Cycle

Most hybrid bikes that are manufactured today are designed to deal quite well with the gravel roads of the city, and thus come either with disc brakes or rim brakes. While rim brakes may be cheaper and lightweight, they are prone to cause slippage during rides on wet roads.

On the contrary, disc brakes are heavier and a little pricey but offer enormous safety and protection while riding on city roads.

3. Suspension Is Essential

In order to enjoy a smooth ride, ensure that your city bike has a strong suspension system along with a sturdy frame. A good suspension system is usually found on high end bikes, but purchasing something like that is totally worth every penny you spend.

4. Test Ride Your Bike

Remember, comfort is paramount while choosing your vehicle. It does not matter if your bicycle is beautifully designed or well-engineered, if it doesn’t render enough comfort, there is no point shelling so much money for it. We advise that you test your ride on various surfaces before you seal the deal.

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Buying the best commuter bike is advantageous in a myriad of ways. A little investment can go a long way in giving you utmost pleasure. While we are at it, let us check a few advantages of riding a bicycle.

  • Serves as an ideal workout for your body by increasing your cardiovascular health.
  • Saves time and fuel as well as helps you manoeuvre in traffic quite easily.
  • Enjoy the beauty around while you ride your way past the city roads.
  • Parking becomes a lot easier.
  • Inexpensive mode of travelling.


Your commuter bike should be reliable enough to ensure that you reach anywhere promptly without much hassle. Research thoroughly and create a shortlist of the bikes that you favour the most. Assess each bike by comparing it to others in its segment. If you require further clarification and counselling to ascertain which Firefox bike is best for you, get in touch with our team by sending us a mail at or call us on +91-9891400800.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to pick out the best bicycle out there and change your lifestyle for the best.



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