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Shengmilo MX03 Elektrische Bike 1000W Herren Mountainbike Schnee Bike Elektro Fahrrad Ebike 48V Elektrische Fahrrad 4,0 Fett rei

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Shengmilo MX03 Elektrische Bike 1000W Herren Mountainbike Schnee Bike Elektro Fahrrad Ebike 48V Elektrische Fahrrad 4,0 Fett rei

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Frame: Aluminum alloy.

Motor: 1000W.

Battery: 17AH 48V 3kg.

Charging time: 5-6 hours.

Electric battery life: 30-40km.

Auxiliary battery life: 60-90km.

Speed: up to 40km/h

Riding mode: electric mode + auxiliary mode 1-5 levels + manpower mode.

LCD meter: record total mileage, power, speed, error code, mode level.

Transmission: 7-speed Shimano.

Climbing ability: 35°.

Torque: 95N•M.

Tires: 26X4.0 inches.

Shock absorber: Double shock absorber, with locking aluminum alloy front fork, locking the front fork on flat roads/up and down slopes; opening the front fork on gravel roads/mountain roads.

Brake: XOD hydraulic oil brake.

Controller: Intelligent brushless controller.

Weight: 26kg.

Maximum load: 200 kg.

Frame size: 186*105*74cm.

Suggested height: 165cm-200cm.

Preventive measures-1. Beginners or the elderly and infirm are prohibited from using the high-speed mode; 2. descent to prevent acceleration; 3. Do not touch the motor or brake components, which are easily injured; 4. Check whether the folding position is fixed before driving.

【SAFETY DESIGN FÜR REITEN COMFORTABLY】 Die Aluminium Legierung rahmen ist licht und starke, und die sichere last dieser ebike ist bis zu 180kg. Hydraulische scheiben bremsen machen ihre reiten reise sicherheit, 26x4,0 zoll fett reifen können stärken reibung von der straße oberfläche,, der fahren mehr stabile zu anzug alle road bedingungen wie schnee, straße, Strand und MTB berg. die stark hochfeste Aluminium alloylsuspension gabel und 7 Geschwindigkeiten Shift System können geben sie eine komfortable und sicherheit fahrt.

【 1000W * 48V * 17Ah 】
48V * 1000W bürstenlosen motor, starke leistung wird spaß hinzufügen, um ihre reise. Die MAX-geschwindigkeit der motor ist über 40 km/h und die steigfähigkeit können erreichen 35 ° in gemeinsame straße zustand. Der motor hat eine geschwindigkeit begrenzung funktion (20 km/h zu 35 km/h optional).48V * 17Ah Li batterie, unterstützt über 1000 mal wieder aufladen zyklus. batterie vollständige ladung dauert 6-8 stunden.

【 3 ARBEITS MODES】 ❶Pedal Unterstützen Modus: die Motor Unterstützen Wird Sie mit eine Moderate Menge von Power als Sie Pedal die Fahrrad. In diesem modus können sie stick 60-90km bevor sie aufladen. ❷Fully Elektrische Modus: twist die Drossel in Jede Schritten von Power Sie Desire zu Power die Motor der Fahrrad. In seine modus, es hat 40-50km reichweite. ❸Manual Modus: Pedal die Fahrrad Normalerweise wie Jedes Fahrrad.

【Fat Tire】 MX03 Ist Ausgestattet Mit 26 Zoll 4,0 Fett Reifen, Die Können Anzupassen, Um Schnee, stadt straße, Strand Und Berg Fahrten. Die Fahrrad Rahmen Ist Aus Aluminium Legierung 6601, Empfohlen Fahrer Höhe: 165 Cm - 200CM, maximale Gewicht Unterstützung: 180Kg.

The electric bicycle frame is made of aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy is more durable, the body is lighter, the walking is faster, and the power consumption is lower.
Variable-frequency high-speed motor: The motor uses permanent magnet stators instead of mechanical commutation and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed; equipped with variable-frequency speed regulation system, adaptive power frequency, can maintain horsepower at light load or high-speed operation. The climbing ability can reach 35°, the imported pa54 material reduction gear, the torque can reach 95N•M.
Removable ion lithium battery, 17AH capacity battery, is by far the largest in the electric bicycle industry.

There are two charging methods: it can be charged directly in the car or it can be disassembled to charge, while preventing theft.

There are 6 kinds of protection: comprehensive protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overheat protection, and disconnection protection.

Shengmilo realizes 80% hidden wiring of the whole vehicle, free from the shackles of the wiring, which not only greatly reduces the wind resistance, but also makes the appearance of the model more concise and elegant, reducing the chance of the cable being stuck, stuck or damaged during the movement.

Adjustable aluminum alloy seat tube:300*30.4mm, suitable for different heights and shapes.Intelligent control instrument: high-definition liquid crystal display instrument accurately displays battery capacity, speed, gear, riding mileage, and escorts your riding.

Front spring shock absorption: light weight, stronger shock absorption effect, with rebound and locking function, road/up and down the front fork closed, prevent riding effort. Gravel road/mountain road open the front fork to reduce turbulence.Spring rear shock absorption: filter uneven road surface, protect your lumbar spine, make your riding more comfortable7-speed Shimano transmission:Mx03 rear axle is equipped with 7-Stage speed change,and it can switch freely when riding

Double hydraulic brake: the front and rear double hydraulic brake system, fast heat dissipation, fast braking, stable parking

26x4.0 professional mountain bike tire: Mx03 electric bike super power 1000W, the wider the tire, the greater the adhesion surface, can reduce turbulence, can withstand the impact of 1000W motor, as comfortable as a car

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Shengmilo MX03 Elektrische Bike 1000W Herren Mountainbike Schnee Bike Elektro Fahrrad Ebike 48V Elektrische Fahrrad 4,0 Fett rei is for you.

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